MvC2: Blackheart Players Unite!

MVC2: The Properties Blackheart’s inferno

well…i was looking around some old files on my comp and came across this old post about the Bh inferno. It was posted by a user sometime b4 the crash but i am not sure who …please claim your props if u see this …so here it is …unedited:

posted this on Shoryuken about a month ago, but it didn’t attract much notice. Seeing as how pretty much all I’ve done on these boards so far is to post a bit of tourney info, and make jokes about my friends’ mental prowess (or lack thereof), I thought I should probably contribute something usefull (at least I hope you will find it usefull).
I don’t know how much of this is known elsewhere, I just know that I haven’t seen, heard of, or read about it anywhere else, so I’m hoping it’s fairly new to most of you.

Anatomy of an Inferno:
The column of the Inferno Actually consists of two half-columns, one on top of the other. These columns are capable of hitting throughout the entire time the inferno is on the screen, but each half-column only hits once (whether that hit is blocked or connects does not matter).
Graphical representation:
T = top part
B = bottom part
BBB <–normal jump height

This double-column construction explains almost all of the ‘strange’ hiting properties of the inferno, like why when you block an inferno on a super jump, you have to block the inferno again on the way down (that’s you fallling into the bottom column), and why you need to superjump twice to escape the sentinel/BH trap when it is done with Roundhouse drones (you have to jump up and block the top column to neutralize it before you can escape).
It also explains those odd double-hitting infernos you sometimes see where the enemy is hit once right when the inferno comes out and once as it disapears. You see, ordinarily you either hit with the bottom column which immediately throws the enemy up into the top column, or you hit with just the top column, and by the time the enemy has fallen back down from their long spiral, the inferno has disapated. There is a range, however, that is high enough to be fully within the top column, yet low enough that when the enemy falls back down into the range of the bottom column it will still be there. This range is, fortunately, at about the height that a Cyclops b-assist brings your opponent up to. The timing varies slightly from character to character, and of course Cable, the one person you wouldn’t want to just Inferno XX HOD (because of AHVB during forced dash), seems to have hardest timing of all. Cyclops, however, is easy.
In any case, the fact that the inferno hits right at the end, means that Blackheart is recovering just as his opponent is being thrown, helpless, back up into the air. There are many options available to him at this point. Here are a few suggestions:
-Extend Combos: Intead of doing a normal Inferno XX HOD, you can do a double hitting inferno and follow it up however you like. A personal favorite of mine is to hit the opponent with a high dark thunder as they are coming down and cancel that into HOD.
-Infinite Combo: Just keep doing double-hitting infernos. The timing’s tough, but you can keep them bouncing. Finish it however you like.
-Switch out: Time a s.roundhouse so that the demons connect as your opponent is coming down. When they hit, switch to another one of your characters. The fact that the demons connect in the air makes this inescapable.
The switchout will, of course act as a setup for your next character. If your next character is someone like Magneto or Cable, switching out is often the best way to do damage.
Well, that’s that. I hope you found this informative.

This article isn’t entirely accurate, and I believe Spider-Dan was the one to correct the author later on in the post… I’ll try to sum up whatever is relevant to MvC2 here.

The Inferno is explained easier than that. Basically, there ARE two parts to the Inferno: the pillar that basically hits as soon as it appears, and an invisible projectile that appears at regular jump height and rises to the top. Most of the time when people get hit by the Inferno, the first hit knocks them up into the second, but if they get hit high in the air, it’s possible for the second hit to not connect until later, which means you can actually hit with two Infernos if you’re quick. This also explains why it’s possible to walk out of Inferno XX HOD if you block an Inferno while standing.

so how exactly can you set up the double hitting inferno, and continue with the inferno infinite? by using cyclops-b assist?

There’s no Inferno infinite. AFAIK, you can hit with 3 Infernos if you’re quick, and the opponent is a lightweight and at the top of the screen when the Inferno hits, but eventually they will fall too low.

Yea…dasrik is correct …i didnt even bother to read it over b4 i posted it but…yea…there is no double hitting infinite…and you can setup it up off cyc…

John Mayfield (the guy that originally posted about the anatomy of the Inferno) can hit it for 7. The most I’ve gotten was 5, but I know for a fact you can do it for more than 3, it’s just hella hard.

The old Blackheart thread is dead. Long live Blackheart!

I made this new thread so that serious Blackheart users could post about the trials, travails, and flat out STRESS of playing BH seriously.

Share the tactics you use, the teams you like, combos that are reliable and damaging, any setups and such… just Blackheart stuff. I want to find out what other BH players are doing.

Non-BH players can ask questions if you wish.

P.S. If your post says “BH sucks, play Magneto or Cable”, please get the fuck out.

P.P.S. If you post just to say “BH sucks, play Magneto or Cable” because of my P.S., sarcasm is a low form of humor and you’re an idiot.

Magneto and Cable suck, play BH!

Where would this put me on the idiot scale?

well new thread eh?i play team watts.i was curious what trapping sequences do u use with them?my very simple but damaging comb that everyone know is clk+capcom assisit, clk, inferno,hod.everyone knows but hey,it does half life:D

Tron + BH = 0//n4g3!

