Mvc2: chun li top tier discussion

Note: I just wanted to repost this because I think it is VERY worth the read. This is for the author, whose original thread was shut down simply because it didn’t have the fucking title “MVC2” in front of it. I don’t even want to get started on the nazi mods in here so without further bitching here it is reposted, in original context by the author himself:

I have been playing with Chun_Li in MvsC2 since the begining. Every one says she sucks, in the beginig I thought the same thing but after long practices I own people with her.
She is so underrated, she should be top tier.
I would be glad to learn about the tactics and the strategy you use as well as the combos.
Here goes my strategy:

To win with her you need:

1_Super jump cancel with her for almost any attack.

2_To star combos while sj canceling (you super jump and then press but punches as close to the ground as possible) change your weak punches to strong punches they do way more damage.

3_Learn some combos ,here goes my favorite:
4.1_sj cancel,SP,SK,land,SK,AND THE ANTI AIR SUPER.(this one those 75% damgage and you can DHC into anythink afterwards.) Call a projectile assistant first to protect your rush.(with assitants you get longer comboes and of course they shoud be more damaging(usulaly))


I hope it will be usefull.For more information contact meI would beglad to help and I would be interested to know how you play your chun li.

Here goes an other combo:

Sj cancel,WK,WP,SP,land,WP,WK,SK,sj,WP,WK,WP,WK,2nd jump,WP,WK,WP,WK,3rd jump,WP,WK,MP,MK,SK

This one those 20 hits and thosen’t do that much demage but it’s basicly for charging metter.

Well done chun la.
The combo that Cycloid Beta posted works and it’s very impresive, but after doing it I changed the end because at the end people can roll and be save, and the otg just work on Big guys. I did some modifications and I got a 32 HITS combo and it does 64% DAMAGE on cable!!
The combo is the following:

right angle jump,SP,SK(2hits),land,WP+Spiral Ground Assist, WK,WK(SPIRAL HITS),right angle jump,SP,SK(2hits),land, WP, WK, SK,superjump,WP,WK,WP,WK,doublejump,WP,WK,WP,WK,tr


This combo does 32 hits, you don’t otg so they can’t get out of it and it does 64% damage on cable, it can be done in any character besides roll and servot.
I was wandering after knowing all what we wrote in this thread would you categorise Chun Li as a top tier character?(If you answer explain why)(we are talking without assitants)

I dare to say yes because of the following reasons:

1_She is a very good rush down character, she have a projectile she have a 75% damage combo (whit Hyper) and here rush down starts by a right angle jump, see advantages below.

2_ Chun Li against Storm: Storm is by far the best Character in MvsC2 and her game vary so much, she can be a chicken runaway or swich it to deadly rush down and with her instopables projectiles she truly is a Godess.Let’s be realistic Chun Li doesn’t stand a chance against Storm but if you’ll have to play her use the following: When you see that storm superjump, do the samething to keep her grounded.Use the Right angle jump when she throws any projectile(if you are far away don’t superjump, do a normal jump then dash and Chun Li will fly all the screen long and if you land over her combo and your better not to miss)and by the way the 75% combo on storm will do way more damge than over cable,two of them and she’ll died.

3_Sentinel: another terrible character(since you won’t be playing with assistants)just use your antiair super it can be comboed after almost anymove and it is extreamly quick. But Sentinel can defeat you very easily, he is the second best character after Storm. Use the run away chun li(sj+SK,dj+SK,tj+SK, walljump+SK,fj+SK,6thjump+SK and land)Then you would be over him since Chun Li goes out of the screen and sentinel doesn’t and use your down+SK to keep him grounded btw you should have enought metter for an antiair super(be sure you super connect because if it doesn’t you’re doomed)and by the way do some rushdown I personaly recomend to keep your sixth jump for emergencies. Sentinel’s weakness is that if you stay in the air in front of him, practicaly he doesn’t have any move to push you away and if you did pass his projectile wall rush him down to death.

Ok the ones above are way to strong for her but even cable can’t beat does two so let’s continue.

4_Magneto the combo enciclopedia:YOU CAN MASH OUT OF HIS MAGNETIC TEMPESTand without his Psylock AAA he is not that powerfull any more but he still very dangerous but Chun Li can beat him, I did in the Arcades.Usually magneto players go for the dash and, just right angle jump and do your 75% combo. If he starts to tringle jump on you, pushblock and then air dash towards him. Chun Li should win(a good Chun Li player). Btw my respects for the magneto players usually they work realy hard to get those impresive comboes they are not like cable players.

