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MvC2 Dhalsim DVD -

For almost a year I?ve been working on a Dhalsim tutorial. The motivation to do a whole DVD came after watching a Dhalsim video and trying to play him in training mode. I noticed that he has a lot of potential and unique abilities, so I thought I could make an entire DVD that tries to show all his abilities and a lot of combos, resets, ideas, etc. It was an enormous project that was a lot of hard work and at sometimes tedious. However, the whole experience as a whole was a lot of fun and very rewarding in the end. Even though Dhalsim is seldom seen, I went on with making the whole DVD. Anyway all tutorial files are 720 x 480 @ at least 6000kb/s so it should look fine when it?s played on a TV. Also, in addition to title cards, all the tutorial videos have subtitles to help explain what?s going on or to comment about a certain situation.

There are two main parts in the DVD: The tutorial section which is about of the 80 minutes long and the Extras section which adds up to about 12 minutes. Here is how the tutorial section is categorized along with a brief summary of what?s in each video and its BGM:

Solo Videos ?

Basic Knowledge — 7:13 (***BGM: ***Bahamut Lagoon Dragons of Paradise OC ReMix & Phantasy Star 2 Dezoris Winter OC ReMix): This video shows Dhalsim basic abilities and compares them to others as well as information about block stun time (which is more useful than it sounds) for all the main characters.

Basic Skills*** — 4:48 (BGM: Sonic &_Knuckles HiddenPalace(MasterEmerald) OC ReMix): This video shows Dhalsim?s basic combos, links (he has A LOT), what can be SJC?d and more information about him.
Intermediate* — 9:23(BGM: Orbital - Halcyon + On + On): This is probably the most informative video since it shows what is damaging, his practical abilities along with examples and information about them. Furthermore, the video has his useful ground combos, air combos, infinites, resets, etc. and information about them.

Advanced — 6:59 (BGM: Sonic Cryptic Marble OC ReMix & Dj-Sakin and friends - Miami vinyl bmi): Most of the things in this video aren?t that useful but at the same time knowing a lot of these things can help you finish or extend some of the combos or resets. It also includes his advanced infinites, combos and/or situations that can come about from his abilities.

Unfly — 4:00 (BGM: Trip Hop Acid Jazz Trance - BT- Flaming June):Dhalsim?s unfly state gives him a LOT of abilities and opens up a whole new level of things that can combo or resets that can be done with it. The video shows some possibilities that he has with unfly along with some unfly-only inifnites!

Dhalsim with Assists ?

All of these videos show what Dhalsim can do with the certain character?s assist along with DHC?ing into the person and a section that shows what the character can do with Dhalsim?s assists. The outline of every video is generally the same. Sometimes one character might have something special with Dhalsim or vice versa that the video might be extended or another section is added to it. The reason I chose to use these characters is because I think they are Dhalsim?s best assists for his kind of play style.

Dhalsim - Cyclops - 11:00 (BGM: Astral Projection - Liquide Sun)
Dhalsim - Magneto - 5:25 (BGM: Orbital - Dwr Budr)
Dhalsim - Storm - 5:02 (BGM: Orbital - Lost)
Dhalsim - Sentinel - 8:26 (BGM: Hybrid - Finished Symphony)
Dhalsim - Iron Man - 6:46 (BGM: SFX - Reaching Out)
Dhalsim Teams ?**

These videos show what that team has going for them and how to fight vs. the top-tier characters. The reason I chose those specific characters is because I think they give Dhalsim the ability to play in different ways. Dhalsim/Sent(A)/Cyclops allows him to rush more and Dhalsim/Sent(G)/Iron Man allows him to runaway and be more defensive. I didn?t choose a Cable-Capcom team because the team really wouldn?t be focused around Dhalsim and it would be kind of pointless to show how Cable-Capcom is played!

Dhalsim-Sentinel-Cyclops - 11:47(BGM Alice DJ ? Dragonfly & Landscape & 303 infinity - Ethereal Mist): The reason this video is so much lengthier than the other video is because this video shows what Dhalsim can do alone vs. the top-tier characters along with what he can do w/ his assists and other things.
Dhalsim-Iron Man-Sentinel **- 3:27 (BGM: Chrono Trigger Green Amnesia OC ReMix): This video mostly shows what Dhalsim has to fight against the top tiers with Iron Man assist and what the team can do together.


Extras ?**

Joo?s Volume 10 Dhalsim Combo - :21
Joo?s Volume 11 Dhalsim Combo - :23
Dhalsim Dan Combo ?:19
Dj-b13?s Tricks of the Trade Volume 7 ? 3:20
Dj-b13?s Tricks of the Trade Volume 20 ? 3:24
Murakumo ? Dhalsim and Company Volume 1 ? 2:06
Murakumo ? Dhalsim and Company Volume 2 ? 3:55

I think the way to get the most out of the DVD is to watch it in the exact order that it?s categorized in. Even though some parts may be old to you, there might be something in a video that I refer to in another video that may cause confusion. Another thing I want to add is that the DVD should be looked at as a tutorial and the person who sees it should think of the ideas that were used and how to expand on them. Expanding on them with your own stuff is the best thing to do since it would be crazy to include every single possibility for a situation in a video! Also, be aware that this DVD is nothing like a combo video or entertainment video so it might not be worth the download if you?re looking for something like that.

The DVD is split up into ZIP files – there is one main ZIP that is 609MBs and 5 sub-zips that are 696mbs each (you’ll have to open the main ZIP to extract the ISO, so keep all the sub-zips in the same folder as the main one). <~ **Enormous thanks to Zach for hosting this! **



Good Stuff.

Wow, you must have been working harder than you made it sound, good work… I never thought a tutorial could cook up 80 minutes worth, but you’ve done it…

Magnetro owns. Thanks for your hardwork.

Wow, I am speechless…

WOW, you win automatically.

Top effort! Plenty of Dhalsim fans miss out when it comes to these vids, but not any more. Thanks for putting so much time into this.

Goddamn… talk about raising the bar for tutorial videos…

Alright, fuck, I get it already!

Haha, good work Magneato. I talked mad smack the whole way through, but it’s good to see that you finished what you set out to do. When I have a week to take off from work I’ll see if I can sit through the whole thing, hey?


How is the download rate? Are the servers taking it well? (here is where I say stuff like I pretend to know about computers)
I’ll definitely get some KNOWLEDGE from this and I hope it does create some more Sim players.

Didn’t want to single you out Thongboy, BUT I did almost type some comment regarding you in my first post.

Shit…I thought it would be only like…500mbs or something, but it’s just huge, I’ll download it later though, this is definetly a must watch. Anything other than talking about the Big 4 is pretty sweet, on a note, just curious, someone should do a tutorial on Strider/Doom…I dunno, it would just be cool in my opinion, and I would actually like that alot since they are a fun dual to play as.

Great stuff man, a job well done.

Haha, it’s ok.

Magnetro showed me some sections of this project way back when, and I constantly berated him for going way over the top in length and detail. If this goes over well, it’ll just show that I have no idea what I’m talking about and people actually want longer videos than the schlock I put out.

Here’s hoping, eh?


Magnetro droppin’ the KNOWLEDGE BOMB on fools!

It really shows that you put hemmallemma time into this project, so you get mad props from me. :tup:

Magnetro2000 is my home boy 4 life.

Absolutely incredible.

Mad props for this Magnetro. I can’t help but compare this to every tutorial vid I see from here on out…

damn corruptedness. re-dling. sigh.

Dhalsim DVD.z05 appears to be corrupt, dled twice.

I cant figure out how to get it working, I downloaded all the files and it still tells me something is corrupt. If someone knows whats going on please let me know.

hey to all those people up there that says the file is corrupted i had the same problem until i figured out i didnt have winrar installed so if u dont have that check download it because all my other friends and i had that problem and didnt have winrar installed

This is some good shit!

Great job, Magnetro!

Quick question. What made you decide to do a tutorial on 'Sim?

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