MVC2: Dan



Anyone has some good combos for him. Otoko michi must be the most damaging move in the game. Any good stratagy for me and to humilate them with his taunts


the Dankyaku has good priority over flying Sentinels and demon-throwing Blackhearts.


i have combos if u have aim im me at tragic95206 or at yahoo at tyrant666209 k peace


dan is to :lame: to ever have have tight combo’s


NAh man, that guys combo’s are old but still kerazy:D


who needs combos when u have his taunts?


i’ve seen some crazy shit with dan in vids!!! but all n corner(like sim)


(corner) c.hp ^ magic series, airthrow / rejump and airthrow, repeat as desired.

Worked in MSF. I don’t know why it wouldn’t in MVC2, which has a much more forgiving combo engine. Give it a try.


kingjada you dont even know how cool his combos are check out this faq but you have to look for it because I cant post it


i like ur new bionics av


Best Dan moment ever for me:

I was facing me friends lame Magneto

and i did the super taunt and when he tried to grab me with the magnetic grab orbs things on the ground (sorry i cant think if the name) then i DHC’ed into Ironmans Proton cannon…:smiley:

just thought i would share that moment with you.


It’s the Chohatsu Dentetsu. And it is fun. Dan does good damage, but has a hard time getting in to land hits. Against some opponents he can combo all into all his supers without a chance for rolling or tech-hitting. With a few levels of meter, and a connected launcher against those people, he can do some large damage indeed…


Anyone have some good team with him because he sure need more power.


I usually play Dan(AAA)/Sentinel(GROUND)/Commando(AAA) or Dan(AAA)/Storm(PROJ)/Commando(AAA).

Sent and Storm both provide ground coverage to keep rushdown people off of you to an extent. And we all know that CapCom is even better at keeping the rushers back. Sent and Storm also hold them down while you use air Windkicks to get over and behind them. If either assist hits, then you can wave dash and land a launcher into an air combo. The best I’ve found is just magic series XX lk windkick or air throws. Doing mk windkicks and then calling Commando, will usually result in them getting crossed up and hit by Commando, or held down by the assist. Also, jumping back and taunting/windkicking while calling Sent/Commando will build meter very quickly too. 7 taunts = full bar of meter in a few seconds. Just keep him covered while you do it.

Speaking of the meter building, I usually DHC into an Otoko-michi if I have the levels to burn and my opponent blocks my Hyper combos, and I know the Otoko-michi will kill the opponent.


battery with omega.

switch out dan. lvl3 that shit.


MvC2 - Dan Thread

search turned up nothing Dan/MvC2 related so i figured i started a thread one everyone’s favourite joker character

one ‘combo’ i like is this -,, c.hp + CapCom AAA, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, mk, hp, pause, hk], OTG,, c.hp, walk forward, hk throw when they land, jump up hp throw, land, OTAKO MICHI!!!

of course completely and utterly escapable but i’m looking more for combos to pull off against scrubs so combos like this are welcome :smiley:

i’m also looking for a low-tier team consisting of Dan on point, so far i have Dan-variety/???/CapCom-AAA, who should fill the spot?


T.Bonne with Dan works wonders, Combo with t.bonne assist into dans fireball super.


A guy named Steve here in Charleston is a mad man with Dan… I’ll see if I can get him to post some stuff :slight_smile:


damn no one’s interested :frowning: the Amingo thread gets more stuff than this :stuck_out_tongue:


You can link his gadouken super into another gadouken super in the corner :lol: