mvc2 brackets

this year a lot of crazy stuff went down in the mvc2 pools like vdo taking out potter, Soo perfecting crizzle, but the highlight I think was over the top was IFC Tinh sending yipes to losers it was too hype

lol, sanford was definitely the highlight!

like preppy said, yipes’ rust wore off later on.

but regardless, Tinh was quite godlike.

Also, babywolverine beasting neo in their MM was awesome.

too much that awesomeness

EDIT: I see you said brackets…I suppose i’m a bit off topic then lol

wut happend to dark pheonix, j360, hamm? i wanted them to make top 8. i hear blackheartgod beat chunksta. I knew his blackheart was serious.

j360 didn’t show.

goldennismor beat chunsksta (and then got beat by madbooface)

What was the score?

Sidenote: Other notable upsets: Joo sent Baby Wolverine to losers. Clockwise beat Neo in Losers.

I was surprised when Koheiji (one of the Japanese players that came with Joo) knocked Matrix outta the race in pool A. I told Chris to watch out for him lol

I wish I had stayed to see the Baby Wolverine vs Neo MM!!

looks like madbooface level uped big time

no, not exactly. he stopped playing long ago, but just went through the bracket undefeated with smart stuff/basics and he was not even using an abusive top tier team (like thrax, msp, or scrub)

If I’m correct, he tends to place pretty well aside from all the beasts. lol at all the people talking shit about him when most didn’t even get close and wouldn’t do as well. he’s a smarter player than most of them and would beat them most likely (would destroy if he still played)

ggs at evo, im still pretty scrubby from my 1 year and 3 months of experience

yeah GGS, MSP roms and resets are the easy part, actual zoning and defense is harder to get. you have a much more thriving scene than chicago and more beasts to learn from, so keep it up! until next time…

Anyone have the breakdown of the brackets or how everyone placed?

this is true. thanks juan :cool: you got all the talent now, just keep building that tournament exp. and soon that will be you up on the big screen :tup:

List of good people in pools

A - MadBooFace, Chunk, BHK
B - Soo, Sanford, MegamanDS, Duc, Crizzle, Wes, Romfinite, ComboFiend, Shady K
C - Fanatiq, Yipes, Deus, Tinhg
D - Wong, SmoothViper, Neo, Baby Wolverine

Sorry if I missed you, just what I recall to show how pools were divided

LOL not every player who came from Japan was named Joo.

That was Fantom.

Oooh, my bad. Several people told me that was Joo. Haha, whoops. Thanks for the info.

yeah, I think I finally got rid of my noobish nervousness by sat/sun…unfortunately I then had my finger injury :crybaby:

next time hopefully I won’t have either problems, so I can show these guys what I’m really capable of when I have my execution (training mode perfects lol) :cybot: another new up and comer to watch out for? hummm

my finger is still effed up today :xeye: I know how Preppy felt

you shoulda MM some of these noobs who didn’t know who you were :smiley:

Did anyone have the foresight to snap some pics of the actual finished brackets? I missed most matches in pool a and b.

lol shady didn’t enter mvc2 :0

How’d the Japanese Marvel players do overall? Who knocked out joo?

The japanese players did great overall. Like a game or two away from pool finals for most of them. I didn’t think to take a picture of the finished pools. I figured they’d just put them up on here…