MvC2: Dedicated AA assist analysis

Hi, I am starting this thread since I can’t find a dedicated thread on this and have questions on this issues about the advantages and disadvantages of certain Anti-air assists with certain team combos.

Recently, I have switched Gene-Splice Cyclops off my team Cable, Storm team in favour of Captain Commando’ Corridor. I am doing this because of the fact that the move does damage straight up to the top of the screen protecting my Cable and Storm from Air-photon Dooms, and Demon dropping Blackhearts which I have a lot of trouble with.

I understand that I for the benefits of having an AAA doing all its damage in one shot and having it possess infinite verticle height comes at the cost of damaging assist into Super combos. For example, with Cyclops once a gene-spliced connected, I had the option of instantly hail storming for massive damage or doing AHVB with Cable for massive damage. With Commando, I lose a lot of that because of the fact they get propelled much higher and the targets are in hitstun for a far shorter amount of time. But so, far, the advantages seem to outweight the disadvantages.

What I want to know is, what else am I losing in terms of dropping Cyclops and bringing on Commando? Right now, on the point, my Commando is inferior to my Cyclops by a large margin but it is impossible for me to tell whether this will change as soon as I gain more experience fighting with Commando on point.

Are there any other things that I lose with the loss of Cyclops on my team? Perhaps there is yet another AAA that is better than those 2 that I am not aware of?

Also, please post your most efficient and effective AAAs along with your teams that they go with.

You’re losing Cyclops chipping capability, anti runaway capabilities and his ability to build meter fairly effectively.

That’s all I can think of right now.

Hmm… well, normally I use Capcom. I get called all sorts of names cos I use him, lol. Since the arcade at my school gets broken somehwat often, repair guys tinker with it, and for some reason up the damage, making every hit take off a LOT of life. Eh… anyways…

Team I normally use


Yeah, this is called Team scrub or something, right? Anyways, I use Capcom offensively, to disrupt assists and to bait. I like using him as his AAA is immediate and does good damage. Also, if yer under pressure he blasts opponents away, giving you the time to gain momentum again.

Actually, Capcom works just as fine setting up an AHVB as well a Cykes. You just need to be somewhat faster getting the AHVB off. Of course, there’s the risk of throwing it out when the AAA was blocked, but with experience, you ought to be able to get it down anyways.

i thought team scrub was sent/cable/capcom? id keep cyke just because he has more options than capcom… easier combos to do with storm, and when u use him on point, can use him as meter builder and chip ur opp like hell or give the supers to cable, just ur preference i guess

capcom sets up hailstorm just as well. + capcom, xx hailstorm, perfect height for it too

cable can,, + capcom xx ahvb for almost 70% damage i think

but i agree, cyclops has many many more options on point than capcom. for your team, i would say cyclops seems to fit better… storm doesn’t really need aaa to get past pink shit and demons :slight_smile:

yeah i was thinking about that cap and storm thing, but wasnt sure since i havent really tried it before, been messin round with different aaa’s , i have like mag/storm/ (anyone i feel like using) been psylocke most of the time, but cyke’s pretty good too, hehe i even tried guile today and cammy, that turned out fun… oh yeah… say ur opp. takes out his assist , then u smack them both up with capcom’s aaa, then u cancel to hailstorm… will both of them get hit?

it all depends on your fighting style. capcom is like almost perfect for defensive styles. regarding towards off. then it depends on your team. i noticed sentinels rockpunch plus a capcom aaa 2hit combo takes off madd damage.

Yes, they both take full damage from the hailstorm if you get the hailstorm out fast enough. But sometimes it almost seems like I have to hope that the AAA hits and do the Hail Storm motion before the opponent gets hit. This was never a problem with gene-splice since Cyclops kept the other guy in block stun for so long. Anyways, this has been a staple of how I get damage done in the game with Storm. since I started playing.

