MVC2: Concerning Iron-Man Smart Bombs

ok…so i played a game online yesterday where something weird happen, i was Super jumping alot with iron man using smart bombs with doctor doom rock assist, using that tactic repeatedly, for some apparent reason, smart bombs ran out. Yeah i know this sounds stupid but i was like wth is going on…i kept pressing HP+LK every time and smart bombs wont come out, so my question is, does smart bombs actually runs out?

Yeah, they talked about it on the stream the other day. Smart bombs DO run out, but that’s all anyone seems to know about the subject.

thats a bad tactic. iron man/doom is a rushdown team, get in dat ass! if you arent good enough to get IM’s inf going off of a doom rocks jugle, heres an easy as fuck combo

tridash lk, lk sweep call doom rocks proton cannon

thats pretty interesting, i thought my game was messing up. thanks for pointing it out

how does one execute a iron man infinite?

and thanks for the iron man tips.

{j.lp, j.lp, pause, j. lk, j. U+hp}

There are like 7 or 8 more infinites IM has, but thats the easiest one he has, in fact it is the easiest infinite in the game.

Of course you gotta set it up. There are alot of ways to set it up, but the easiest way is to do a j. U+Hk into the jumping infinite.

so i was in training doing this for the last 2 days. I can only do 2 reps of the infinite and they fall out of it. any tips?

What u do is lp lp very fast pause 4 like half a second then lk hp close to the ground