5_Cable: the character I hate the most in this game(not because he is powerfull in the game but because I hated him since the first time I saw him in X-Men,you could see all does cool mutants with amazing powers and then you see an stupid old man with guns, lol, give me a brake). Well cable is the easiest character to learn how to play in the whole game. Dash over his dirty stuff and do a SP, (we are talking without assitant)SK etc…combo. If you do it correctly he won’t be able to air HVB you. be sure he doesn’t hit you with his gun since most likely he’ll cancel it in to a ground hyper viper beam.

For:Spiral,Blackheart,Doom,Strider, I haven’t seen people playing does characters very often and I don’t like to give my opinion on things that I don’t know.

6_Cyclops: I don’t know from where this one comes from, he is so easy to beat, he just have a good AAA that’s all.

7_Psylock: same thing.

I am waiting for your answer.(I know almost all the people will disagree).

Yeah, Chun Li has triple jump and airdash. ChunLi/Doom-B can be funny cause you can d+rh, then assist with doom and jump or air dash and stomp again or land on the other side and do lightning kicks or something (I remember seeing that posted by Viscant awhile ago, I think)…

So ChunLi/Doom would be like getting caught in a meat grinder.

Also, one thing I noticed is that if she just wants to run away that she builds meter with d+rh in the air like no other. And with triple jump and air dash you can just keep doing d+rh as much as possible to build fast meter.

Or something like, do head stomp (d+rh) and then assist with doom (or someone) and then while jumping towards them again you probably have time to whiff one or two d+rh and then d+rh stomp them the next time and repeat or whatever.

I would suggest a team like ChunLi/Storm/Doom
Sent infinite:
jump in(NO AIRDASH)lk, lk, fp, d+FK(stomp) LINK an airdash, lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk, s. lk, s. lk xx sj cancel xx airdash xx lk, lk, fp fk, j. lp, j. lp, j. fp, stomp, LINK another airdash, lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk and repeat.

Yes it’s hard as fuck, yes it’s impractical and yes I’ve done it in a real match.

I have discovered a great team with Chun Li:

Storm/projectile, Sentinel/Ground, Chun Li/AAA.

So, does she deserve to be a top tier?

ok i didnt read all that…shit i dont even care about chunnie on MvC2. but they closed all that up just cuz it had no title. thats sum preatty fucked up shit…guy comes on and trys to post about his fav char. and this shit hapens…dam whats next…you must provide new and usable info or else it gets closed…tisk tisk :bluu:

Yeah, Geekboy is facist about that shit, but, he should be, they have idiots prowling about. HOW MANY TIMES HAS IT BEEN SAID 2 POST WHAT GAME! Its not that damn complicated people, and theres no excuse, so :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, i like you avatar! it top tier!

and your right about that, mods just trying to do their job. but if it’s something like this top and it’s crap like all it says is “chun owns mvc2…” and that it, then it deserves to be shut down. but something like this, in detail (somewhat) should be renames or simply warned.

Scrub statements of the day on SRK…

Chun is good cuz of her air mobility… that’s nice.

Chun’s supers suck ass. She can’t even combo into Senretsu and lost air super.

Chun takes damage like shit.

And chun has no projectiles or distance game. She’s a pixie… and just not fast enough and only has a horizontal air dash.

Chun’s expansion assist is the only top down assist in the game

Chun’s Anti Air is pretty good, and it keeps opponents up ALL damn day. Gives BH/ Storm pleny of time to hail HOD

Like I said, her triple jump/Wall jump/AD makes her a good runaway character… but her damage potential is low.
The scrubby statments about how good Cable, Mags, and Cyke can be forgivin.

Chunli sucks… It might be just me but Chunli just doesn’t have much stuff to do.

That said, here’s what I do when I play chun:

Lp fireball into qcf+kk midscreen, chun dashes through her own fireball(and the fireball hits foe as she recovers) and it’s relatively safe, given that the op doesn’t do pushblock.

Jump over(not a crossover/crossup) and tron pj assist, / 1-2-3, or lp then launcher and air combo.

Chun’s air combo btw is launcher, 1-2, 1-2, jump up 1-2, 1-2, jump up again and mash kick like hell. Make sure you time it so 1(lp) comes out instead of 3(mp). The whole combo is around 70 percent. I got it from someone else, sorry I don’t remember who it was though.

That explains a lot.

the grammar in this thread is fucking horrible. God damn it we goto school for a reason. spell check this shit please!!!

and btw, chun li is definitely not top tier. she wins against no one.

the part where the person discussed how chun li beats all these different people is so general.

