MvC2/CvS2/3s Riverside, CA - Pentland Hills Night o'Fun and Sex (10/12/2002)

If you weren’t there on Saturday, you missed a really good time where wanton sex was had by all… and oh yeah, we had some tournaments too.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (12 entrants)

  1. Tony “Trance Man” Romero - Magneto/Cable/Tron, Storm/Sentinel/Commando
  2. Ivan “KoNQueR” Zhao - Doom/Storm/Cyclops, Storm/Sentinel/AAA, The Kitchen Sink
  3. Carlos “S3ntin3l” Alvizo - Sentinel/Cable/Tron, Spiral/Cable/Sentinel
  4. Bill “Deus” Wellman - Sentinel/Magneto/Iron Man, Sentinel/Cable/Commando

Stats - No Keshin or Zaza, so it was only Tony to rule the roost, and he did so, going undefeated through winners and beating Carlos in semis 3-0. Hang was taken out early by Ace but then KoNQueRed the losers bracket with his winning charm and beating Carlos in semis 3-0. Finals were fun and sexy, and Hang held out, but Tony won 4-3.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (8 entrants)

  1. Christian “fuson909” Garrido - SA1 Ryu, SA3 Ken
  2. Ivan “KoNQueR” Zhao - SA2 Chun-Li, SA3 Ken
  3. Tony “Trance Man” Romero - SA1 Ryu
  4. Josh “Def1n1tely” Magno - SA3 Yun, SA2 Chun-Li

In winners, Hang pulls upset over Christian a tad early to send him to losers, pitting Hang vs. Tony in winners semis. Hang wins 3-2. In losers, Christian defeats all comers on his entry and encounters Tony again in losers semis, winning 3-1. He faces Hang in the finals and wins both sets 4-0.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (11 entrants)

  1. Pep “swd_tech” Atphasouk - Hibiki, Geese, Chun-Li, Blanka, Sagat (C/N)
  2. Christian “fuson909” Garrido - Ryu, Guile, Akuma, Ken, Bison, Sakura (N/A)
  3. Ace “taiji” Vallega - Bison, Sakura, Iori (A)
  4. Oscar “blood_sin” Mariscal - Blanka, Sagat, Cammy (K)

Stats - This tourney was full of upsets. First off, Pep won winners undefeated, but it was a chore. He beat Christian in winners semis 3-1. Losers looked like it would be Oscar vs. Rick, but Ace pulls a clinch upset, beating Rick by a pixel TWICE, and goes on to beat Oscar, then loses to Christian in losers semis 3-1. The finals were, um, exciting. Christian wins one set 4-3, then Pep wins the last set 4-1, with some honestly very interesting Guile-raping Hibiki skills.

P.S. Christian fears Yuri…

MvC2 RiCo VS. NSJ Round-Robin

NSJ was…
Ace “Neo” Vallega (MSP)
Vincent “Great White Hope” Herrera (Mags/Doom/Cyke)
Josh “Probably” Magno (Sentinel/Storm/Commando)
Ivan “The Great” Zhao (Doom/Storm/Sentinel)

RiCo was…
Carlos “The Wab” Alvizo (Sentinel/Cable/Tron)
Jose “GAYmer” Lafaurie (Wolverine/Spider-Man/Bonerine)
Ricardo “Tom Cruise” Lafaurie Jr. (Team Watts)
Jesse “Nam’s Bitch” Gan (Storm/Cable/Cyclops)

Results - Ace beats Carlos, Rick and Jesse but loses to Jose. Vincent gets swept by RiCo. Josh beats everyone except Rick. Hang sweeps RiCo. Overall, NSJ officially owns RiCo 10-6.

Acknowledgements - NSJ is tight as usual and was always fun to play with. Also thanks to Pep for accounting and assistance because I don’t know how to manage money at all. No thanks to Oscar O., who appeared once then promptly vanished (where da fuck did you go?), but thanks to everyone for showing up.

P.S. If I have characters used wrong or missing and you care, let me know and I’ll correct them. I wasn’t paying attention, I was too busy masturbating.

Catered by Del Taco, Carls Jr. and Fatburger.

P.S. There probably won’t be a tournament next week because of big SHGL tourney. Thanks all for coming :slight_smile:

Shit was hella fun… GL next week. Hope to see all u niggaz there.:slight_smile:

Good Gamez NSJ.

hang cheated. he cheated all of us by cheating with his cheatingish ways.

props to dasrik and pep for running the show.

thumbs up to tony, bill, jesse, jose, carlos and everyone else.

GG to everyone. i had much fun and came back to pentlnad with 3rd place. all in all very kool and fatburgers fucken kick ass.
josh:i bet you well have to play each other in the GL tourny :o
and im not a wab…shit you and jose look more like wabs to me:p

also i entered CvS2 smart guy…my name is not to be seen in the results :rolleyes: so please make the arangements.

Hey shit head, he is only puttin’ up da top four… “Smart Guy”:evil:

Kool tourney even tho I was only there to play one freakin match, in which I lost. Anyways, I guess I owe Tony $2 since Rick didn’t have change for a $20. If you want, I’ll just consider it gas money and give ya a ride to the SHGL tourney on Saturday, yeah??

hmm too bad i couldn’t make it…why didn’t bill play in the round robin? and tony too?

Tony gave up his spot to Jesse (I have no clue why, maybe cuz Tony’s a nice guy???). Bill wanted to play, and probably should’ve if Tony didn’t, but I don’t know where he was.