MvC2: Damage miscalculation


I’m the only that has notices that some Normal moves (sometimes specials) do less or more damage sometimes?

I mean at full health, not low where it sets in desperative Defesive which scales damage.

I’ve seen in ‘Practice Mode’ manys time where a single hit does more damage than normal. also I’ve seen negative damage (only w/ BH Demons though).

I find most of these times occur while your close to your opponent.

well i don’t really know what ta say, sept that please share ya thoughts and how might this become useful information sometime down the road…

I’m outi! :stuck_out_tongue:


I may be way off base, cause I don’t play MvC2 at all, but I’m a big fan of other capcom fighters, and on most of them you take more damage if you are in crouch, you take average damage when you are standing and you take the least damage if you are in the air.

If this is not the case in MvC2, please flame me!


…and then there is damage scaling…


this is not the case and i had already said there wasn’t any scaling.


I notice that too. Like sumtimes psy launcher would do 12 damage sumtimes 13 etc. same with magneto. WTF is dat about?


i dont’ fucking know either, some kinda of critical hit…

the thing that bugs meeh is the bh negative damage… that was just fucking scary when i first saw that…


I never saw that shit b4:eek:


ya gotta demon crossovers too see what i’m talking about…


How u do dat? I’m stupid.


jump up and release demons so they end up behind your opponent. then the demons should come back to you either by hitting the back of your opponent or through the ground.


Aite imma try it wen i get my friends dc again…dat shit is freaky tho


hahaha, demon crossovers…watch out iverson


Well my friend figured out that when u are low on life u get higher defense so hits take less damage then they would when u are full life could that be what u are talking about.


if ya read what my post before blabing your about your friends discovery ya would know thats not what i’m talking about…


You can get negative damage with anakaris…it was in a vidness video, i dont remember how though…yeah ozzie i noticed that too when u do a raw shockwave it does obvious less damage than usual…screw that shit mess up my calculations!


wasn’t that like a days ago!?

i noticed the miscalculations when i first started using the training mode… i just never really thought it meant all too much… but it laltly it’s been bugging the shit outa meeh:mad:


The negative damage thing with BH is probably some DC Training Mode bug or something. Besides, if that were possible in the arcade, then weird shit would probably happen in this already-crazy glitch-fest game known as MvC2.


what are u getting at!? :confused:


i’ve noticed that when you play the computer each time you get to a new team/level w/e the damage is a bit lower than before.

really. compare it to when you fight a friend. even a launch->sj.lp->sj.lp->rocket punch you could tell.


I dunno, maybe BH’s demons “heal” opponent or something. That’s just some bullshit off the top of my head.

As for damage miscalculation, I think I understand what you’re trying to point out. Let’s say in Training Mode I have Magneto and Cable. One bitch-slap (s.fp) from Magneto does 12 damage to Cable, and sometimes it’ll do 13 or 11. This is done on a standing Cable. Maybe there could be other factors like the range of impact or something, but that’s what I’m thinking about damage miscalculation…


the computer gets a defense bonus thats why your combos won’t do the same damage.

anywho i’ve noticed damage inconsistencies before but it’s never been more than a few points. i just figured each move had a small range of damage it could cause. like in an rpg.