Mvc2 City Championship Results

Here are the results for mvc2.

1st Chris Creecy (magneto-x) MSP/ Storm, sentinel,capcom
2nd Patrick Henry ( vegita-x) Rogue,Storm,Tbonne
3rd Demtrius Strider,doom,capcom
4th Charles (cable guy) Sentinel,Cable,Capcom
5th Duana (Marvelousone)Magneto,Irom man,Sentienl / Storm,Sentinel,Cammy

yeah great tourny everyone and chris u r so fuckin lucky, just keep on running with storm. Any ways can’t wait till TS3 halla.
O yeah chris u sucks ass. :confused: Let me see storm was in the air for:confused: 40,50,60 seconds:bluu: Don’t work to hardddddd on that win chris.:lol:

rogue placing?
ed ma status
good job

This is justin. Patrick, you own. Good shit. See u in march.

yeah thanks man I should have won it but I got to comfortable when I had chris 3-1 the last set, trying to do some resets and shit. Fuck I know I shouldn’t watch dj-b13 combo vids before the tourny and shouldn’t played chris 10 hours the night before the tourny, I mean I was beating the fuck out of him, I should have knowed that was a signed that he was going to beat me in the tourny the next day. anyway good job chris your magneto is getting better and better everyday. If it wasn’t for u I probably wouldn’t be able to beat mixup. O yeah I can’t wait till march justin and mike.

In case anyone want to know how did I placed so high in the touny with rogue was because of defence, chris magneto is really really fast and if u don’t have good defense well, good luck.

i think it’s tron
cuz rogue with tron is prolly very tricky

Tron is good but if it all I only depend on tron then I wouldn’t even place in the top 5. I also used Rogue,Storm,Sentinel(rocket punch assist). If that’s the case magneto only wins because of psy. Psy can only get u so far u must know how to defeat someone one on one. Like I do with rogue, if u depend on your assist to help u all the time then u will never place high in a tourny. I almost lost one match when I was playing chris, he had magneto left and I had rogue left it wasn’t easy but I was able to defeat him. Look at strider/doom I mean doom owns tron for free so I had to try to beat that shit without depending on my assist. Well got to go halla.

O yeah thanks far the 2 players from Kansas, Mo far coming (josh,corey).Hopefully I’ll see u both at another tourny. Peace

yea, i kno wat u mean
but tron is that good, that she can get u top 5
but yea it takes a lil more then just an assist

Hey good job Patrick, your Rouge owns…:evil:

Are you comming to the March tournament in FL? And is the all mighty Magneto-X comming along with you?

It’d be great to be on your team again to owns people.:cool:
Last time we got robbed…:frowning:

yeah I’m going but I don’t think magneto_x is coming because the New Orlean crew are all going to TS3 the week before. I’m also going to the tourny in april in Ga. Hopefully I do better than 5th place this time. I finally got storm down 100% so now I can start either Storm r Rogue without having to let rogue to all of the work. :cool:

Eek… you’d be going to a lot of tournaments…:lol:

Jez… now your Storm is just as deadly… damn…:bluu: … wait… maybe thats good… I dunno…lol… hopefully you ain’t going to get 5th place this time… I remember when I first got there at the tournament and you came, everyone was like…" OMG, theres goes the Rouge player…:eek: …"

yeah hopefully I’ll do better than 5th but I’m just in it for the comp that’s all. Even if I somehow get knock out early I’m still going to have a good time there. OOO my god first soomighty now X. Fuck I’m going to be playing a lot of people for some money in the next couple of weeks. Don’t know why everyone wants to gamble but I never back away from a challenge. That neither Vegita style nor Rogue…I bet u didn’t know that they both were married in another life time. Well see u in a few weeks. O yeah r they having a team tourny also?

yea they ahving a team tourney.
and sorry bro bout not making it , couldn’t get enough ppl up 2 come.

I’ll see u in texas and fla bro.

allen ya’ll didn’t get robbed lol
we owned lol

I didn’t know u was going to texas, man and florida. Shit and u r also going to the Ga. tourny also…wouldn’t it be funny if we both place in the top 3 at all 3 tourny:lol: Well see u in a few weeks, and can’t wait to see u play my boy magneto_x he a little worst than mixup… (where did u thank mixup learn all that shit from). And my boy duane got a sick Iron Man also, got second at the last texas showdown.

I wanna go to the Texas showdown…But school is owning my life:(

Well I have to say is Mixup has dropped a ton on Magneto…

Before it’d used to be one hit game-over… and I mean one hit only.:mad: But now he messes up infinites and does resets and snapbacks…

But his Sent has gotten better… but then again… Cable owns Sent.:evil:

Pat, you’ve seen me play at about half speed ect…you’ll see next time.

And you allen, playing in tampa really fucked my game, gainseville has got me back on track. and if you really knew your magnus defense you would recognize infinite won’t kill a character, resets do. Throws in the corner are getting tech hit over and over now soooo…think about it…

And i didn’t learn SHIT from chris lol. he’s just a siK magnus.

Gunnin 4 tha both of Yew now…u can thank X for the new mix:evil:

Oh and if you thought sent was bad before? i scrape cable’s now with him so go and run to your counter char:D

Huh?! a what now? infinites don’t kill a character?:wtf:

Yeah… thats what you say cuz you can do them aswell as you did before.:lol:

allen, ur retarded. How many hits does it take from magnus’s infinite to kill a character w/o a reset. aroudn 180? How many hits does it take for a character to flip out? About 45-50. put 2 and 2 togeter mein.