I have been consistently noticing some minor annoying sound popping throughout playing the game. Also, the frame rate seems to drop every time it loads the character select screen while playing single player. And IGN was right in their review and that some character specials only max out to the original 4:3 screen size, during 16:9 widescreen play.

Anybody else notice this or anything else?

Yep, those are all consistent issues with MVC2. The 16:9 should’ve never been made IMO, it’s almost worthless =/ Unless they reworked the game around it, like SSF2THDR. But I understand that they were going for an exact DC port with online play and slightly prettier graphics, and changing it to 16:9 would make it a different game in terms of spacing, etc.

when you play spiral it lags when he changes forms

magneto can teleport <.<

Sometimes when I pick a certain character and tagged them in, they’re a different character then the one I picked.

One match I chose Marrow as a second pick, and when I tagged her in she was Hulk. Happened again with an opponent tagging Guile in and he was Sonson. I’m not sure if this is online specific or not since I never play offline except for training mode.

Crappy ass controller setup scheme. No one button dash or multiple button config? Did they plan this out? So, I HAVE to own a stick to play?

Sry, but I just got home after a couple months, have been waiting for this game forever, and the control scheme is like they tried to make it difficult. I am used to ps2, so this blows astronomically.

Same thing has happend to me. Playing 3 juggs looks cool, but when Juggs comes out and does trons assist its just sad. Its seems to happen alot with Juggs and tron.

There is one where if I’m playing a ranked match, before the matche starts, it has a long delay(I’m just at the lobby, me and the host/opponent), and if the host leaves, it’ll say i’m gonna return to the main menu, but I am stuck at a screen where the clear cell background is visible and has ‘‘A- accept’’ at the bottom, so I have to go to my dashboard cause when i hit A nothing happens.

So i have been havin a problem w/ suki! and that is pretty important i guess. and does someone know the pattern for ROM online cause i think that it is all screwed up now

once i was in a room and lost and then all the matches after that i was playing under different gamer tags… i was like WTF

I’ve had this happen a couple of times

In this case I picked Mag/Cable/Sent, opponent picks Mag/Storm/Psylocke

screen says I have Storm/Cable/Sent, him Storm/Cable/Tron.

We’re fighting Magneto vs Magneto, I kill his then all of a sudden Cable comes in (who he didn’t pick) but he’s doing storms moves. Same noises, cable lightning attack etc. Then the game just freezes. Here’s a picture of it happening once, I think that’s cable doing his qcf + k move in mid air who knows.

i’ve had one happen 3 or 4 times where I’ve air thrown someone with bone claw wolverine and the clock just kept ticking but we were frozen. took the game to time over then back to menu.

also once I was playing someone who was about to do a super with doom and I did one with cable and the screen just turned black and froze

pretty sure none of these glitches are in the arcade version or any other console one

After seeing all the bugs in this version, I’d be afraid to see the XBox version’s online play if it was included with that version.

That (A) Accept blank screen is the only bug I’ve seen and it’s so annoying. A lot of times it seems like a race for you and your opponent to realize it’s not going to start and bail first. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you hold A down as you press it, most of them it will just send you back to the opening screen.

Yeah, I found another workaround too; that A button spam seems to work too but sometimes for me it doesn’t.

When you get into the lobby, hit B and just stay there. If the match starts, it starts. If it doesn’t and the other player leaves, you’ll go back to the Leave Lobby menu and can leave with no issue. So far, this has always worked.