MVC2 casuals around LA/Riverside area?

I’m a Marvel 2 fan and looking to have some casuals with other mvc2 folks. I went to the FFA tourney 1-2 weeks ago and got whooped pretty bad. Wondering where all you heads play at or is there console sessions around here. I’m down to play at FFA, Regency, alex arcade, etc too.

only place i know of that they play for sure is FFA (idk what days) and alex arcade on wednesdays and thursdays from like 4pm til whenever the players get bored sometimes its 11 pm sometime its 8 pm. that arcade is in santa ana i play casuals at a friends house with like a bunch of ppl from regency arcade or just stick to online play for now save your gas, $, n time if all thats out of the way

i heard round one has a small crowd.