MVC2: Besides Cable who has a good chance against Sent/Cap?


Well i think every one agrees that Cable/AAA can handle Sentinel/Commando better than any one. Well my question is… who besides Cable can handle Sentinel/Commando?

(please don’t answer with Another Sentinel/aaa, and none of that sarcastic “Dan, Roll, Serve, random low tier” shit)


a good mags/psy.


techincally storm aa/drones can usually handle sent capcom


After Cable, a good Mag/Tron or Doom counters Sent/Cap well. A well-played Storm/Cyke also works.


It Depends On The Players

but anyway, storm/cyke is go tooo.


Ruby Heart/storm/Doom if played well
& Strider - Doom


once mag or storm gets him in a infinite its almost guranteed that he will die or atleast get snapped out


Come on guys, is marvel really dead?

I go for Strider/Doom, once sentinel is in the corner then his fat ass stays there.


Nowadays it depends on the player. Everyone by now should know the match-ups, weaknesses, and strengths of every top tier team to know how to get around them with any other top-teir team.




uhh… sentinel


player skill is always the key.

yep that is right player skill will always be a factor. It is already known that what each character brings to the game, but it is all about player skill.



I think only Cable/Doom and possibly Cable/Capcom have a real advantage over Sent/Capcom. any other top combination may take Sent/Capcom out, but IMO Sent has the upperhand (well, Storm with both drones and Capcom is may be even too)


storm sent ground


Sent/Doom :pleased:


1 storm
2 magneto


Its all about storm/??? bitch is too good. she gets away with mad shit even tho its hard as hell to get a catch on a good sent/cap like sanford or desmond in the first place. or you can just rely on a random catch with magnus, everyone gets those xD