MvC2 Basic Combo & Damage Encyc: Doctor Doom

Dr. Doom

Special Moves

Plasma Beam
1) xx PB 28pts
2) s.lp,, cr.hp, sj.lp,, xx PB 53pts

Molecular Shield
1) s.lp xx MS 10pts

Photon Shot

Hyper Combos

Electric Cage
1) s.lp, xx EC 48pts

  • Photon Array*
    Max ground = 63pts; max air = 64pts
    1) s.lp,, cr.hp, sj uf, PA 75pts

Sphere Flame
1) s.lp xx SF 46pts

…don’t mean to toot my own horn here…>>…but I have a far more extensive combo list in the archive that’s at least 20 times longer than this…just for Doom…(no offense to anybody).

…but please try to keep this going…I want to see if anyone here has any sort ov combo imagination!!

You sure do. I just spent about 30mins reading through your Doom stuff. The main point of this though is to display basic methods to connect characters’ specials and supers (minus corner-only, otg, sjc, tech-able set-ups and mostly off of punches if possible), while displaying the amount of damage it would dish out to a 100% stamina character.

Just keep in mind that that version ov the guide is far incomplete compared to what I have currently…if ya need me for anything feel free to PM me homes…


No doubt. Thanks.