MVC2: Character Needs

I’ve been thinking about certain characters like Jill, Bison, Captain America, and Omega Red and what it would’ve taken for them to be more playable. This thread pertains more to lower-mid tiers and the additions you would’ve liked to have seen made in order for them to compete on a higher level. Discuss.

Less Lag on Hayato’s normals. His MP has more lag than his S.HP, wtf.

If everybody had an air dash and fly, the game would be a lot more balanced.

Cammy is so close to being top tier, but her special isnt reliable enough.

Mainly if everyone had more manuverability. Airdashes are can be so useful, even the forward only airdashes help out like Tron’s.

For me, I think Megaman needs better supers. All of them have the worst startup. His qcf+pp gets beat out by anything. I’m pretty sure some of the rush/bird supers could be useful if it didn’t take so long to start.

mega man needs:

-time stopper from mm2 as an unblockable super
-rain flush from mm4 as a hailstorm super
-astro crush from mm8 as a super
-flash bombs from mm8
-crash bombs from mm2
-either rush jet from mm3 or mm6
-more projectiles (dive/magnet/search missiles, metal/shadow blade, quick boomerangs, etc)

Rain Flush was the shit in MM4 and would’ve made a great super. I think a better form of Leaf Shield would’ve been nice…like if the leaves floated down from the top of the screen. Imagine the lockdown potential.

^^ and Sub-T’s for life. megaman needs em’

dont forget the pause glitch for MM1! :wgrin:

quitting pausing the game nigga i cant block! :annoy:

omegared and morrigan are godlike…just nobody got balls to fuck wit em,lol

how about giveing Cable a Airdash :slight_smile: or a double jump

man, it would be tight if mega man can use the time stopper against cables ahvb

we need a good remixed MvC2 via MUGEN or something…lol.

my jill wins tournaments and almost won evo

All of hayatos attacks with his sword should do chip damage. And plasma combos shouldnt be push blockable. Also a different command for his command throw. Also how about he takes no chipp damage from fireballs like iceman ethier. Dash hp should give you more of a advantage. Or at least put you at even. also make it so he can attack after again after jumping down hk. So he can have some kinda of mix up, like jump down hk, bounce off hp over head, or land into low. Of course this is assmumeing as well he bouncing off fast so it acctauly is hard to see if the overhead or low is coming… Also make f+hp a overhead as well, but still being able to combo in and link out of it still. That would be good.

Hrmm thats about it, id say give him a laser beam to… But at least with this he wont be worse then roll anymore hopefully.


Do you at least have videos of your Jill in action?

If the Bombergames crew–the people that are working on a Streets of Rage remake–knew enough about the nuances of SF and the VS series, I’m pretty sure they’d take on that challenge.

ill record some at todays tourney at FFA

how about giving megaman an airdash and a fly and fastfly combos.

EDIT: give him also unfly combos. with no means neccesary to activate it = always on unfly mode.

PM me when you get those videos. I’m decent with Jill myself but I never really used her in high level play, which I last did 3 years ago.

if it’s possible for the character to do it in his/her storyline, then yeah it should be or improve.

say MM, there are already many examples of things he could do, but they didn’t put in the game.

not look at ryu…hmmm ryu with an airdash…yeah that would make sense.

however gouki with double fireballs/he comes down with them would be nice.