MvC2 Chapter~34 Trailer Up now

Here is a trailer for the upcoming chapter that should be not far away from now and since I had a bit of time made a trailer for you folks to enjoy and get hyped about :lovin:

And the trailer shows only so little of what it has to actually offer so enjoy and it should be also up on soon but you can download it at youshare. Trailer.mpg

Thanks! :smiley:
I love 'em sexy Cable resets!

tight cant wait to see it

the Ruby Heart on Sentinel is too hot.

Glad you folks like it~!!!:lovin:

bump because of the goodiness

another trailer might be put up soon, a different version:lovin:


Make me couple nice avatars mister 2jay~!!!:lovin:

As long as it isn’t animated, I can do it ^^

is the video down? cause i clicked on the button that said “Click here to begin downloading Chapter34” and it took me to

the main site, and the download never showed up. i eager! you come out with the best stuff DJ-B13!

well Thank you very much, glad you like my stuff.

Oh yea, you can just download them at the great site now :lovin:

So when is this coming out?

Later tonight or tommorow morning.