BH cant afford to touch any buttons besides Fierce and Short.
Thats about all you can do with BH.

Its all about hitting people with cr.shorts and Tron assist.
Or calling tron assist, then doing the oober ghetto cross up with BH ground dash.
No one ever expects that shit.

BH can keep Magz away as long as you never touch roundhouse.
Roundhouse gets BH killed vs Magz.
Jump back fierce+assists, and tails of jesus are about the only attacks besides inferno>HOD that you should touch.

Depends. What assist are you using? I would not use Alpha Sent on Team Watts unless I knew my opponent… the problem with Team Watts starting BH is that in order to cover his rushdown BH has to use Y-Sentinel which means he can’t use Commando. Better to start Sentinel on that team usually.

BH/Y-Sent rush works if you have the advantage on your opponent. You can call Sent and do s.rh. Any connected s.rh means free super damage for you. No one’s going to really fall for this if they’re winning, but if they’re losing (or just gung ho) you can probably get it a couple of times. Another sneaky trick you can do with Y-Sent is to call him and do jab dark thunder, this eats any assists the opponent might have called and is pretty safe.

More later cuz I’m tired.

Nah. BH can use jab and roundhouse. It’s just about knowing when to use them. His jabs have nearly God-like (Satan-like?) priority, especially in air-to-air battles (jump jab beats frying pan CLEAN :eek: ). Air roundhouse is a good pin, especially if they’ve just blocked Cyclops, and stand roundhouse is monstrous if you set it up right. (More on that below.)

BH/Tron is never to be scoffed at.
Easy 30% damage low short (possible 100% in the corner), plus using Tron assist enough lets BH make his opponent scared of it and do ghetto shit that he should not be able to do, like jumping forward at them with fierce.
Also there is a BH/Tron semi-infinite, corner only but if you’re good at superjump cancelling you can do it out of the corner too. (Too tired to put it down right now, but I will.)

First off, you have to condition Magneto to not approach you from the air. Jumping fierce with assists should do that. Once you feel that he’s going to start ground dashing you, you can start doing jump and stand roundhouse. A connected S.RH while calling Y-Sent is near guaranteed damage for you. Plus, if Magneto tries to punish your assist with retarded launch into tempest shit that doesnt work, jump straight up roundhouse, then do launch into inferno xx super.

And of course, jabs are great air-to-air weapons on Magnus.

Also, I’d never do Inferno XX HOD on Magneto unless I knew for sure he’d block it and not get out. Having your Inferno escaped is death for BH, and Mags getting hit by the super puts you in a guessing situation you’d rather not be in. Unless of course it kills him, then go ahead.

I’ve got a tactic against Magneto that can remedy that guessing game after Mags get’s hit with the HOD and doesn’t die.

Upon flying screen Magneto will either dashin and try a low hit into launcher into anything. Or dash in sj cancel triangle jump and catch you crouching for that low hit I mentioned above. Or Magneto will super jump with you to meet you in the air because you super jumped.

Now this only works with Storm gamma assist, it can work alone but much easier and safer with the assist.

Upon flying screen you call Storm assist and super jump forward all in one motion. (Don’t accidentally do a snap back or both BH and Storm are screwed). Mags will jump pretty much on cue, BH should do fierce demons. Mags will either block the demons or get hit by them. If he blocks them airdash forward do a blocked aircombo storm’s assist will come up for some chip and then air throw.

If Mags gets hit, then he’s got the energy draining demons on him and Storms assist will carry him up more. Depending on the timing of all of this, BH might hit the ground in time for you to get another Inferno xx HOD. This really depends on when Mags jumped, and how far he fell into the typhoon. The important thing is not to airdash if Mags gets hit so that BH is on a one-way trip to the ground for that purpose.

Another scenario that could go down… is Mags dashed instead of jumped… so you won’t hit him with anything… But he can’t hit you either. He might get one or two hits on Storm, but the fact that BH jumped forward (over Mags) will turn him around before he can finish that combo.

im only a kinda casual BH player, i fool around with Mags/Sent/BH or maybe Sent/Mags/BH. i usually use Sent’s drones assist to help cover BH on the ground. Sometimes I tinker with Sent’s launcher assist to help Mag’s and BH’s comboability, and I hope that Magneto’s proj is enuff to cover BH on the ground. Anyone had success using Mags assist to cover BH on ground against rushers like Mags? With THis team, I usually die bad to rushdown teams with Psylocke, because this team can’t easily punish Psylocke.

I don’t like to use BH unless I have to, but when he’s in, I kinda try to stay above them and fall on them with jump short, if it connects then do dn LK (call Mags), dn MK, qcb PP (while Mags proj hits). The combo only works if BH is pretty close to opponent, though. Otherwise, i just jump around while calling drones, and I do LP, LK, or HP depending on where opponent is.

With Mags on point, i kinda like BH assist because it helps keep runaway Storm grounded. It’s also good for camoflauge, cuz once the ice is out there, it’s really hard to see what MAg is doing. I couldn’t figure out any good combos with MAg + BH assist though. Having BH after Mags is kinda nice, though, because if I do Tempest combo in air, I can DHC right into Armageddon just as hypergrav hits for almost guaranteed damage.

