MvC2 Damage Scaling

This is just to organize and easily display the stamina of each character. I will first group them in 3 classes:

  1. those that take less than 100% damage (e.g., if Iron Man does an out-right Proton Cannon which does 51pts of damage, the character will receive less than 51pts damage)

  2. those that take 100% damage (e.g., IMs PC < 51pts)

  3. those that take greater than 100% damage (e.g., IM’s out-right PC > 51pts)

At a later date (likely tomorrow lol), I will class them into specific sub-groups (e.g., 75%, 80%, 115%, 135%, etc…)

Afterwards, I want to take a clean look at and question how some of the characters use their abilities in game-play to either capitalize on their strength of stamina or make up for their weakness thereof…or not (sadly, seemingly true for some).

*damage scaling information gathered from:


Captain America
Doctor Doom
Silver Samurai
Omega Red


Ruby Heart
Captain Commando
War Machine
Iron Man


Bone Wolverine
Strider Hiryu
Shuma Gorath
Adamantium Wolverine

Kao Megura posted a ranking chart on his (very) comprehensive MvC2 FAQ awhile ago:

TAKES LEAST DAMAGE: Rogue (Defense Up), Silver Samurai (Koori x1-3) - 44% (SS), 47% (Rouge)

  • Sentinel - 75%

  • Colossus - 80%

  • Blackheart, Hulk, Juggernaut, Zangief - 85%

  • Captain America, Dr. Doom, Omega Red, Rogue, Silver Samurai (Normal,
    Kaminari x3, or Honoo x3), Thanos, Tron Bonne 90%

NORMAL DAMAGE: Amingo, Cable, Captain Commando, Gambit, Guile, Iron
Man, Jin Saotome, Nash, Sakura Kasugano, Ruby Heart, Ryu, Vega, Venom,
War Machine. - 100%

  • Bulleta, Chun-Li, Hayato Kanzaki, Jill Valentine, Ken Masters,
    Magneto, Rockman, Sabretooth, Storm, Spiral. - 105%

  • Cammy, Dan Hibiki, Dhalsim, Felicia, Iceman, Psylocke, Shuma-Gorath. - 110%

  • Silver Samurai (Kaminari x1-2, or Honoo x2). - 115%

  • Marrow, Morrigan, Sonson. - 120%

  • Anakaris, Spider-Man, Strider, MvC Wolverine. - 125%

  • Gouki, Kobun, Roll, Adamantium-less Wolverine. - 135%

TAKES MOST DAMAGE: Silver Samurai (Honoo x1). - 155%

samurai does take worst damage when he’s in x1 fire.

I know; I just don’t know how much the attribute affects his damage modifier. Going by the general pattern, I would assume 140%, but I’m not sure.

I just looked up Samurai’s modifiers for his various elements in defense -

of Uses Kaminari Koori Honoo

 x1         130.5%     44.4%     155.5%
 x2         130.5%     44.4%     130.5%
 x3         100.0%     44.4%     100.0%

So, 155% (!)

Cool, good lookin’ Tech.

Ok, well it looks like Silver Samurai is first up:

Knowing that Silver Samurai takes more damage after activating his Honoo and/or his Kaminari armor(s), why would anyone use them? Heading over to the SilvSam thread for some reading.

Pretty descriptive and on point for the most part. Zach also posted some good info. I’ll come back to this tomorrow for the Yay or Nay to Silver Samurai and his power-up options.

Sam ice up x3 have the opponent block and do the super where he jump on you with the sword does massive chip damage! put doom rocks assist on one side of blocking opponent and you on the other side and do what I said above watch how much it chips.

he also can combo 2 supers right after each other in fire mode or it might be x3 fire mode, you have to be in the corner though. you do throwing star super and then do the upper flame super, I might have that sequence backwards so if that doesn’t work try flame super first then throwing star super, but it does work.

Silver Samurai- The Jist:

Silver Samurai naturally takes 90% damage, which puts him above average health-wise. He has 2 supers that decreases his defense, with 1 decreasing it tremendously. If you intend to use these supers, do KNOW how to use them effectively. He has 1 super that tremendously increases his defense, but takes away his ability to use his powerful Raimenkan super and slows him down slightly. Use the defense as a plus if you’re trying to just get in and get a hit or drop your assist or to preserve health as much as possible in turtle/battery strategy. Losing the Raimenkan super is not a tremendous cripple, considering he gains the ability to perform Ice resets for a 100%, if not then near, on hit given 2bars and Tron (explore further for more options).

Silver Samurai makes my Marvel draft. My favorite Silva’ Team so far? M.Bison (exp)/ Silva’ (ground)/ Doom (aa). Anyone else feel free to post brief synopsis on the guy while I move on to Gouki.

Akuma/Gouki takes 135% damage naturally. Why would anyone play this guy?

Being that I have experience playing Gouki, I can provide an answer to this now. Akuma has no real defensive addition to his already painful cripple (besides a short-term Amingo enhance assist…good luck). He attempts to make up for his crappy defense in 2 ways: he is fast and his combos hit hard. Not the best player to try and turtle with, Akuma will try and give you something to work with by providing specials that leave you with frame advantage, a heavy hitting air tatsumaki that leads to at least 1/2 life air combos, and a supremely mashable ground super that leads to at least 3/4 life on 100% characters when combo’ed properly. When you play Akuma, block well and hit effectively…or die trying.

Akuma is currently…not a bad option if you can maintain the offensive and kill or near kill on hit. My favorite Akuma team so far? Akuma (exp)/ Storm (proj)/ Sent (proj). Team ASS.

Next up appears to be Kobun. More later. I wonder if he even has his own thread in the character specific section? Will find out.

Akuma is real annoying to play against if they have the smarts to layer assists well while maintaining the advantage after blocked ground wind kicks. The recovery on qcb k is seriously dumb. IMO thats Akuma’s real strength-- playing a hi-lo game just after a blocked windkick, xxSuper whenever one connects. Anybody who doesn’t play against Akuma much will will try to punish whiffed wind kicks with a normal into combo, but Akuma will beat that 9 times out of 10.

I don’t play as Akuma vy much, but I;m always surprised at the hijinks my brother pulls out of nowhere with the character.

Keep droppin that low tier knowledge judge, always fun to read your stuff mang

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Who the fuck plays Akuma in MvC2? Pointless post :mad:


Servbot has some very funny threads in his section :slight_smile:

Anyway, Philopia seems to have posted a little useful tidbit on stepping up his game (to 1’):

Some of the main ideas mentioned when trying to play this character involve:

-using his extremely small size to turtle…many combos don’t work on this guy and/or are just plain harder to time

-it has been said that he has an infinite on average-sized characters (e.g., cable)? then it has been said that this is a semi-infinite…

-chip damage using his gamma super gets a lot of play in the threads

The run-down:

Servbot takes 135% damage on hit. He makes up for this somewhat by being the smallest character in the game. Versus opponents who tend to need launchers or precise set-ups to dish out max damage, Servbot’s size would be a good wrench in their plans if they are not accustomed to catering to his small height. Also, his lack of height allows him to pull off instant overheads w/ almost, if not all, his jumping normals (assist options). I have noticed 2 other reasons to play with Servbot: if you excel in blocking and in using his small height as a turtling aid (battery), and if you happen to somehow bridge the gap b/w his semi-infinite on mostly all characters (besides Roll, Mega Man, himself, Wolvy?, Marrow?..).

Roll also takes 135% damage. She is larger than Servbot, smaller than Akuma yet not as powerful. Why would anyone play Roll? More later.

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