Hey, thanks for the compliment! And any av with Mai on it is sweet in mi book:)

If you’re discussing why she wins, I’ll move it. If you’re talking how she wins, OK, it’ll stay, but who the hell uses Chun-Li if they WANT to win?

cool thread man, ive been trying to use chun for a good time, but lately its been strider/storm/cammy for me, but i find chun fun to use,how do you guys do a repeated air jump combo? i cant do it for some reason, i do a magic series then press jump but nothing happens most of the time


Thanx dkerbs

Well when I wrote this stuff about Chun Li long time ago, I didn’t know about some amazing Chun abilities. And Now I would like to correct some stuff:

Chun Li wins with assists: Play run away chun li ( jump+stomp, secondjump+stomp,thirdjump+stomp, airdash+stomp) and keep calling Doom’ rocks and you’ll cheap your enemy to death.
Also you can call Sent ground and jump airdash and rush or just throw a kikouken(her projectile attack) depending wich enemy you’re fighting.

An other thing that I wanted to change is that when you attack you should do a superjump then cancel in an airdash and then cancel in to weak kick (It has a lot of range and it has alot of priority)(For Sentinel do the strong Punch version) and then depending on the size of the character you can follow with SP,Sk+stick forward(if you hold the stick forward Chun Li won’t do a 2 hit strong kick but a 1 hit strong kick wich has amazing range) or just a SK+stick forward for small characters before landing.

Btw I discovered something amazing: after a: launcher wp,wp,wk,SP,Stomp you can call your assist and none character in the game is enough fast to counter, so either they would have to block or get comboed again.

And an other thing is that you can dash the whole screen with Chun Li, just jump and air dash (don’t super jump since her dash won’t be that long) then (when you still in the air) you do wk and strong kick holding the stick forward (if you hold the stick forward Chun Li won’t do a 2 hit strong kick but a 1 hit strong kick wich has amazing range) and then you combo.

WiLD_DaIGo, to do a repeated air jump combo, after you launch them you do weak kick, weak punch and here comes the tricky part, after you do wp, wk you wait half a second, like that your next punch won’t be a medium punch but a weak puch again, then you do weak punch and weak kick after this you do Chun Li’s second jump and the weak punches and kicks’ stuff again until the third jump in wich you do the magic series. Hope that would help. If you want a video of Chun Li doing her repeated air jump combo just ask, I know a site where you can find it.

cool man, where is it? and thanks ill try that

Ummm…wtf is the difference? This is just a chun li thread like all the other threads here are just a gief thread or just a rolento thread. Does it matter if we’re talking about how or why? That just seems retarded. Like it could be said:
How does she win?
Run away.
Why does she win?
Run away.
Isn’t that the same thing? Could you clarify the difference or is there even one?

it’s clear enough to tell that this is a guide/thread on how to use chun li.

the mods can use a little common sense as well…the guy obviously likes chun li …and took time to write a very informative post…(i learned some shit) …and geek just closes it …yea it didnt have a title …but so what …just edit the shit and put the title in …there are some threads that are useless and have no title …those are fine to be closed…but a post like this is very good and a little common sense in determining if its to be closed or not would have been more appropriate.

Well, for the video of Chun Li doing her repeated jump combo this is the adress:

When you are there you click on Videos, then you go down until the MvsC2 section and you’ll see a lot of combo movies there, you click on the one that says:

MvsC2 Vol.6/ Vicks/ Solo-hit combos/ 3.88Mb

In this video there are a lot of characters doing solo hits combos without assistants, you’ll see Chun Li there and btw this video’s quality is not that good but it’s helpfull.
Hope that will help. If you have any questions just ask.

Btw feel free of adding combos, strats or anything you want about Chun Li.

good news- I am working on a 76 hits combo with Chun Li in wich you use five hypers (it have to be done in the corner). This combo was not discovered by me but by the owner of the site above, his name is Vicks. If you want Chun Li’s solo hits combos go to the combo section in the site above, you’ll find a lot of stuff for Chun Li there.

Thanks for the hook up:cool:

i’m unable to download at the moment… but i’m interested to see your sakura vid, but it doesn’t seem to be up… :frowning:

i’ll never for give you!!

Just email Vicks and tell him to put it online.

Btw, What are the teams you use when you play Chun Li?

I use:

1_ChunLi/AAA, Storm/projectile, Doom/AAA.

In this one I can runaway and cheap using Doom/AAA.

2_Sorm/projectile, Sentinel/ground, Chun Li/AAA.

This team is a copy of Justin Wong’s Storm, Sentinel, Cammy team, but I just Changed Cammy AAA for Chun Li AAA.