MvC2 cab wont turn on.....Help please

I have had a little trouble with my MvC2 machine lately. When it starts up the screen gets smaller (it doesn’t take up the entire width of the monitor and the adjustments knobs don’t correct it when its distorted like this), and during game play I get annoying horizontal lines that distort the picture. Those annoying lines make it unplayable because you can’t really see what’s going on with all the flickering lines.

Well I kinda figured out how to fix the annoying lines (not the best way), I unplugged the video cord from the Jamma(?) that goes to the monitor. When I unplug it and plug it back in the lines go away, but the picture is still smaller. Here is a picture of the plug so you know what I am talking about: Mvc2 Cable. My HUGE problem is that I unplugged the cord and plugged it back in (while the game was on) to fix the annoying lines, and there was a flicker then the game went dead. The plug itself looks like it was shocked because there is a little black that you can see.

Now I am really pissed. I don’t know if the Naomi board is fried, if the jamma is fried, or if I just need a new power supply. The game won’t power on at all so I am thinking it is the power supply. So I am really hoping that someone who knows a lot about arcade machines (preferably MvC2, the big cabinet style) can help me out in figuring what the problem is. I hope to god that the entire machine isn’t shot, but right now it is looking like that.

So if anyone can help me out PLEASE let me know!

Do you have a multimeter to test the PS at all. I would recomend unplugging the naomi from the PS 1st before turning it back on. I assume you have the capcom I/O board and not the sega version so you can get a standard arcade power supply if that seems to be the prob.

Would you say that this power supply would work then?

That depends on your I/O converter, wich one you have. If you have the SEGA version that will not work since it does not supply a 3.3v and you would need a PS that also is capable of giving you 3.3v. If you have the CAPCOM converter that one will work since the CAPCOM version does provide 3.3v that the naomi needs so the PS you linked would be fine.

Alright well I got the machine working, only probem now is that the screen is real dark. I adjusted the monitor knobs, they do make it brighter to a small degree, but not normal how it should be.

If that white clamp in the picture was burned(electric burn), would that account for the monitor being darker?

You might have blown some of the capacitors for the cabinet monitor, sometimes a good short will do it. See if you can locate the name and model of your monitor, Lizardlick may have a cap kit to repair it.

Other than that, see if you can find someone locally who can repair/diagnose arcade monitors. It may be a daunting task if you have no idea what to look for.