MvC2 DC/Arcade changes


Hi, I was wondering if anyone had noticed the changes in MvC2 from DC to PS2/Xbox, because I’m not sure, but on the PS2 version can anyone do any of Magneto’s combos because on the DC and Arcade version I seem to be able to do them perfectly, but on the PS2 version I seem to have a much harder (And damn near impossible.) time doing them, can anyone answer if it’s just me, or did they actually change a few things in the console changes? I do know they took out Gambit’s glitch, and the BB Hood/Venom glitch. But I’m not sure if they did the Suki glitch, but I’d like to know combo wise if they’d tweaked anything.


Okay, I believe this question may have been asked a bunch of times so please excuse me but, how in the world do you get N-Points and V-Points on the japanese version of MvC2 for DC? I keep getting D-Points and I’ve seen videos where they have all the characters used in there combo vids. Is there a way I can get them simpler?


I watched vids in the arcade with cable’s guardbreak. In the arcade I’ve seen videos where you pistol then you can ahvb while the guy is in block stance and they will fall out of it into ahvb.

On DC you gotta wait till the animation changes from block before you ahvb because the enemy never falls out of block stance.

I’ve done it like 100’s of times on DC and i never got a guardbreak whenever I ahvbed while the enemy was in block stance.

It’s like pistol, wait until change in animation then ahvb. The timing difference is like maybe 1/10 of a second.


you usually wait like a second or so after the pistol, but from your description, it seems like the guy coming in was stupid enough to pushblock the pistol shot. ending his block early.


umm okay you can’t mash out of hypergrav/temp combos in the dc version, i don’t know how it is in other versions. that seems to be the biggest change to me. oh also i don’t know if the ruby freeze glitch is in the dc version. about what viper dude says, to gb with cable j.fp, i don’t think that you can just ahvb RIGHT after the j.fp. maybe i’m wrong tho. btw if you’re sentinal or doom, you can push block the fp and fly fyi. i’ve seen this guy from the arcade i go to push block with doom and fly over cable then do hyper pink shit.


just before others start to flame, you can mash out of the hypergrav tempest combos on the dc version unless its in an unmashable (ex. wid psy, cyke, doom all off the top of my head):smiley:


really? i didn’t know that.


I feel the ps2 version is toned down. In the arcade and on DC i can do the Iron man inf no problem but on Ps2 the timing has to be right on or they’l get out. On PS2 assist take longer to come in after you just used one.


get the save file from

there is no other way. unless u have a jap mvc2 arcade machine @ home… unfortunately i have the same problem :frowning:


Yes, I thought so, since I was at the arcade and had no problem at all doing IM’s infinite, thank you for clearing this up for me.


I can do Magneto’s rom infinite, jump infinite, hyper graf tempest, and storm’s infinite on Sentinel. But I think the combos are harder on the PS2 because you have to be more precise to guard break with Cable. Also, has anybody been able to do Iron Man’s japanese setup for the infinite? I can’t get it to start at all.


Actually, all you need is a gameshark lite. I bought the gameshark lite just for the japanese version of the game. If anyone wants the codes i can post it up later.


Common guys, does MvC2 on ps2 suck so bad that nobody plays on it?

Anyways, to try to start things up, I noticed that the sound for ps2 version sucks. And I heard they took out some combos. And its harder to guard break. And the game slows down more.


hmm… i can do lot’s of combos with mag. but i think that the reason for the ps2 version ofMvC2 makes all combos harder is cause of the slowups but if i can tri-jump hk infinite with storm
on many chars like cable iceman sent storm ect. then all infinites are possible( my recommendation use a gamepad like me assuming ya all have x-arcade ( mas stick) ect. and learn the speed of the ps2 ver. and you wont have much prob.)


ps2 mvc2 is unplayable


I have both DC and PS2 MvC2, but I only play the PS2 version (sadly) because my MAS has no DC port. I noticed in the beginning, when I first got the PS2 version, that the sound was pretty gay. I swear, when I did a normal viperbeam and got hit out of it, the sound still stayed for the move’s entirety. Other gay sound stuff happened like that. Also, the game DOES have slowdown at times, and it’s really fucking annoying. That’s about all I noticed from it. Pretty fucking gay.


Explain how it works on my PS2 then…the problem is you have a first generation PS2 and Capcom made PS2 on a shitty disc, you’ll notice the reading side of the disc isn’t the silvery color like most other PS2 games. I had the same thing as you when I first bought MvC2 for PS2, got a new PS2 and everything worked perfect.


that really sucks that mvc2 on ps2 is crap i was plan on geting it but thanx to u guys yall saved me but to those who dont have there dc wit there mvc2 and still waste 50 on playing at the arcade awwww too bad…


lol…what Mixup meant was that the ps2 mvc2 is so incredibly shitty compared to the arcade and dc versions you wouldn’t even want to play it, not in a literal sense lol…



Now how the hell do you mash out of Magneto’s Grav Tempest combos in the DC version?? I’ve tried what I usually do in the arcade and it doesn’t seem to work. I’m also having a hard time with the ROM infinite’s timing. Hope someone can help…