MvC2 Damage Scaling

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The low-down on MvC2 Roll:

Charged buster shot w/o charging…but bad recovery. Mention of a semi-infinite…but can be expected from small characters. Has an escapable corner semi-infinite involving her HP throw…getting cornered by Roll anytime soon w/o the function of your HP button? Probably not. Total fun factor. Although her j. u+hk has cross-up potential, she is still just for giggles.

I see no reason to not play Mega Man…Roll is sent back to Mega Man Legends to play MM groupie w/ Dr. Light.

Next up is: ADAMANTIUM-LESS WOLVERINE!!! He takes 135% dmg as well. O_O Whatcha got for us Wolvy? Be back w/ a little synopsis, but I know of a few Wolvy/Tron guys around here (specifically, Mixup: Way of the Tron)–not sure if Bone-Wolvy is the one in play tho.

‘Bonerine’, as Adamantium-less Wolvy is often called, or BW, appears to have all the right tools to be a star offensive player in MvC2.

As a point character he has:
-damaging combos
-decent ground speed for punishing, offense, and mix-up
-good overhead
-air options (dive kick at an angle, tornado claw,wall jump)
-highly mash-able throw

As an assist he puts his signature in the game by offering one of the only low-hitting assists out there (potential unblockable set-ups).

His stamina, or lack thereof, would be his only set-back. Like Akuma/Gouki, when you play BW, be precise on your offense and quick on your block, or die trying.

Anakaris, please stand up. You take 125% damage on hit. Better than almost all the previous characters…what do you offer in a real match?

Well, like servbot she is a exceedingly small character and can ‘avoid’ most attacks by default because of that. This may frustrate the opponent and cause them to change tactics somewhat…but yeah like you said, she is a suckier version of Megaman and brings nothing new to the table…pretty pointless character. Same thing with servbot too (to a lesser extent). I’d say the same for Dan, but he has some use and priority. Besides I play him in Alpha 2.

I’m still wondering why they didn’t bring in Zero from Megaman X. That would have been awesome.

But I’m getting off point. I had a real question for this thread. I’m not sure if its my imagination or not, but does it not seem some characters take less block damage than others? It seems like the characters with “shields” have a lower chip modifier…maybe its just me. Characters like Magneto, Venom, Sentinel, Iron Man…they seem to be protected better. I don’t know how to explain it.

fun fact, Iceman takes no block damage from beams.

Actually he takes no damage from a lot of things:

*Anakaris: Ouke no Sabaki, Hitsugi no Mai, all his HCs.
*Blackheart: Dark Thunder, Inferno, Armageddon, Heart of Darkness.
*Bulleta: Smile & Missile, Happy & Missile, Cheer & Fire, Cool Hunting, Hyper Apple For You (far range or blocked).
*Cable: Viper Beam, Hyper Viper.
*C.Commando: Captain Fire, Captain Corridor, Captain Sword.
*Chun-Li: Reishiki Kikou Ken, Kikou Ken, Kikou Shou.
*Cyclops: Optic Blast, Optic Sweep, both HCs, also the ‘eye blast’ ending of Rising Uppercut and Rapid Punch.
*Dan Hibiki: Gadou Ken, Shinkuu Gadou Ken.

  • Dhalsim: Yoga Fire, Yoga Flame, Yoga Blast, Yoga Inferno.
    *Dr. Doom: Plasma Beam, Photon Shot, Photon Array, Electric Cage.
  • Felicia: Sand Splash, Hyper Sand Splash.
    *Gambit: Kinetic Card, Trick Card, both of his HCs.
    *Gouki: Gou Hadou Ken, Zankuu Hadou Ken, Messatsu Gou Hadou,Tenma Gou Zankuu.
    *Guile: Sonic Boom, Sonic Hurricane.
    *Hayato: Engetsu.
  • Hulk: Gamma Slam, all HCs (except the ‘hand’ hit of the Quake).
    *Iceman: Ice Beam.
    *Iron Man: Unibeam, Repulsor Blast, Smart Bomb, Proton Cannon (except for the physical hit with the cannon barrel).
    *Jin S.: Saotome Dynamite, Blodia Punch (not Jin’s fist, though), Blodia Vulcan.
    *Juggernaut: Earthquake Punch (except for ‘hand’ hit part).
  • Ken M.: Hadou Ken.
  • Kobun: Kobun Fire.
    *Magneto: E-M Disruptor, Magnetic Blast, both of his HCs.
    *Marrow: Bone-merang, both HCs.
  • Morrigan: Soul Fist, Soul Eraser, Silhouette Blade.
    *Nash: Sonic Boom, Sonic Break.
  • Psylocke: Psi-Thrust, Kochou Gakure.
  • Rockman: Hyper Rockman.
  • Roll: Hyper Roll.
  • Ruby Heart: Fantme, Supremacion, Milles Fantmes, Pare-tonnre,Tour de Magie.
    *Ryu: Hadou Ken, Shinkuu Hadou Ken.
    *Sabretooth: Armed Birdie, Hyper Armed Birdie.
  • Sakura K.: Hadou Ken, Shinkuu Hadou Ken (either form).
  • Sentinel: Plasma Storm.
    *ShumaGorath: Mystic Stare.
    *S. Samurai: Raimei Ken, Hyouga Ken, Homura Ken.
    *Sonson: All her SCs.
  • Spider-Man: Web Ball.
    *Storm: Whirlwind, Double Typhoon.
    *Strider H.: Formation B, Ouroboros.
    *Thanos: Death Sphere, all his SCs.
    *Vega: Psycho Shot, Psycho Field, Psycho Explosion.
  • Venom: Venom Rush, Death Bite.
    *War Machine: Repulsor Blast, Smart Bomb, War Destroyer.
    *Wolverine: Fatal Claw.
    *Zangief: Banishing Flat, Vodka Fire (in Mecha Zangief form).
    *Abyss #1: Trident (splash part, not the actual trident), Blue Sparks, both HCs (Stomach Blast and Green Rain).
    *Abyss #2: All of his attacks except the Green Bubbles.
  • Abyss #3: The Ground Flames, Arm Pound Column, Horizontal Flames, and his Horizontal Flames SC.

The funny thing is that some of this is fire. I thought fire melts ice. :shake:
And yes its totally ridiculous.

? good list

I don’t think he takes chip from Sentinel’s spit either.

Don’t 4get 2 give credit where it’s due champ.

But of course. Got it from Megura’s FAQ. No way in hell I would test this all myself…:rofl: