Mvc2 color edit version

is it possible to edit mvc2 to give some characters better
ew colors and have it work in game? if its possible, it would give marvel a nice kick in the pants.

Lots of people want one; Preppy’s even got money on the line for whomever does it. We just havent been able to figure out where the palette data is at, if there is even palette data.

That would be so dope! lol!

making an all black storm and an all white Magneto would be too dope.

damn… i already see it happening “super sayian commando” “shin cable” “dark magneto”


I don’t know if I’m going insane but why do I remember some sort of colour edit in one of the console versions?

@ least someone is working on it.

when I rip marvel and all the files\folders are visible, is the file\folder\color pallete thats needed in those files\folders? what exactly am I looking for?

The answer to your question is in the lines you quoted. If I had the slightest clue where palette data was, I’d already have tools for modifying it made and Preppy’s money in my pocket.