MvC2 Damage and Combo Encyc: Iceman


Special Moves

Ice Beam
Max = 18pts
1) s.lp,, s.hp xx IB (lp) 38pts

Ice Avalanche

Ice Fist
Does not hit

Hyper Combos

Arctic Attack
Max = 64pts
1) s.lp xx AA max = 57pts
2) s.lp,,, sj uf, AA max = 61pts

I am almost positive you can get more off arctic attack than that with proper mashing. And im not talking about the throw glitch.

Yep, utilizing his float off of certain cancelled specials (and even off of his cancelled d+HP at times…odd), you sure can. Again, though, this is to show the damage of moves and basic connects for specials and supers.

Definitely invest in that float, b/c when used, he upgrades the basic combo damage of 61pts to near 85pts. Again, though, the list just shows that he doesn’t need to link any normals on sj to connect his AA super after launch.