MVC2 Baton Rouge Beat down on the bayou 6/20


1st CHRIZ CHRIZZO magneto fuckin mindless X- msp, storm/sent/capcom

2nd Patrick i hate sent henesssy VegetiaX RST!!!

3rd Duane i hate sp mvc2 marvelous1 mag/im/???

4th lee the glee man mag/doom/cap/psy

ok turnout no 3s though which is lame…


:mad: ok, just got the relay from NATE-dizzle and he says SP 3s cabinet is gabage not GARBAGE, but gabage. fuk this N.O. always going to B.R. to pwn, i mean yall can come up here and actually play and not ride the pine…ya bitches! kinda happy i didnt go from what i heard!


Spaceport tourney results (may not be 100% accurate):

1st - Chris MSP
2nd - Patrick Rogue Storm Tron
3rd - Duane Mag/IM/Sent
4th - Lee Mag/Storm/Doom(greatest team evaaar)
5th - Demetrius Strider/Doom/Commando
6th - Brydon Storm/Sent/Cyke
6th - Charles Rowtron
8th - Irvin Cyke/Sent/IM
8th - Dakota Spiral/Cable/Sent
10th - Alonzo Cyke/Jugg/Cammy (very scary)
10th - Damien Storm/Cable/Cyke
10th - Oen Mag/IM/Tron?


Man would u please get 360 next time.

Man trying to beat chris 4/7 two time is not easy:sweat:
1st set 4-2 me
2nd set 4-3 chris

all I have to say is I know I was pulling down against chris magneto. alllll well. until next time.

O yeah does anybody know what happen to charles???
I hope he didn’t kill himself after I beat him:lol:

Mike I do not think I will be going to mid-west because I just found out that the plane tickets to EVo2k4 will be like 300$. So sorry man.

O yeah let not forget the New Orleans Vs Baton Rouge Results…But we all know the results… don’t we:evil:

Team N.O Alonzo/Vegita-x/Magneto_X
Team BR Irvin/Demtrius/Lee…Eddie motherfuckin lee

Next stop EVo2k4



Well i just wanna say good shit to Vegtia-x that rouge is a BEAST.