MVC2: Character Needs

Make Rogue steal moves instead of powers.

So, basically, the best versions of Nash, Cyke, Sabre, Gief, Chun, Gambit, Rogue, Wolvie and Ryu were in XSF? I knew of Nash and Cyke, but I didn’t realize it for everyone else until I started watching high level play of XSF.

Does anyone mind giving me a rundown of all the best versions of characters that appeared in prior VS series titles?

It’d be cool if akuma could temporarily turn into shin akuma.

Akuma’s Demon in XSF was only 1 level and did fatty mad damage. That was nice.

I’d like to see this kind of matrix on character selection:

Choose character, then
Choose how they assist:

  1. Choose DHC super
  2. Choose assist move (can be any special or any normal { inluding jump?})
  3. Choose counter (see assist)

Altho I can see some brokenness happening with having Anakaris worshipper move as an assist.

Mmm…Blackheart roundhouse demons as an assist…Psylocke’s teleport dash as an assist… Jill’s counter as an assist? :slight_smile:

This isn’t necessarily going to help with balance, but I think it will make it more fun.

The way I see it, damage is done in only 3 ways:

  1. Misdirection leading into a big combo
  2. projectile block damage
  3. Throwing leading into a big combo

Will increasing mobility lead to better misdirection for low tier? Possibly, but how would low tier battle Spiral/Sent? Low tier seem to have projectile issues. Throwing to start combos are nice, but getting close to an enemey is aways a problem…Venom has a great throw, but when’s the last time you’ve seen it land?

So to beef up low tier, they need a better way to do #1 or #3, or a way to combat #2. If Anakaris’ throw went full screen, then I bet he would be played quite frequently, hence going up in value with #3. If Jill’s rush cancled out projectiles like hypergravs, ice, rocks, & drones…she’d be top tier…If Hayato’s dash fierce had no lag, he’d go up in #1 and be a big threat. If megaman’s mega buster went at 1/2 the speed, then he’d be able to fill the screen with projectiles and go up in #2’s department.

Just some thoughts…

This is why Capcom needs to get off their ass and make Hyper Marvel Vs Capcom where you can choose char. revisions from XMen CotA, XvSF, MSH, MSHvSf, MVC or MVC2. would be too good.

Would Capcom still need the Marvel license even if they released a revision or anthology of the VS series?

the truth

Just a few things I wished I had seen in the game…

I don’t play it much now, but there were things I wished were in the game:

(1) The command for Omega Red’s was :lk: + :hp: + direction. Since I confuse easily, trying to remember the right combination of quarter-circle motion and button(s) was nerve racking in the heat of battle. Heck, a number of characters could have benefitted from that simple input. Didn’t Psylocke lose one of three directions for her psy-flash? And CapAm lost one of 3 directions on his shield slash, if I can recall correctly. Some other characters suffered as a result of the change to 4-button attacks.

(2) Full air-chains. I mean, how is it that Zangief makes it into all of the Vs. battles and can’t chain from :lp: to :lk: ? I had been dying to chain a knee-drop into a body splash, and the only way I have ever seen it was in the home version of CvS2, and that was done playing around with the with the ‘EX Groove’ options. Aside from Zangief, there were a number of characters whose jump-in strategies were changed because they no longer (or never had) the ability to chain from :hp: to :hk: .

(3) More than one level 1 super per character. Zangief only has the SPD. Why couldn’t he get a super version of the glowing hand, with the attack range of Chun-Li’s Kikosho? Iron Man only has the Proton Cannon. Couldn’t he have gotten a homing missiles super? I can’t think of anyone else right now who only has one L1 super.

(4) Level 3 supers that kill. There should be no reason why a L3 super should do just a few pixels more damage than a L1 super. Other than showmanship, there’s no incentive to use them.

(5) Throws that grab during attacks.

(6) Better versions of certain characters. MvC Chun-Li, MSH Thanos, MSH Spiderman, COTA Psylocke (with MSH supers & :u: + :hk: intact), come to mind.

Enough ranting for now. Too many people like the game.

You do realise that sent in CotA could block while flying?

Omega Red would benefit most from being able to combo his air super ala Guile.

Hyper Marvel would be a retarded game. Sentinel blocking while calling assits and doing 20% with normal moves. Runaway Storm…for real. Like, at the top of the screen and not coming down, almost Gambit-glitch-style.

The only thing good about it would be that random character would get (better)infinites (Sabretooth being a good example), but the whole thing could get retarded really, really quickly.

Or maybe I’m wrong and it would be great, who knows.

Rogue who steals attributes is better than OG XSF Rogue. I’d rather take the Defense Up over getting Cable’s Psimitar, or the Speed Up for the infinite, rather than get weaksauce Typhoons from Storm.

Yeah, but you gotta admit rogue with spd is fun. And berserker barrage is better than her normal punches.

I think both can be implemented into her character.

So I was thinking about all of the Marvel/Capcom characters that have appeared in previous installments of the V-series. Which characters would you want and why?

Ryu: XSF, MSF, or MVC
Akuma: XSF, MSF, MVC2
Chun: XSF or MVC
Gief: XSF or MVC
Sakura: MSF, MSF (Dark), or MVC2
Dhaslim: XSF, MSF, or MVC2
Bison: XSF, MSF, or MVC2
Cammy: XSF or MVC2
Sabretooth: XSF or MVC2
Juggernaut: COTA, MSH, XSF, or MVC2
Hulk: MSH, MSF, MVC, or MVC2
Magneto: COTA or MVC2
Cyke: XSF or MVC2
Omega: COTA, MSF, MVC2
Sent: COTA or MVC2
Blackheart: MSH, MSF, or MVC2
Shuma: MSH or MSF
Strider: MVC or MVC2
Spidey: MSF or MVC
Wolvie: XSF, MSF, or MVC

They should just make Sagat and Guile own.
Like give them an infinite lockup…or two.
I’m so nub when it comes to MvC2…

a couple of my low tiers in action

i know you all remember marvel vs Capcom (the original one). me and my friend was thinkin that they could have added alot more characters…like remember the strikers from that game…they could have added…author from ghost and goblins…or thor…or alot more marvel and capcom characters…

You’ve got a pretty nice Jill and Iceman. Also, good use of Spiral’s ground assist.

Another thing that I wish was in the game…

Secret/alternate characters. Yeah, I know that the game has 56 characters and an alternate Wolverine, but MvC1 left us hanging on some things (or at the very least left me with the impression that we would be getting some new alternate characters in the future).

In one of the endings, Jin was defeated by M. Bison. Afterward, Shadow and Shadow Lady revive him. So, what happened to Shadow Jin? And in Lilith’s (?) ending, she and Zangief ram heads and apparently switch bodies. What happened with that?

I remember Liligan being pretty shitty. That would explain Gief’s suckiness in MvC2 then.

As for Shadow Jin, MvC2 Jin can barely combo his supers. Just like the other Shadow characters.


thanks, but honestly, my jill sucked in those matches cause that was my close friend playing me and he knows how to play against her. ill try to get some arcade matches where i OCV people with jill and actually get her trap down.

ive had people yell at me and threaten me cause of my jill cause they dont know how to get out of my traps.

My best Jill team was Jill/Sent/Tron. Filling the screen with shit was never more fun. Also, in regards to your Spiderman, you should pair him with Sent Rocket Punch assist. I do s. short, s. short + Sent, s. roundhouse, j. web call as a pattern to keep my opponents blocking.