MvC2: Destroying Cable Part 2



What are cables worst match-up’s. What characters seem to always beat Cable no matter what assist he has!?

I use to play Cable, to me he seems to have no weaknesses! He can run away when he’s winning and rush down when he’s loosing.

Man!! Whats the Deal!!


strider\doom, i lose to it about everytime.


Are you saying strider doom beats cable or are you saying you always loose to strider doom.

If you mean the second one then you must be a cable player. If you mean the first one, then I’d say: “strider doom can beat anyone!”

The thread is basically about tactics for beating cable using specific characters and assists.

Strider/Doom is basically a duh. No team can effectivly dominate Strider/Doom IMO.


Unless the S/D sucks monkeys. And I’d say Storm or Mags could do it, although it’s a bit trickier with Mags depending on their assists. Storm pretty much owns Cable IMO.


Cable is bad on:

  • people who can engage him repeatedly. Magneto, Storm, Wolverine are among those who can keep in Cable’s face after AAA has been called. He’s not equipped for close range battle which is why he gets rushed the hell down by those characters. It takes a smart plan to get around them.

  • comebacks. If Cable’s losing, he gets ran the fuck away from and there’s very little he can do to bring the opponent down short of the opponent fucking up. Storm and Dhalsim are good at this, but if Cable doesn’t have a good pressure assist and is losing considerably, just about any character can just block all day while keeping at a reasonably close distance.

  • characters who can stay out of AHVB range. Cable can’t change the direction of his jump with anything, so characters with an airdash and effective ground game tools can bait Cable into jumping then superjump past him and keep him pinned. Characters with teleports can drop assists and get on the other side of Cable, forcing him to deal with the assist. If you can get below him and can match his jump roundhouse in speed or priority, you have the advantage there.

  • careful opponents. People don’t just drop shit for you to zap anymore. Opponents who are patient and force you into mistakes can beat the crap out of Cable.


I’d say run away Iceman…He owns Cable if he doesnt throw anything or have a super chip assist against him…



Use another Cable.


Who beats Cable?
Magnus, Storm - rush that shit
Doom, Ironman - about equal with cable when played smart (but cable’s assist may tilt the scales esp. Capcom or BH)
Wolvie - against a naked Cable only (no assist)
Megaman- Stalemate… Cable just can’t punish a megablast inch from ground (and really when else am I gonna drop one).
Strider-Doom - With smart assist and teleports.
Iceman - Only if you have the lead (come and get me bitch).
Spiral - Total Counter for Cable but still hard fight.
Servebot - Only the way I play him :p.
Sentinal - Slight advantage, Maybe more.

Of course it’s all theoretical, it really relies on your skill, anyone CAN beat Cable (except Roll… Roll<Shit)…


True true.

Rushing down Cable seems like the best but most predicted answer. Thats why he A L W A Y S has an AAA. Rushing in on any character with an AAA can be dealdy but Cable is worse. He WANTS you to rush in so he can nail you with his assist and AHVB.

If there was really a great way to rush him down and keep him in block stun so he can’t throw assists.

To my knowledge, you can’t throw assists whil in block stun.


Megaman doesn’t stalemate Cable. In fact, I’d say he loses to him, and not in a pretty way. Dropping Megabusters one inch off floor seems nice and all until Cable figures out what’s going on and starts relying on fierces and viper beams to nullify your gameplan. This means you have to close distance for Megabusters to work, and Megaman is slow as hell. I’ve been playing Megaman for awhile, and my conclusion is he’s not what he’s cracked up to be…

Oh, when all’s even, Wolverine beats Cable/not-Cyclops very well.


I personally think Cable is no match against flying rushdown characters like Iron Man, Storm, and Magneto. Lately, I’m beginning to think while my opponent’s Storm, Magneto, or Iron Man is on point, I’m never safe from anything when I super jump and throw grenades which causes some lag. That’s one reason why I think I’m giving up Cable.


How about giving up “super jump and throw grenades”.:smiley:



Does cyke own cable?


yeah you’re right but the reason I say that i cause my megaman team is Megaman Serve Tronne, and Megaman (at least it seems this way to me) can build meter versus cable umm -fairly- safely (but you gotta be smart) so I build a meter and switch to servebot which cable usually finds a bastard to target (and deal with in general). Plus it’s not like all I do is drop megabusters I mean come on give me some credit I mix that shit up.
And as for megaman not what he’s cracked up to be, everone I know calls him shit.


People still super jump and throw grenades?!:confused: :eek: That shit will get you owned.


Sentinal with unfly with a smart player behind him has an advantage…

Sentinal with unfly with an average player will be at a slight disadvantage…

The whole game between Sentinal vs Cable is to get Cable in a corner, once you’ve got him there, just zone him for a bit, then drop your assist, stomp, unfly, stomp, fly, call assist, fast fly, stomp… whatever…

#1 rule when fighting Cable, always bait his assist out…

Ummm, once you’ve got Cable in the corner, chip as much health as you can from him…

You HAVE to play agressive vs Cable, or else you will lose… wait a second… why did I even say this?

A safe start-up for stomping is, fly. Cannot be AHVB :lol:


nope. quite the other way around actually. Cable has all of cyke’s options covered. Cyke can’t chip safely and his strongest bread and butter can be AHVBed. Cyke is going to have to come in, which isn’t easy when cable never wants to get close. Though Cyke still has some good options. Cyke can safely punish cable’s assist with his c RK launcher if he super jump cancels right when the kick connects. If cable AHVBs, he blows a super.


Main charcters that are used against Cable…

Any type of fast aerial rushdown charcters…

These include…


Team Chip u to death

Strider + Doom
Sent + BH

Usually Sent + BH have a tough time vs Cable, but if Sent can stall Cable long enough for BH to come out, he’ll pin him down quite easily…


Psylocke, once I got beat by a guy who kept on teleporting. Annoying as hell cause it ran out the clock.


i play cable and it seems to me that everyone fights cable (or should) dependant on his assists. if hes got commando then iron man is at a dissadvantage but magneto isn’t really concerned with him; black heart causes storm and sent, usually another cable as well, a lot of problems. imo i think iron man’s repulsor blast assist and trons rings causes magneto the most problems. i play cable … have since i started playing the game he depends on his assist if you when you get down into it. but either way you want to look at it bringing his assists down should be #1 priority. my team : cable (b), storm (a), iron man (b) imo it is equipped to handle all of the big four. but i still have the most problems with strider/doom, sent/capcom, and … psylocke assist… i have seen many a cables fall to psy… i really think that psy is a big reason why msp is so good. because after you dodge the assist then hes gonna jump back, or if your fast enough to get in his face real quick then hes gonna be in the middle of doing something. psy is like giving mags or storm a reach a third or the screens size and she goes througha lot of stuff and has priority over a lot of stuff. imo she can make a difference, a big difference, and when i fight and see her on the versus screen for the other team, i push the assist 1 button and start off with storm instead. i give up the dhc into hail and risk not having a safe way in for cable to not put him up against mags/psy or storm/psy. but it could also be me and the way i play.