MvC2 Custom Mix Blog (DC Version)


For a while now, Megaupload and some of the most popular share sites have been banned. And that means for some (most) Marvel crack players that are still out there, they can’t get their hands to download mixes to their satisfaction. Well, after years of soul searching of music of what I do best, I create, remade, took my time, and redid 5 of the hottest MvC2 mixes (including mine, Season Beatings Redemption) and put them in my blog. I’d promise several people about this, and I’m a man of my word I’m going to do this.


That’s wassup man thanks for taking your time in making these, I have sent you a pm bout something want to get clarified :] can’t wait to get these Legendary Mixes!!!




When I press “Buy Now”, it just brings me to my Paypal account…

This is for the SBR mix.


NIckville17 i love your work and the idea is great and all but 20 bucks for downloading an iso is a damn ripoff


Thanks. But to be honest, it took me years of soul searching to find these songs, edit them originally (except SBIII, I remade some song, but they still sound the same), and put them in their right order. I have thought about dropping the mixes down to $20 to $10 (cause of how godlike they are). I guess that explains I didn’t get much customers, but if I can get $10 for a mix (Here’s the explanation: $10 for color, $10 for music, simple, that’s why it was $20) $5 for colors and $5 for music since I understand we’re living in shitty crisis now (Don’t remind me, and I need to do Redemption for those who need it, I should have it done by the end of the week), then I’m cool with that.