BH sucks, play Megaman or Anakaris
-Low form of humor
:slight_smile: just kidding rick. BH is uber annoying.

Might you post some anti-blackheart tactics as well?

Dunno, but pita-ten rocks :slight_smile:

u can also try baiting ppl by randomly dropping tron while doing j.fp or s.fp…this is good against ppl who like to dash in on bh when ur doing the fps or it can be used as a way of making them sj + dash at u (this is where bh’s jumping/sj jabs and shorts come in handy). Just make sure to stay clear from some projectile assits and cyc.
Also, if players like mags keeps jumping on u, u can position urself under him, call tron and jump. This way u will block the attack and he’ll most likely land and tron. The worst thing that can happen is u getting thrown which could be tech’ed out of.

Here are some strats that I don’t see a lot of BH players use, but I learned from playing against Samnang :

  • After a sj hk, try to land on your oponent and mix up your attacks. You can hit him with lk,lk on the back of his head or land and hit him below if your oponent expects you to hit him on his head. It’s almost like mag’s rush-down.

  • Try to force your oponent to go to the corner, and once you’re there, try as much as possible to trap his ass, it builds a lot of metter. The trap goes like this :
    land on your oponent and hit lk, lk, then,, sj, hk, dash back hk, repeat. However, you have to throw demons at the right time in order to keep your oponent in block stun, you have to also mix up your attacks when you’re about to land. If your oponent calls his assist to punish yours while you’re in the air, throw a demon and cancell it with Judgement Day, it does great damage.
    Air Judgement Day is great for traping in the corner and it chips pretty well.

  • Against Sentinel, when you’re in the corner, do Inferno XX Judgement Day in his face. For some reason, it does a lot of damage on him, it’s maybe because he’s a big metalic piece of shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Other stuff :

  • Try as much as possible to not use inferno XX Heart of Darkness, especialy against cable, you’ll get shot :stuck_out_tongue:

  • You can put pressure on your oponent in the corner by doing this :,;,; jump lk, lk; it really is anoying.

  • Best BH teams IMO : 1 - sent/bh/capcom or cyc 2 - sent/bh/cable 3 - Doom/BH/capcom or cyc.

Blackheart, where do I begin. His AAA stops runaway. He haslike th ebest pokes in the game with his jabs and shorts. As an assist, he takes up a large portion of the screen, so what I like to do against Mags is call BH, and if Mags out dashes the Inferno, he’ll most likely attack BH, meaning free Rocket Punch or AHVB.
I believe that Blackheart’s worst match-up is Cable. If your leveling up in the air by throwing Roundhouse demons, Cable SJ up and AHVBs you since BH lags alot in the air. But BH can win, if he follows some basic rules.

  1. Stay onto of Cable. Call out a ground controlling assist(Sent or Doom) and SJ up. If Cable AHVBs the assist, hit roundhouse. This is good because Cable will have wasted his precious meter and since Cable will be most likely in the air, when the demons catch him, he gonna bounce, and the bouncy effect is Blackhearts best friend in this match. If you have meter, get back to the ground next to him and Inferno xx Armaggedon. If not, go for the staple BH air combo. OC.Fierce his launcher since it doesn’t combo into unless you combo it from a jump-in.

2)Use the Tail of Jesus! If you anticipate the AAA, poke it, then try to SJ cancel the tail.

  1. Make sure Blackheart is not last. You need the gound assist in this match. If he is, and Cable has CapCom, which he will, then you’ve got some hard work. AAA stops all modes of air attacks, and cuts through demons.

4)Kill CapCom ASAP. If Cable has CapCom, you can’t win, as stated above.

Just remember, Cable is beatable, if done right.

wow people still use BH? thats interesting i thought he was extinct. BH really isnt that good anymore. he has no superarmor which is something he should have since hes huge and a big fuckin target. hes almost like juggernaut in that cable can kill him with 2 AHVBs. his best solo combos are trash. inferno HOD is the only thing worth using and its escapable if you block. the one thing he has going for him is his assist which is a horrible reason to pick him. 2 years ago he was close to the top of the toptier list and now hes on the bottom. i do play BH and i’m probably the best BH player around my coast but i still cant beat some sentinels or cables. BH players wont be winning big tournaments pretty soon. hes just outdated. try picking up cable or sentinel for him.

Then you’re playing him wrong.

I do agree, Sent and Cable should normally beat BH, but BH doesn’t just get owned up on for free, especially not by anybody’s Sentinel. I don’t have any issues with Sentinel, unless sent has an assist and I don’t.

And choosing characters in video games isn’t a trend, BH is still useful. The reason the general public thinks otherwise is because there can only be 1 leader out of 10 people… One person led everyone to Magneto and Storm and the other 9 people went along with it. BH players suck with BH not the other way around. And the reason for this is because those people didn’t adapt their technique and strategy to the new way of playing the game.

<< My avatar team, has absolutely no issue with a team of MSP. My only fears in tournament play are Cable based teams. If I see a team w/o Cable on it, I’m like :sweat: whew!!! This will be considerably easier— note I said easier… not easy.