Mvc2/cvs2/3s/st online

nulldc supports netplay

played some mvc2 online it works good

anyone wanna play let me know

Id love to but How!?!??!

You got my attention.

I tried it a while back and even though there was no input delay or lag, it did drop inputs to compensate.

qcf motions DO NOT work at all for me. help? oh and they do work offline just not online.

Hey, playing CvS2 online would be kinda cool, I wanna learn that game. How much of a pain in the ass is it to set up NullDC netplay?

It might be kinda worthless anyway, CvS2 with the least bit of lag makes roll cancelling hard, and thats a big part of the game.

i dont wanna be a negative nancy, but null dc is terible and its not worth anyones time. just play it in person or wait and see if mame ever comes with it. withc is not likly. sorry to say but dont waste ur time guys.

nulldc dc works fine for me.

havent tried netplay however.

that’s the emu dropping inputs. There’s a way to change it so that doesn’t happen, but it might mean more lag.

NullDC works fine. Only the netplay needs work