I’ll try that cable combo. As for cyclops over capcom in dealing with demons and lasers, I just can’t seem to stop it without capcom. I’ll go back and give Cyclops another try though.

well u can use cyke’s kick super, where u can control the direction of the mean … or if ur risky enough, just do his uppercut, if u catch them just do a super

well i don’t deny that capcom makes it really easy :slight_smile:

u can’t do hailstorm in reaction to a random successful corridor though. u have to combo it.

to get past demons and photons, just wavedash with storm. or just lightning attack across the screen.

i guess in general capcom is “easier” to use, and he beats a lot of stuff and does good damage. but cyclops is more versatile, and as your skills improve and you don’t rely so much on random aaa hits while running away or something, you’ll find that cyclops sets up much more. plus when u play against higher level competition, they will INSTANTLY snap in capcom the moment they land a hit on storm since your 2nd man is cable and you have no way to safely dhc unless u waste 3 levels.

i would suggest cyclops for your current team and mebbe capcom for storm sent capcom. shrug.

I never considered the snap back to bring out my Commando. No one does it against me right now so I never even considered the possibility.

I also didn’t consider starting a combo and then having an assist continue it while I get into a super. Thanks for all the help.

Back to Cyclops it is. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the qcf+kk with cable a safe DHC?

Yeah man its as safe as doing HVB on the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

No, they can easily jump over it and nail ya

This is a ripe thread for discussion.

I used to be the biggest Commando whore, but recently I have been starting to use Cyclops even on teams that I normally use Commando on (like Doom/BH and Sentinel/Cable).

Some good reasons to pick Cyclops over Commando:

  • Obvious ones (better on point, comes out instantly, etc.)
  • Hit/block-stun. As you mentioned, Cyke just keeps them blocking a lot longer than Commando.
  • Cyclops gets in everyone’s way. He moves out and almost always lands in front of the opponent to impede their movement, unlike, say, Cammy who usually ends up behind YOU, or Commando who just stays there.
  • Commando has problems with Doom assist. Not necessarily gets owned by it - if you keep your distance, Commando can still function - but if you get trapped then Commando is going to be thoroughly useless to you and you risk losing a lead fast.
  • I think Cyclops is better on flying Sentinel than Commando. This goes against conventional wisdom, but as I said before, Cyclops gets more in the way. Sentinel has to DODGE more, and Cyclops is usually sent right in the position Sentinel would have to be to short kick you in the face. You can call Cyclops and be in a better position to actually HIT Sentinel, and that’s always good.
  • Cyclops makes tactics easier. Storm/Commando can really hurt assists off standing RH plus Commando, but you have to wait to do hailstorm or else most of hail will miss. With Storm/Cyke, whatever is hit with Cyclops can and should get hailed.
  • Cyclops tends to help teams and characters more than Commando. Storm/Sent/Commando gets easy damage, for sure - but the 100% combo with Cyke in 3rd is MUCH easier (you don’t need to fast fly at all). Cable/Cyke is as good as it ever was because of Cyclops’ ability to impede forward movement and damage potential off connected Cyke over Commando’s raw damage. BH/Cyke actually gets to hurt Cable, and you get free tags off low short (which means you don’t have to burn meter bringing your second guy in).

Commando has the benefit of pure damage and space control, and I grant those are really good things. But Cyclops on a whole is more versatile AND easier in general, and I consider it to be the best anti-air assist in the game. But that’s just MY opinion.

I agree with everything u said except this, cuz IMO capcom is hella annoying to fly from an opponent. I usually can out manuver Cyke (maybe I can get hit with the Optic Bullet though).:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the point, you have to countermaneuver it so I have an easier time popping up and getting a chance to hit you :slight_smile:

well I have to disagree with you on that one too, Dasrik:

Sentinel gets hit by cyke, but almost never more than 1 hit! And thats the either the optic bullet, or the last hit of the gene splice itself.

Either of those hits do about 5 damage each, and only give sentinel unfly mode so he wont get hit next time.

Sentinel is never on the level where he is right in front of you so that he’ll get hit with all of the gene splice, or by the first hit, which allows you to AHVB upon reaction. His LK range is much further than this, and if cyke comes out as he does a fly lk, it will trade, and no AHVB for you, cause sentinel is bouced too high.

I have to go for now but I’ll be back later to discus this some more, as I know you will want to =)


:eek: Shit, I have been using this as my main way of bringing in Cable and I thought it was like 99% safe. Fuck, I am such a fool.

What is a safe way to tag Cable in?