MVC2: Combo Choices


(Originally posted in the Strider Thread)

I’d like to bring up a more odd subject about combos…This applies to all characters…

By playing around I’ve noticed that yeah, you can do dj combos and all that, but as a single combo, there are much much shorter combos that you can do that do even more damage.

A certain 9 hit combo by strider does 42 damage on cable…but take a double jump combo that goes for 18 hits, and does only one more point of damage…

I can also do a double jump with cammy end with a killer bee assault that does (on it’s own) 60 damage with 17 hits. Now there’s a 9 hit combo I can do that does 78 damage with the KBA so they’re both OTG’able. (all based on cable in training mode)

I think it would be cool if people could fool around in MVC2 and post the most damaging combo (practical ones only…not stuff you can usually only do in training mode) without double jumps, infinites, character switches, resets, or otg’s…


Without those type of stuff, I think you’d have to go with the brute force type people, which is Juggernaut and/or Sent.

I’ve said this before, but here goes again…

With Sent, a massive combo is (in corner, mind you) launch, sj lp, sj lk, sj lk, rocket punch (fp or lp), fp, fk. It works, it’s just crammed in at the end. It takes out a lot too. Maybe Jugz got another massive combo. But I think this is the most destructive without the hyper combos and all of that stuff.


I meant more along the lines of comparing the characters to themselves…not all the other characters…it’s obvious juggs and sent does the most…

Thanks for the sent combo!


and you can keep the sent combo going

in corner, rh, sj.lp sj.lp, feirce rp, fp, rh, land, j.fp, fp throw… that resets


It’s called damage scaling…the more hits you have, the less damage it applies.



C.LK, C.HP, SJ.HK, HK Cannon Drill xx Killer Bee Assault


exacatly, thanks to capcom’s hit damage reduction bullshit, But 2 think of it, its kinda go0d on some points


i wouldn’t want it any other way, because that would mean infinits would take you out faster :eek:

strongest non-resest combo i believe belongs to glitched juggs w/ it more about 85%+ on all characters.


Thats wut i was thinkin about.
N then cable will have even more power:(


yea supers are scaled aswell; well most of them.

so if cable or any other multi hitting super would whip you out if scaling wasn’t implemented.


Your opponent can throw/hit you in the air after the J.HP. Can you AHVB Sent or are you too close?


*Note: the post below contains information that is pretty basic and a fundamental part of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, so if you’re already familiar with this, then I didn’t mean to insult your intelligence–I’m just hoping someone out there could use this info.

Okay, I like to call the process of maximizing the damage for the most efficient number of hits (as well as amount of effort given) as “combo optimization”.

One thing to keep in mind when optimizing combos is how the Magic Series in MvC2 works.

For example, an air combo with Strider that ends with sj.HP, sj.HK takes out a fair amount of damage and is a better value than a double-jump combo (not sure if it does MORE damage).

If you want more damage out of your sj.HP, sj.HK, then you want to lessen the number of hits that comes before the Fierce, Roundhouse.

Some people will tell you to do
sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.LP, sj.HP, sj.HK.

The reason this wouldn’t be the best is because you’re technically going “Jab, Short, Strong, Fierce, Roundhouse.” If you don’t understand why, it’s because whenever you press LP after an LP or an LK turns into an MP, and LK becomes an MK after an LK or MP. It’s a simple hierarchy (LP, LK, MP, MK, HP, HK).

So a better way to deal the first three hits would be
sj.LP, sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.HP, sj.HK.

This way it’s "Jab, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse."
Strong, Forward > Short, Strong
(You could do Short-Strong-Forward too, same deal).

But to comment on this particular example, a player must also recognize when it is more beneficial to do a longer combo instead. In the case of Clockw0rk’s Strider, you will see Clock go for the double-jump when the opponent is launched from the Ouroboros, because the Ouros raise the hit count to a point where any hit Strider does in the air combo would be 1 point (or close to it).


that sounded like something i once posted a while back.

just to note, doing longer combos helps build meter and sometimes can be more damaging pending on character.


He has a point. I mean we all do mag extended combos n shit:)


This is a really worthwhile topic - it’s something I have definately noticed in my playing.
I play MegaMan a lot of the time, and if you’re not aware, he has a leaf-shield item he can use to add ~8 hits to a combo, though the startup time for engaging leaf-shield and the duration (about 5-7 seconds) makes it pretty useless, it is a perfect example of wasted extra hits. A regular fk-/-wp-mk-xx Hyper Megaman does much more damage than wp-mk-fk-/-wp-mk-wp-mk-leafshield release-xx-Hyper Megaman, even though it obviously has 10 extra hits, it does less damage because of the positioning of the character taking the damage (further away from MM–less proj hit the target char).
This is just an example of why this kind of efficiency/damage-for-hits study is important, quantity in hits is not always better than quality of hits.
Glitched Juggs, in a corner jwk, jmk, land, cwk, cfp /\ magic series then quickly fp, fk in air land cwp cmp - like ~85%
Other things- Juggs’ hyper move actually does more hits & damage if you are HC’ing with the opponent floating at head-level – intuitive, but a lot of people don’t know it.
Any other similar cases anyone can think of?


from an avid Juggs player.

ya can’t connect anything with c.fp unless it’s and otg. so ur lil combo doesn’t work.


Anyways, back to the topic…

I think Spiderman’s most damaging combo is his launch w/ rh, sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. mp, sj. mk, jab web ball, throw w/ fp. Of course, this isn’t a real combo, people can tech hit, and they can actually hit you before you throw, but people are impressed in the arcade, and you can switch it up, like throw a regular fp after the web ball so you’d hit them instead of them hitting you. (besides, the cross up with Spiderman’s pretty good)


u can’t launch w/ s.rh w/o was it… oh well)…