MvC2 DC EVO Music

i’ve watched the famous jwong comeback lotz of times, and the paranoia survivor theme is really good :smiley:
where can i get that mvc2 version or the ADX files ?

Just edit it by yourself, there’s a thread somewhere here at SRK about doing that, but the search function is your friend in this case.

This question should’ve been posted in this thread instead

anyways here are the tracklistings for it

desert-forgot the name
factory-born to roll (masta ace)
air ship-sneak chamber (samurai champloo)
carnival-paranoia survivor (DDR 8th Mix Extreme)
clocktower-burly brawl (matrix reloaded)
caves-you gotta case (Barry White)
Ice raft-Shipyard (Star Control II)
swamp bridge-sidecar- Escape from the fortress (Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake eater)

that’s why i wanted the ADX files, cause i don’t know the stages neither the names xD!!

it’s in the freaking guide… jesus christ.