MVC2- character switch combos?


do you guys kno of any "character switch in " combos?

this is where you do any combo with your point character ( usually a ground combo ) and then tag in your other character, while still maintaining a combo. This would insure a safe tag without burning a meter on DhC-ing or "frame killing "

the only one i kno of involves magneto / iron man

( w/ mag on point ) hk throw,,, hyper grab , TAG in iron man . You can also do the infinite after tagging in IM.

feedback would be appreciated


with cable,, c.lp. s.fierce, tag out AS SOON as the second hit connects

with sent, hsf, tag out

with mag,, c.rh, sj ad d whiff short otg, c.rh, tag out

there are extended combos with cable/mag/sent and sent/cable/commando involving tag-outs, soon to be revealed on the new site. look for it soon



Ouroboros connects, tag out near the end

Thanos: S. HK, Bubble, tag out

Megaman: Ultra Charged Megabuster connects, tag out


or you can learn magnetos sweep combo and swith out into any character you want. i like to switch into a powered up Juggernaut and head crush the shit out of their character.:smiley:


hmm…mags sweep combo?
do you mean,, hypergrab? or something else

thanks for the responces so far


u can just do for mags

hk throw, dash in, cr. lk, cr. hk switch


I know in the middle of one of hayato’s plasma combos you can switch and keep it going, but who here’s gunna use hayato…

Spiral has her “safe switch” when you just toss all her swords and switch after throwing the last one. If the swords hit, you can make a combo outa it. If they don’t you;re still safe.


I think they can mash out of the Hyper Grav before Iron Man connects.


HSF, tag in mag,, cr. hk, tag in cable, jump back lp, delay, hp, ahvb.

I think you can also repeat : (rp, HSF, tag in mag,,, tag in Sentinel) many times as you want.

Oh yeah, there is something that a guy did by accident, he was doing some random shit and by magic he did with mag : cr.lp,, tag in cable, ahvbs :lol: it was so funny. That shit doesn’t work everytime though.


GBURSINE: do you kno that combo with hayato?
I’ve seen it done too. Some guy did it to me with hayato / ken…

also, with mags, you can just do,, and tag without the hypergrab? or not?


I think its the one thats hold back, lp,lp, hp, hk, lp, lp.

In the middle somewhere there, you don’t finish it, and switch out.


I saw some video it was an infintie with IM and BB Hood Idk how it worked it was weired just kept taggin out IM for Bulleta then IM back in then Bulleta it wa sweird


Jin and Tron:

tag in Tron, HK, tag in Jin, HP, tag in Tron, HK, tag in Jin, HP…repeat


Re: Re: MVC2- character switch combos?

… What?


(while holding back) lp, lp, hp, hk, lp, TAG


u can launch ryte after it?!? i thought it was hyper grab then launch or infinte after the


Shit peeps who don’t even know how to mash properly can mash outta that b4 your other guy tags in. So yes, it works but only if they’re as brain dead as the computer.

the mags combo is like this actually, c.rh xx sj. xx ad d, lk, c.rh xx tag in( or hypergrav bla bla)

The air dash part has to be pretty damn quick too.



Jin and BB Hood(Jin on point)…

opponent in corner:,f.hp,tag in BB Hood, hk landmine,tag in Jin f. hp,tag in BB Hood,hk landmine,tag in Jin,blah,blah,blah…


Re: Re: MVC2- character switch combos?

You are correct, sir.


I was wondering what the sequence is for doing a tag-in off a fullscreen HSF… for example:

rp, HSF, fp, rp, HSF, tag-in?

I can’t seem to get it correctly at a full screen’s distance… if my tag-in character does connect, it usually just ends up hitting the other guy while he’s on the ground, making him roll away.