Mvc2 City Championship Results


I don’t know where you got 180 from… it takes about 90+ anyways maybe just one reset per character then… not be a reset whore.

Anyways thats why you would likely have Cyc or Psy on your assist to connect toward a unblockable super… so that lessens the infinite rate aswell.:wink:


haha you’re fukin stupid but whateva.

Lol you can’t even do part of the infinite ‘shrugs’


lol your the one with the retarted Magnus.

Anyways I’ve now been doing his infinite… so you think playing me before was hard… well think again…:wink:


u couldn’t do the infinite
and btw
it will take bout 180 hits to kill with just infinite


Yeah I was like the only person in FL that couldn’t do the infinite:( Everyone in Tampa can but me… but doesn’t matter since Mixup is gone and I’m #1 :smiley: in Tampa now.

But it doesn’t really matter cuz I don’t need infinites to beat people badly, it’s all about resets and randomness…:evil: and I can’t forget runaway in which I’m learning so much of now.:lol:


ec’s finest
u need infinite tho
cuz that makes the resets and randomness all the much more harder to block imo


I don’t give much time to MvC2, thats why I don’t do infinites, I never had the game at home.:frowning:

I just play weird that makes me good… i dunno why I beat so many people… I guess it’s because I’m Asian.:cool: lol

But the rest of the EC is mad with infinites… I hate them for it…:mad:


i like doing the magz infinite, and my sn is infinite, :smiley: shit is dope. “infinites doing a infinte!” lol. dope like a rope…hekka kool(potters word:p)


Yo… umm… Infinite… umm you you infinites?!:wtf:… I don’t believe you…:lol: