MVC2 Combo Video of Chun-Li ONLY



Version beta

Final Version

Here is the high Quality Version! enjoy

well… its not perfect (cause I had only one hour of training mode to do everything, sadly taped all black an white and… used only Windows Movie Maker 2)… nothing special… just a simple thing… But I liked the final thing, hope you liked to… soon the combos will bee posted here!

pS:… just for information, no programable pads were used nor short cuts (except for taunts -__-… in my control start is a bit far so…) nad were done in a real dreamcast with Pump it Up songs…(see in beta version)

WEll thats it… enjoy.


that was GODLY!!


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wow, that is a problem =_=

calling assist from air to air’s x_X


very nice, i had no idea chun could do air to ground chains, and infinites form air to ground.

i liked the combo at the beginning where you did Lighting legs in the air, could you do that mid screen, and bring it down?


wow wooow… u.u… if u continue u willsart to say my combos of my next video XD


match videos of chun li please as point character


soon… one thing at time


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good shit foreal man, if i was premium i would rep u.


thx man ^^ a lot!!!


Any chance we can get a transcript on these? Specifically the solo air to ground one.

I think this stuff would definitely make her higher in the tiers from where she was haha.


Ok… ehre goes the Script (I made first a portuguese version, so I will take from there (too much work) so maybe it will ahve some strange things, anything that you guys dont understand just ask!

Tempo: 00:03


c.lp,, xx sj.hp, hcb+hk(hold) xx AHVB

Just a granede combo with cable!


Magneto, c.hp ^ addf ,,mk, land, sj addf,mk, repete

A Rom with a repetition a little hard.


Magneto xx sj add hk, land, wait, xx sj add.hp, land, xx sj addf

One little hard setup of magneto.


Chun-Li ^ sj.lp,,,, sj.hp

Simple Zig Zag combo…


Chun-Li xx dp+kk

Simple combo into special.


Chun-Li ^ sj.lp,, wait, sj.lp,, wait, jump, sj.lp,, wait, sj.lp,, wait, jump, sj.lp,,,,

3 jump Combo. A little old (well know by everyone I guess) and simple execution


Chun-Li ^,,, wait,,

Here start the Stomp Combos. A little tip is insted of doing PP to airdash, do f,f. It helps me, but do the way u fell better. The little pause its really short as u can see in the video.


Chun-Li ^,,, wait,, wait, jump,,,,,,

Jsut a variation of the Stomp Combo usin the pause in the 3 jump combo. It dont work well in corner…


Chun-Li ^,,, wait,, wait, jump,,,,,, j.hp.

A variation of the later combo, more simple, 1 less damage. The main reason for that combo could be that the opponent will go to the ground and you wil start falling too. In the last combo, u just finish a stomp, so u will make a little jump and the opponent will be awake before u hit the ground, so can be advantage for him…


Chun-Li ^,,, wait,,, wait, (reset),,

A little reset usin the stomp combo, nothing special…

01:05 ^,,, wait,,, land, dash.s.hp xx dp+kk

Here we can see a little damage done with stomp combo+assist.



Chun-Li ^,,, wait,,wait, hit), land, s.lp xx dp+kk

Here the solo combo inti special Air to Ground (ppl liked that one hehe). U have to hit the first hit of the HK in a way that u can start falling first (as u can see in the video). The secret is to wait a bit before hit the HK. To connect the s.LP dont have much secrets, just get the timing.



Same as before, only in middle screen.


Chun-Li ^,,, wait,,wait, hit), land, s.lp xx xx hcf+pp

Almost same stuff as before. only thing is the sequence of cancelings (s.lp xx xx hcf+pp) have to be executed very fast.


Chun-Li ^,,,, wait,, jump,,,,,

I think its a well know combo for everyone… just manage to start the lightining kicks and stop pressing the kicks to continuethe combo. Not that hard…


Chun-Li,, wait,, j.hp,, land,, j.hp,, land, repete.

An infinite that works in almost every chars. pretty simple and u can land an special, dhc, launcher etc… Not hard at all
The start up can be used in middle characters as well, but the stomp HAVE to be nearest of the ground as possible.



…, j.hp, j.f.hp, land, dash.s.lp, xx,, j.hp,…

Same thing, just add some ground concelings (dash.s.lp, xx) and an repetition with more hits (,, j.hp, It WORKS in middle chars.


Chun-Li, xx,,, land…
Here is where I show that the canceling works in middle chars. U can see it can start with, usefull for mixup (explainet later).



Nothing Special… Infinite starting with normal jump…



Same infinite doing in a smaller character and showing the canceling can hit as well.



Chun-Li ^,,, wait,,wait, hit), land, s.lp, xx, wait, hit), land, s.lp,, repete.

APlication of the Solo Special Air to Ground. the 1 hit HK of the repetition, needs to be done nearest to the ground as possible. Its a little hard at start. and the (s.lp, can be better used if u use with a pause, not big pause as magneto’s ROM. BUt it can work without that.



Same thing, only in different chars.



Same thing, in middle screen, Time is a little harder, u have to wait more in the air to do the HK. Getting that timing, the rest of the combo may become a little easyer…


Chun-Li,, wait,

Not new stuff, just add for showing useful stuffs with stomp.


Chun-Li Storm,, land,

The best way to use this is to make the 1 frame Stomp (used in last combo). That way u can hit even kobun.
Lembrete: when the infinite starting with was mentioned, I mentioned too the possibility of a good mixup. Here it is!



c.hp ^ xx,, land, xx hcf+kk

Unescapable Tempest. secret is to make the mk later as possible that u can call CHun-Li still in air.


Storm, xx Taunt, hcb+pp, addf+hp, land, hcf+lk xx hcb+pp

A little demonstration of the possibility of double hail storm. Recomendation to start,, for getting some “small hit boxes” characters.


Chun-Li ^,,, wait,,, land, dash.s.hp, ^,,, wait,,, jump, magneto, Throw, land, s.hp xx dp+kk

Here its a demosntration of a One hit Kill (with one reset and one bar) that can be done in corner. The jump was executed in air, but the combo can be dont with that jump made in ground as well, the important thing is the timing to call magneto…

Thats all…

And Remember… Its a Brazilian Work of Albert Shin-Iti Kashiwaba (Combos, Video Editting)
Scenes: Street Fighter 2 : Animated Movie
Songs : Ayumi Hamasaki - Appers; Paul Gilbert - Racer X - Scarified

Uhn… thats all I guess… thx and enjoy o.o… anything… doubts and stuff just ask… Until the next video


i will look at this first thing at work tomorrow! (can’t right now)

ooh pump it up music, I’ll definately like it. (trying to make an mvc2 with PIU music)


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My friend, Kuwabara, did that one… o.o… actually I played too… PIU… a little time ago…


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