MvC2: Dahlsim

Alright, now I know hardly anybody plays Dahlsim, but I’d like strats from people who have or know how to play with him.

–three hit string combos!!
–frame killing with yoga strike (can do this after a 3-hit string)
–one on one skills are good
–his teleport recovery aids in a lot of things (MAG throw RESETS)
–the ability to build meter
–one of the quickest dashes, THE longest dash
–his lk slide stuffs HELLA assists
–so-so runaway

–his assists
–no way to kill a whole character like a cable AHVB, or lightning storm xx sent force etc…

:stuck_out_tongue: corner j.hp, s.lp,, sj., sj.[hp, ad/df, d+lk XX hk], land, oc.hp, sj., sj.[lp, lk, pause, lp, lk, mp, ad/ub, lk, pause, tap forward, lk, mk, hk, while falling, hk (long)], land, walk-up, (FSD, OTG), XX lk Yoga Blast XX Yoga Inferno - DHC to 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah i get what you mean - and so-so runaway? he has the best runaway among all the guys in the game IMO - runaway i.e. not keepaway

I am just curious, what kind of sim teams do you use wassup? In the dj-b13 videos, he used sim/cable/sent, i know it wasn’t tourny play, but still, I thought it worked pretty good. I sometimes use sim/im/sent. i sometimes replace im with storm too. you know, something that gives me a good frame-kill, i didn’t think about just using sim for the sole purpose of battery. What do you think about sim’s fly? is it worth anything? it builds meter pretty good.

as far as sim’s runaway game…i guess im just not too good at it then; like…to me, he needs a little bit better recovery time on his teleport for it to be an affective runaway. like…how long do you usually try n run?

sim teams would be appreciated, discussion about sim’s fly appreciated, and how to runaway safely is appreciated

whoa that was a long combo. got any simpler ones.
how do you combo in his super fireball?

Can someone post good strategies for this guy?

when i see people play him, and its not often, its usu with sent donkey punch assist, and storm projectile. They just poke with punches, follow up with yoga fire, throw out an assist, air dash behind them, continue poking with punches…

dunno the first thing about playing him though.

The way I play him is I just try and land the three hit poke combos, sometimes triangle jump with rh, and once i’ve built enough meter (you can do this by flying and unflying fast) i’ll look to frame kill the yoga strike into an instant or damn near instant DHC. such as IM’s pc, storm’s hail, even sent’s HSF works.

As for combos…launch, fp, ad/df, lk, lp, land, yogastrike

on the dj-b13 he did something similar to that combo (maybe exactly that combo) except he tacked on a snapback attack at the end.

also, his sliding lk’s snuff HELLA assists!! do a three hit chain of slides, a lot of the time they weren’t expecting it to hit and they forget to roll and u can otg them with another lk and snap the character out and the assist in.

i’ve asked for tips too but nobody either has the knowledge to give them, cares to pass the knowledge, or never acknowledges this thread.

eh my sim ain’t all that, i only use him for fun like Dhalsim/CapAm/Dan sorry to disappoint :frowning: but anyways i truly believe his corner Liquid Metal combo is worth learning since -

  1. it’s not that hard once you get it down
  2. it does around 80% damage :wtf:

sim’s fly … well flying/unflying is a good way to build meter i guess, but other than that, no i don’t use fly at all - oh yeah his runaway consists of superjump, ad/ub, teleport, ad/b, teleport, ad/b, teleport … i mean i’m sure you know that his teleport resets his airdash count :rolleyes:

i run, to build meter ^^;; or just to annoy the opponent if they’re using a team that can’t catch me, but usually i don’t try to run a lot cos i hate it when people do it to me --;;

Ok, here’s my problem… I get to the part where u OTG… but in a video i’ve seen its (otg), s.lp to relaunch, then do the combo again… or in your description, just to, xx yoga blast xx yoga inferno.

Thats where I run into the problem… FS does not allow me to follow them up in the air after the relaunch, or do a special / super… what am i doing wrong or what am I forgetting that allows u to do this?

