MVC2: Best Anti-Air vs. Magneto



I like to use cammy,psy,cyke,capcom,blackheart(not up close.),cable,etc.Chose whoever you like and good with.


beta sentinel


Rofl :lol:

its all prefference. What ever works for u and your team.
Captain Commando, Cammy, Jin, psy, cyc

keep in mind that u might have to play them as Point…
and my Jin just SUCKs


Heh…my Jin is pretty good but I’m rushdown prone:(


Jin, or Ken. They both have invincible assists.


I would have to agree with u, and also doom is VERY good to stop rushdown cuz he hits like jin except he doesn’t send magneto as far but it does chip.


psylocke, colossus

mad hit boxes, hits in font and behind, psy comes out quick baam


i like captain commando for anti air against magneto



Jin is hands down the best AAA to combat against Magneto. First it doesn’t allow Magneto to cross you up. Cammy can do that to an extent but it’s not as effect as Jin since he creates a shield of debris around him and your point character. While cammy can sometime miss a really quick Magneto. Plus Jin puts Mag’s in longer block stun than Cammy so you can cover Jin’s arse just in case you whiff it.


i personally like cyke becuz he does get them off pretty well and you get free air combos but also you arent weak vs snap backs,in fact i have less trouble with magneto alot of times when i got Cyke backed with Sent Ground


A lot of these assists are good, the problems just come when Mag starts baiting them out.

For example, Mag baits out Capcom and then: launch, sj. roundhouse, air dash down to forward, fierce, roundhouse, land, OTG c. rh. He does it again and then DHC’s into Hail and then there’s a dead assist.

Also, problems come because the better assists to use against Mag are prone to snapbacks(Capcom, Jin, Cammy). Jin probably is the best assist to use against Mag, but if he gets snapped in, Mag will just destroy him on point.


Jin on Point.

I think Jin on point has a better chance than Cammy or Capcom. Just because the fact that his fierce normals beat the crap out of Mag’s normals. You shouldn’t concern yourself with Jin’s specials unless your sure as hell your going to nail Magneto. Sometimes a crouching roundhouse xx Dynamite can catch even a good Magneto off guard. This type of cancel has weird properties since Jin takes a while to recover from the roundhouse… in that amount of time he can pull of the Dynamite or the Cyclone [not the super the normal one]. Plus Jin’s launcher can stop some of Mag’s tri jumping. [not all the time! But some…] It’s too bad that the medium buttons were taking out because his medium kick would have served as a good AAA for him. But alas… =x it’s not there. Plus you can just turtle for a while befor you can DHC back.

Magneto can’t do that much chip damage quickly [Tempest don’t count and then again it only does good chip when close]. You just gotta be careful of that annoying crouching low kick… into launcher… then into death. =D



Also you can’t really bait Jin to come out. I mean you sure as he can do that to Capcom since he is vunerbale during start-up and when he finishes with his Corridor. Cammy is the same thing since you can just air dash back [if you got good reflexes] or just block and airdash up to nail her. Jin is rather special since he stays where he was summoned at. And if the player is smart, he would BLOCK, use some high-arse priroity special/super, or go to the other side to prevent the Magnus to infinite the assist and the point character [If the point character has suffered enough damage].


no, jin stands no chance compared to cammy on point.

I refuse to read your post:)


Jin also doesn’t stand a chance compared to Cyclops on point. IMO he also doesn’t stand a chance to Psylocke, Guile, Doom, or Ken either.


The part about Jin’s assist hitting from all directions seems really useful…

I used to love Jin in MvsC1 with his fp to blodia punch combo…too bad now…:frowning:

Jin is a little too slow for me…


I recall ShadyK recommending that exact same strategy to Dasrik a while ago. Mnnn…maybe you should give credit where credit is DUE?


shadyK isn’t the only one who knows about that strategy. I’ve known about it for quite some time now.


Don’t even use AAA just rush him down wile calling out Sentinel ground assist. But if you must use AAA Cyclops would be the best becuse it comes out fast and it comes out up/forward and I know alot of mags that super jump, wait then air dash towards you to try and bait out AAA’s. Plus if Cyc hits you can combo after it to kill that pesky Magneto.



Magneto owns assists. Ask your hero Viscant. He knows all about Magneto owning assists. He doesn’t even need supers to do it. Launch, sj fierce dash d/f fierce xx rh OTG on assist. PLUS Sentinel drones in there somewhere. Sup hella dead assist? And then the next time you call your assist, 2 frame hailstorm into dead assist. (tempest xx hail)

I dunno…it sounds the same to me. Especially the OTG rh part and then you go and mention the Hail Storm. Mnnn. It’s okay to admit that you’re a biter. Lotta people are on this site. It’s the norm. Hell, GeekBoy got op status for it. :lol: