MvC2: Detroying Cable with Sentinel



Ok I made this thread befor in the Fighting game Dicussion, but almost everyone ther said basically “I can’t be done”. I do NOT agree with this. I’m the ype of person that thinks Anything is Possible. I want to know What are the BEST strats, Do’s and Dont’s, for fighting Cable with Sentinel.


You should always look to land a fly combo in the air as well. If you cant do it, learn how real fast. And also go for lots and lots of stomping to keep that laser wielding maniac on the ground. I play Sentinel, Storm, Commando, and eat cable alive for the most part. Sometimes i hit small snags during a match but i can comeback with sent no problem.


Stay near Cable while flying when you can. If you’re close enough to Cable, AHVB will miss and you can fly around it and hit him. It’s also pretty easy to evade most AAAs at this range (Psylocke might hit you, though… )

Other than that, use fly cancelled mouth beams to apply pressure, and be sure to work the line of fire game. Remember that Cable doesn’t have an air dash or downward attacks that are too worrisome, so if he superjumps you can fly under him. If he jumps, you can superjump.

Another thing that helps that I always use when fighting Cable with Sentinel is, superjump with Cable and wait for the fierce. Pushblock that (and possibly a viper beam afterwards), then fly. You can fly around a grenade if he throws one, and he’ll be falling too fast to immediately AHVB you afterward.


what u should do is get commando or cyclops and pull him out whenever ur flying that if he tries to ahvb he will get hit and u can unfly and do hyper sentinel force and kill his cheap ass(cable is still tight though)


basically, just try and stay above Cable and stomp his ass. having UNFLY is IMPERATIVE for this match. Sentinel without unfly flying around against cable is SUICIDE. So don’t get offensive until you’ve been hitten by an FP or stray grenade or AAA.

Good Cable players know when your sentinel has unfly or not, and if you FUCK up and he knows this, he can AHVB you once you fly, since he knows you can’t block that shit.

Learn to Wave dash like mad when Cable superjumps, you can try to cross him up, but if the Cable is agressive and hits the SFRH combo’d into AHVB then you’re sentinel is gonna eat it. However, Sentinel’s standing HK does have mad priority, just bad start up and bad lag after. So careful with this, ESPECIALLY with cable since he has the AHVB.

Hit Cable with the most damaging combos you can imagine, even if you only get one chance, sentinel can easily land a 50% combo from one hit. Make all your hits count, and C.hp xx fly xx unfly will keep him from AHVBing you’re metal ass down.

Learn from expierience and mistakes, and you’ll be killing Cables in no time. I can explain it as best as I can on here, but you won’t learn shit unless you go out and do it yourself.



Well, you gotta go into the match knowing you can win as much as he can. Staying on top (like on top of his head) is probably the safest place, because most Cable/AAA combos usually hit just in front of Cable, with the exception of Cyclops, but Doom and Commando hit in front, so if your knowledgable, and playing Sent/Commando, you can kill his assist rather quickly. Try to stay in the air, you don’t want to like do RH, unfly, c.LK…Cable will push block you and your assist will eat it, AHVB style.

Getting Cable to the corner is pretty important to this match up as well. Sentinel controls the match way more in the corner than anywhere in the screen. So edge him to the corner. Then just lay on the pressure…and yes, having UnFly is really important.


The corner is your best friend.

Try not to stay in the same plane as Cable.

So if Cable is in the air, stay grounded, while doing some wave dashing to move in close when he lands.

If Cable is grounded, fy above his head.


whatever i dont really use sentinel only when i pick him by mistake i use ironman psylocke and magneto


use cammy AAA. but don’t use her alot. she gets the spots that allow cable to trap you. but don’t use her to hit his helpers.

i dunno, its really fucking hard, momentum is the only thing that determines this match. as soon as you’re forced to block a HK gernade in the corner, its pretty much over unless you get him into the corner.

but umm, if you have commando, just try to wait for him to highjump, wavedash under him, and the superjump after calling commando and do an airthrow. if he tries to kick you before that, block it and he gets hit by commando.
that’s the only really effective thing against cable

oh yeah, alpha countering into cable is the best tactic.


I like using sentinel/doom against a good cable, just work them in the corner and keep the block damage going, since most people i play just block and keep hitting their asist button .


Patience is all I can say. Be patient, and like someone else said, when you get your chance hit them with your best shit. A cable with less than 40% life is a scared Cable, because once Cable is dead the match is in your favor.


Hell Yeah! I like this one.


I’m playing Sent/Storm/Cammy. My problem with cable is fighting from full screen in order to get close to him.

Most of the Cables I play use Cable/cyclops and runaway the WHOLE match. So cammy’s not really usefull until they attack or during a combo. So I’ve been trying to devise a way to utilize storm in order to pin cable in block stun while I move in close. I learned that if I do c-fp + storm xx fly forward, helps me cover some distance, but it’s not gauranteed becase of AHVB, but I still use it.

What other ways can I use Storm(assist) with Sentinel against a runaway cable?


Call assist and fly xx unfly… if he AHVBs, the whirlwinds will still go through and hit Cable… This is ONLY if the cable has hella slow reaction time n shit though. Any time u HSF do C.fp + storm then rocket punch and if the rocket punch misses, storm will keep them in block stun, and you can do another c.fp xx fly cancel or chip some more with HSF…

However when playing Cable with Sent, you’re going to have significantly less bars since you won’t be doing so many random attacks to cover and build level. Save 2 levels, so if you need to you can bait with Cammy, TK-QCF+PP XX Hailstorm and Storm/Cammy beats Cable/X


the difficulty of this match imo depends on what kind of AAA cable has.I think that in order from easiest to hardest.


you see the pattern?the more Flight the AAA covers (meaning cable is able to keep in the middle of the screen better)the harder it that case I found that playing the ground game and reacting to whatever cable does works well(the goal for me at least is to get under him)


I use c-fp + storm xx rockst punch alot, but IMO thats to risky. Storm has a high chance of getting burned,especially if she’s gonna be comming in next or DHC’ed to, but it’s a tactic none the less.

about stomping… When Cable is crouching, tend to reg-jump + fk xx fly + fk xx unfly (sub fk for lk depending on distance). Doing this I automatically loose unfly mode. Is there a way to super jump + fk instead of reg - jump fk? Which would let me do: s-jump+fk xx fly+fk+storm xx unfly+fp, land, while stom hits do c-lk, s-lp xx Rocket punch.
basically after the unfly+fp stom hits you can do what ever you want, making this a tactic, but will it work?


yes, “there is a way to xx fly etc.”. it’s called, do a superjump fk xx fly fk xx unfly etc. :smiley:

just superjump and hit fk fast… when u fly, you’re automatically brought down to your opponents level.


I know that. BUT does it work the same on a CROUCHING opponent, Because your window for landing that fk is pretty small thats why I never use it. I was asking for a better way stomp with a lesser chance of missing.
edit-------------^ (smaller) :smiley:


I get what you’re saying, and to be honest, I don’t think there is a way but atleast you won’t lose unfly. Unfly is vital against Cable, but doing normal jumping FK on anyone else to catch the croutching opponent is okay…just super jumping and staying above Cable is the important thing… Keeping Unfly as well, because you don’t know when you’re going to get it again…

You get hit by a random grenade? Thats fine, WEE u have unfly but if he hits u with a RANDOM BULLET XX AHVB then you’re sent eats it…

IMO its not wise to call out storm against Cable if you’re bringing her in next, because even 2 AHVBs on your storm assist puts you at an extreme handicap.