MVC2:Captain America

:smiley: Just outta curiosity how many ppl still play good ol’ Steve Rogers a.ka. Captin America??

I was expecting after 9/11 that alot of ppl were gonna drop their Mag,Storm,Sen,Cab gloves and pick up the shield of red,white, and blue with a Patriotic warcry ready to kick some ass.:wink:

He’s usually overlooked by alot of ppl, but from time to time I’ll start throwing that shield like boomerang around bouncing off oppon head’s which is funny as hell when u think back to his comics and cartoon show because even on MvC2 when they get hit their stun reaction even though words should have been put there is KLAM,DOINK,Wham,KLAKK:D

I like to team Captin America up with ppl he has somethin in common with like in the comics or assists what not’. For instance there’s and probably most recognized team of Captin America/Ironman/Warmachine which translates into THE AVENGERS!!

I give Cap his dash assist, IM his AAA, WM his Proj.assist. They all work well together too. Captin america’s Cartwheel is if not the best sneak behind move in MvC2 it’s quick and has enough reaction time. I find myself doing that along with WM proj.assist or IM aaa. His double jump is just as good as anyone else who has one. But the most beloved move of his that I like is his Dash attack the charging star, especially as an assist because it can go through ALMOST any proj. attack making it a excellent set up for IM or WM to attack with unibeams,smartbombs or proton cannons.

Cap’s super charging star happens to be unique then most dash supers because it can penetrate through anybeam attack or series of supers. Plus even though ppl don’t believe in using the Hyper combination attack supers where u make all 3 chrc come out on the screen and attack anymore, I must reassure u that it is a MUST with captin america, in fact that’s another reason why I named off those assists like his dash, IM aaa, WM proj. assist. They don’t just work alone good but all 3 at the same time and here’s why for example:

If someone does Super Sen, force with Sen not in a combo but just as a super, if u got anyone of the chrc on screen and press both assists at the same time, Captin America’s Super Charging Star will protect IM and WM allowing them to blast Sen. to hell plus Cap takes no damage when he’s doing it.

I recently though early this year discovered there are some basic attacks or assist that stop Captin America’s Charging Star which r strange, (Sakura’s dash assist and Hayato’s expansion assist)I forgot the others:o

Even without his shield Cap can still fight maybe even better without it u can use the shield as bait to lure your oppon to u because they know u need to pick it up but don’t worry it’ll automatically return itself after a few seconds.

Feel free to post anycombos, other assists, tatics whatever u can think of for and with Captin America down below!!

Captain america is to good hehe.


my team is captain/gambit/spidey. its all about the final justice… short (callgambit) short short (gambit hits) FINAL JUSTICE!! (Then gambit cards, then maximum spider…) or short (call spider man aaa) short, pause, FINAL JUSTICE!! If you don’t have supers then replace the final justice with a hcb jab/fierce, launch, jab jab jab, double jump, jab short jab short fierce/up rh, or if in corner end with fierce, down rh.

my advice for using him is to stars and stripes a lot. this works well against sent, mag and even storm. it also helps of course to be covered by an assist of some kind. ABUSE THE DOUBLE JUMP!! not many handle the double jump well. it even lets you bait command assists, or other aaa, then jump fierce that shit (his best attack imho). against rush down, fierce shield tosses are pretty good, but only a temporary reprieve.

also, KEEP THE SHIELD. usually when you throw it away, you get it back pretty quick, but without it you lose the awesome jumping fierce, and stading fierce. those are his 2 best attacks (highest priority anyway) his stand fierce will also otg from far way (if you can’t dash in in time or something).

his damage should mostly come from his air combos, and final justice combos. his other b&bcombo with super (and no assists) should be short short super stars and stripes. his normal final justice combo is too hard to hit (close standing rh xx final justice).

I find his best assist is his aaa. its just a basic one hit wonder, and he stays on the screen abit too long, but still it help. Its quick, its pretty strong, and the angle is just right to hit flying sents and storms. vs cable its very bad, but well… if you have a better aa assist, then go with the charging star assist, or the projectile if you want to use it for combos (the timing is pretty easy).

I’d have to disagree with the team super idea. while its true that the super charging stars goes through everything (except hail storms…), the range isn’t far enough and the start up time is WAY too long. I don’t think that sentinel wil fire off the sent force unless in a combo or unless you are in the air anyway, though if you play people dumb enough to do that while you are on the ground (and if your backed up by ironman heh heh…) and you have the reaction time to counter him, then sure go for it.

Uh… thats about it, he’s not too deep of a character… I’m the best captain a in Hawaii (i guess i’m haven’t seen any others…). i can beat down just about all random top tier scrubs, and every once in a while even some of the GOOD people (tis very rare. i can’t even beat them with my good team so…)

I love to play as Captain America.

Bread and Butter combo: Jump-in with hp, dash-in, lk, mk, hk XX Hyper Stars and Stripes. Replace the Hyper Stars and Stripes with Charging Stars if you don’t want to use a meter. You can also sweep into Hyper Stars and Stripes or Charging Stars.

