MVC2: Best Anti-Air vs. Magneto



I use Storm,Sent ,But I was wondering which anti-air is best against a rushdown mag ? Give reasons why also thanks ,


I would have to say psylocke is the best anti-magneto antiair…

Since Magneto has to get close to attack you can use psylocke to keep him off you.

You should concentrate on not staying on the ground against magneto…but psylocke is good during the ground situations…

That’s my opinion…but it all depends on the how you play…


Captain Corridor.


Commando doesn’t usually hit magneto when he is up close:(


It’s a matter of preference… if you want mags gone from your face and taste big damage I’d go for Jin or CapComm. If I want a free air combo I’d choose psylocke or Cyke. If i want to chip him I’d use Doom…as you can see it’s a matter of preference…:smiley:


I say proably cammy, if not her than cyke


Oh I forgot to add Ironman,Ryu and Ken…:smiley:


Jin is the best. No, really. He covers a wide area and gives you a lot of room to make your escape. Plus, he doesn’t die when you breathe on him unlike Psylocke.


I’d have to say Jin or Psylocke. Ken, Cammy, Cyke, Commando all tend to hit at angles which against top Magnetos tend to miss. Like Dasrik said, Jin hits all around, great against Mags. I’d say Psylocke is second though since she goes almost straight up, as long as Mag is on you, she should hit him.


I like Jin I used to play him alot …When the game first came out .
So storm/sent/jin aaa , Can I combo the aaa into a rh kick , like
Capcomm ? I trying to prepare myself for MVC2 comp tomorrow. :eek:


Sent/Storm/Jin is a great way to mess up most Magneto-oriented teams. Sentinel can make short work of Mags under the umbrella of Jin assist, and Storm second gets a whole lot of damage potential for 3 levels (air combo into lightning storm into blodia vulcan into HSF). No, Storm can’t combo s.rh after Jin assist, but she can usually get off a hail storm. And if you get caught with Jin on point, dynamite xx blodia punch xx hail is good.


Cammy or Cyke would be the best.


The one that counters his assist. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cammy…if u see Justin Wong vs Rodolfo vidz, Magneto hasn’t killed any of his character.


capcom, cyc, or cammy no question.



I’ve seen Captain Corridor keep even the best Mags players at bay especially when teamed with Sentinel. Psylocke’s AAA is also pretty good because it can oftentimes catch someone by surprise because it’s fast and she seems to come out of nowhere each time kind of like Cyclops’ AAA. Blackheart’s AAA is pretty good too, but there’s too much lag so he can get hit before he has a chance to do perform his assist. I also like Cammy’s AAA as well as Guile’s and Ken’s. But one assist that can catch a Mags player is Jin’s Satome Dynamite. It might not have the range of a Captain Corridor, but it can get your opponent from above, in front, and behind plus it chips well too.


Dasrik, I love how you give bottom to mid tier characters such as Jin and the Wolverines the recognition that they deserve:cool:


Psy or capcom work really really well.

Capcom () <-whole screen and fast

Psy is very low to the ground and hits magneto at his favorite rushing angle’s.


Guile and Charlie are decent :wink:


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