MvC2 Basic Combo Encyc: Cable

**Cable **

Special Moves

Viper Beam
Maxed lp = 15; maxed hp = 18

  1. S.lp,, s.hp (x5) xx VB (hp) 49pts
  2. S.lp,, sj.lp, xx VB (lp) **27pts **

Lp = 21pts; hp = 24pts

  1. S.lp xx Scmtr (hp) 27pts
  2. S.lp, xx Scmtr (hp) 33pts


  1. S.lp,, sj uf.lp xx E-T (lk) 26pts


  1. F+hk xx Sghtg 47pts

Rushing Punch
Lk = 17pts; hk = 20pts

  1. S.lp,, s.hp (x5) xx RP (hk) 54pts
  2. S.lp,, xx RP (lk) 39pts

Hyper Combos

Hyper Viper Beam
My max = 66pts

  1. S.lp,, s.hp (x5)xx HVB my max = 83pts
  2. S.lp,, sj xx HVB my max = ****62pts ****

Time Flip
*have a corner-only combo that connects the TF, but won’t mention it in the Basic Combo Encyc if it involves OTG, SJCs, ASSISTS, TECHABLE or CORNER-ONLY situations

how accurate is this?

These can be duplicated by anyone and are pretty much 100%, with the exception of mashing for damage on some moves. Very basic BnBs and the combos were performed on a 100% stamina character (Ryu and/or Cable).

not to hate, but most of these combos aren’t practical, despite them working.

missed a popular one,,, scimitar xx AHVB

or the lazy combo (not against Cable unless it kills him of course),,, viper beam xx HVB

some fun ones:, scimitar xx AHVB

or, pause in neutral, otg,, AHVB

launch, sj. u/b AHVB

Some of you are either not reading or just plain missing the point of why I did this, but it’s ok.

shoot shoot shoot shoot skimitarxxxAHVB


Pretty much. :smokin:

For Time Flip in the corner, s.lp,, s.hp * 1 bullet xx Time Flip (note : you must cancel into time flip as soon as the bullet leaves the gun, you can’t wait to see the bullet hit then cancel. you have to cancel before the bullet hits and after leaves the gun. )

the combo is basic, but strict timing.