Those vids were really really joke vids, if you were to see his real sim however:eek:

He has good resets, pokes, flight mode shit all that crap, pm him…

Re: Re: MvC2: Dahlsim

the relaunch part is the full Liquid Metal combo, you relaunch, do another extended combo, then finish with j.[lk, mk, hk], land, Yoga Strike

but the problem with that is it does 80 to 90% damage with no DHC options, while the Yoga Inferno combo gives you DHC oppourtunities, giving you the chance to do 100% damage

anyway to superjump after the relaunch you need to FSD after the second - to do that you need to position yourself such that when you’re falling and doing the second, you’re far enough to make the hk a long one (since it automatically gauges the mutual distance then decides whether or not to do a short or long one), but close enough so you can land, walk up, and connect the relaunch - takes a little practice yo

the reason this works is because the long hk leaves your opponent on the ground longer than usual, longer than it takes for flying screen to wear off - thus allowing you to relaunch to follow up even though the hk causes flying screen - this is called flying screen deterioration or FSD, other instances where you might see this is OTG launch after Chaos Dimension or OTG into second Blodia Punch after the first one - remember to include a slight pause between when you land after the second and the point where you OTG with crouching short - i implement this pause in my ‘walking up’ bit so i don’t really need to pause

all in all, ensure the second hk is a long one, and after you land, pause a little before the OTG to allow the flying screen to wear off, then you can superjump after the relaunch

corner - dash-in,,, XX hk Yoga Blast XX Yoga Inferno

a good 40%, but why do 40% when you can do 80% :wtf:

Re: Re: Re: MvC2: Dahlsim

Sweeettt got it thanks ^ ^

Dhalsim with psy assist:
j.hp, land, dash, s.lp,, sj.lp,,,,, a/d ub,,,,, fall,, land, dash,,, sj.lp,,,, sj.d+lk,, call psy assist, land, dash under opponent, oc.hp, sj.lp,,,, a/d back,,, fall+hold forward on way down,, land, j.lp, j.d+lk,, land, rejump, hp throw, (immediatly after the throw) j.d+hk, psy assist, dash, oc.hp, sj.lp,,,, a/d uf,,,,,, fall, [],, [ land, rejump, j.lp, j.d+lk,, land, rejump, hp throw, (immediatly after the throw) j.d+hk, psy assist, dash, oc.hp, sj.lp,,,, a/d uf,,,,,, fall, [],, land, rejump, j.lp, j.d+lk,, land, yoga strike.

things in []- braces are optional


omg left you’re right on GameFAQs!!! lololol :lol:

lol i was wondering if anyone would notice :slight_smile:

lotta fancy corner combos…any good mid-screen combos? oh yeah…I feel as if i am the only person who actually uses dahlsim for competition…does everybody else just use him for combo videos??? come on sim users…yall have to have some strats

i think you’re all alone there …

anyway i saw this really old video it had this pretty cool and simple double Yoga Inferno combo that does 100% -

corner - Yoga Noogie, oc.hp, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mk, d+hp XX hk + Cyclops-AAA XX ad/d, Yoga Inferno (aim up), land, (OTG), XX roundhouse Yoga Blast XX Yoga Inferno

I…I’m on GameFAQs, too…

Midscreen you can,, / , sj.hp, air dash d/f, sj.d+lk,, \ /,,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp

… it’s really hard for me to do though… do I don’t attempt it in an actual match… if you manage to hit though, you can DHC to HSF and get that 100%…


Strats for Dhalsim:
Battery: Dhalsim IMO can build a full meter faster and SAFER than any other character. I don’t use fly/ unfly to build meter though, I think it is too dangerous against beamers unless you are very good at anticipating beams and teleporting to get away. I instead sj.RH AD/d. Down+RH land then repeat. If done quickly enough it will look as if you sj’ed about an inch from the floor and then immediatly landed. You barely even see the dash and only the first 1 or 2 frames of the drill.

It looks funny in repetition like he’s playing leap frog by himself. It takes about three “hops” to fill half a meter, so the best time to do this is whenever an opponent superjumps. ex. opponent Cable sj. fires off a FP bullet and then a grenade. You (Dhalsim) “Hop” a few times and then wave dash directly under Cable. This way the damned grenade won’t be an annoyance.

Now you just filled about half a meter and have put a TINY little bit of pressure on your opponent. (they will want to get away again, Cable players are predictable)
They will probably sj. again giving you another battery chance, lol. Some people wont even notice what you are doing.

I have more, later maybe. Need feedback.

Just had to reply seeing my post from 2 years ago.

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /,,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp is bread and butter, and DHC-able. use it like storm combo to HSF.