In corner: Jump-in with hp, dash-in, lk, mk, hk, fierce shield slash XX Final Justice. Lots of damage!

captain america…the good ol’ dayz of MvC2…don’t play much anymore, but i use him from time to time when someone says they can beat me in MvC2.

crouching short, crouching Forward, shield slash xx Final Justice works vs standing characters. You might be able to throw a standing Roundhouse in there after the Forward, I don’t remember.

Captain America’s ground fierce Shield Slash has fast startup and reaches to the other side fast. His air versions are quick too. Probably as useful as Cyclops’ air optic blasts. Just don’t use the ground jab version too much. It’s really laggy.

Cap also takes damage very well…Tough muther…I think I’m gonna start playing him again…

Really ghetto CapAm trick:

Launch, air combo, land, cartwheel to the other side, relaunch. If they get wise to that, you can do jab cartwheel and stay on the same side to confuse their blocking.

captain america + tronn is pretty good. you combo final justice off like most assists, just try. i use him, he’s fun in joke teams.

I was experimenting damage wise and try Cap.A./IM/HULK

I gave Cap his dash assist,IM the proj.assist and Hulk a dash assist.

What I lked was when I dash in with Cap.,, IM proj.assist,Fp shield slash cancel Final Justice. As sson as Cap slammed his oppon in the ground I performed hulk’s Gamma crush which surprisingly lifted oppon OTG and when hulk was just about finished I did IM’s PC. Damage was like a instant kill no energy left on oppon bar NONE!

So i built up to Lvl. 3 again but had IM out instead I did d.lp,lp and hit both assist buttons and wham they shreadded the fuckin energy bar down so bad even I took a breather:wasted:

One more thing, I been trying Cap’s air combo but instead of using the SJ,lp,lp,lp technique I tried Sj.lp,lk,lp,lp,lk…Now the thing is when the combo began to start again after the lp,lk,lp I tried to to a double jump and combo the next lp into it. Hell I even did Sj.lp,lk,lp,lp,lk,lp and Cap was below the other side of his oppon I tried to double jump but goofed up on the commands. My point is I think he can do it longer than what we’ve normally seen and this is without the corner too. I’m aware of his old pattern from MSH, but I’m not talking bout that one this is somethin’ else…Can anyone try this out and let me know what happens or see how long they can air combo and then include the double jump?:frowning:

you can easily do launch lp lk lp - lp - lp - double jump lp lk lp lk finish. once you get the timing down, it’s easy dmg. If you screw up commands though you see that you can extend it, but the trick is you have to learn when he can double jump after certain hits. i think mp and mk you can’t double jump… only have jabs and shorts.

Wow! Air combo galore! Captain America can also connect a j.jab after a j.strong. Is that what you are trying to say, or are all of those lps jabs? I use launch->j.jab->j.strong->j.jab->double jump->the rest of the air combo. Now that there could be even more combo possibilities, I should try to find an air combo that is damaging and also flashy(jabs don’t do much damage and they rank up hit causing the rest of the combo to do little damage).

ok the longest i’ve gotten with him is…
jump in with lp fpk (land and dash) c.lp, c.lp, launch, sj.lp,,, (pause) sj.lp (pause) sj.lp, double jump, sj.lp,,, shield slash. I’m sure you can add more hits or modify it, but I haven’t really found time… overall i’m not really that good with him, i just try to find combos with everyone.

basically it’s the basic lp lp lp double jump lp lk lp lk shield slash… but the first lp you can do 2 more hits after it.

My friend has this crazy Spider Man - Cap America - Iron Man DHC combo… he normal spider man AC ending with web swing kick xx maximum spider (doesn’t hit) xx Final Justice (which hits) xx Proton Cannon. It’s flashy and crazy dmg.

I haven’t found too much, he also has an infinite in the corner… it’s after the dash super you do a regular dash xx dash super again.

They can mash out before the gamma crush connects…

Another thing that comes in handy, is if you do hyper charging star and for some reason the other player blocks, you can go into hyper stars and stripes after HCS ends, there’s no real lag if done right.
Ex. j.hp,,,HCS (other guy blocks HCS and tries to hit you after HCS is done)~ HS&S…

yes… his HCS has awesome recovery… i think any rush/super can be blocked after it, except AHVB, which i’m unsure (0-2 frame start up is just too quick).

Which super is the most damaging FJ or HCS? ( I can already rule HS&S out)

Oh I 4got, tell me the points of damage that all 3 supers take off also. Thanx in advance!!!:slight_smile:

Final Justice is one of the most powerful supers in the whole game…Period…Cap’s strongest super…

also a good note, his dash assist over throws colossus’ dash assist

HCS - 50
FJ - 53
HS&S - 50

are the defaults just done by themselves… but his last hit on FJ will do 35 even if you DHC it

capam is a garbage character. thats my elite tactic. his g=assist is good though.