MvC2 Basic Combo & Damage Encyc: Venom


Special Moves

Venom Fang
Max lp = 24pts (air = 21pts), max hp = 28pts (air = 18pts)
1) s.lp xx VF (lp) 28pts
2) s.lp,, sj uf, VF (hp) 32pts

Web Throw
Web = 2pts, web + throw = 30pts
1) (both hits) xx WT (lp) 44pts

Venom Rush
Max = 24pts
1) xx VR (lk) 35pts

Hyper Combos

Venom Wave
1) VR (lk, cancel on 1st hit) xx VW 52pts

Death Bite
1) s.lp, (both hits) xx DB 61pts

im working on stuff with venom but his lack of combo ability makes it hard. my current team with him is spidey venom doom but i want to take doom out the equation for someone less used im looking at son son.

you can link venom web off of a canceled venom bite the moment it hits once timing is strict i use it for show but to be safe stick to c.lp xx venom rush.

so i kept doom in and added cammy instead of spidey. with doom backing venom it makes for interesting little block strings. seeing as he has no ground series i often cancel his smk into web throw to keep them pinned and for the recovery since rocks will stll be loading. when i get to far from them ill use shp to lock them down again and recall doom again before i cancel to venom bite. in pushblock situations i tend to use hp web throw in case they try to sj that way on the way up theyll either block or get hit but itll send them downwards.

i tend to play him with an in out style since he can rush as well using tk venom fangs his web swing and dash. if i suspect an assist call ill slow my role and use lk venom bite to push them back giving me space between the assist and them

I was thinking Venom/Sent/Capcom and possibly tronn instead of capcom for damage purposes, what do you think? PS: do you know the name of any players who play venom in tournamants?

i dont know of any but i was seriously thinkin of starting to try him out in my area first and go from there. same with spidey.

tron and venom have good things as well i dropped her though in exchange for rocks though i find that more suiting for his character design.

using tron sets up more for his mix up game really. off of knockdowns you can use a mixture of web swings and tk venom fangs for crossups. also slk+tron xx venom bite super deals decent damage. im gonna come back with more stuff for you cuz its late.

I will give venom sentinal capcom a try later this weak to experiment. He seems to rely on assists to do his damage and or combo. So some form of combo with capcom into super accompanied by hsd dhc might be pretty good. If that doesnt go over well then there is always morrigan sent tronn or mega sent and capcom. I got some work to do, Ill check back later. I guess you cant go wrong with venom and drone assist rush down plus venom does pretty well against sent.


try those out

But Iron Guy is harrrrrrrd.

Venom with Doom rocks is the dumbest thing ever.

Venom/Strider/Doom do it

for low tier:

Venom/Shuma (spike ball assist)/AA

Venom Fang and Shuma assist share the same attack arc for dumb coverage so you can create a monster with 2x body check action, or stagger it to out-random assists.

imo Venom/Son-son Projectile is a dumb one too, but i think anything/Monkeys is gdlk so thats prolly just me.

i figured iron man would be good but when i picked him up i was focused on stayin somewhat low tier but i have doom in it so what the hell?