MvC2: differences in console versions

I’ve put a lot of time into documenting the differences in the console versions of ST, but I’m curious: what are the actual differences in the console versions of Marvel? I know the DC version is the best, but what is actually different in the PS2 and X-Box versions?

On a similar note: what are the differences between arcade and DC? The only two things I ever heard about are speed differences (DC not suffering from massive slowdown when there’s a lot on screen) and some Anakaris/Cyke loop which doesn’t work in the DC version. (Has anyone verified that it doesn’t work?)

Fuck the Xbox version, i got to say…
And im dead serious about it…

I’ve always noticed a speed difference between xbox and DC. xbox seems to run a little slower to me, but I can’t say anything about arcade. I play mostly from my house because of school and stuff like that.

I really haven’t played on the ps version to say anything about it. When it comes to not being able to go to your local arcade, I think DC is the way to go.

the sound quality took a hit definitely. the sprites seem to to be upscaled worse too.

Yeah agreed with rogueyoshi. The sound in the PS2 is utter trash. Really sounds horrible. And the sprites for the ps2 are really choppy.


Cool thread. I actually have a Naomi setup, but I still don’t have a Marvel 2 cart. When I get one I was going to find differences from arcade & DC. I have the PS2 disc also, but i’m selling it right now. It really did take a hit on the sound quality though.

also, there’s a sound glitch that only works on the Xbox version of marvel. in training mode… you do a snapback w/ assist 2, then hit select during the snapback. The BGM goes away. :cool:

Is that the one Viscant was talking about all those years ago, when Evo first went to console?

What’s different about it?

I was wondering about that Anakaris/Cyc inf too. Let me fire up the DC to check it out.

Only difference between DC and Arcade, that I know of, is DC is a tad bid faster. Very noticeable when you’ve played on DC version for a while and switch to arcade. Feels much slower.

I wouldn’t even bother discussing PS2 and Xbox versions, as both are just terrible, and should only be used when a DC version is not available and you need your crack fix.

i’ve owned the ps2 and xbox versions of it. the xbox version seems superior to the ps2 version, but they both have they’re problems. not sure if its on all games, but the xbox version gets sound glitches, and muffling as well.

its also a tad bit slower, but after reading and lurking around on srk, ppl said that the dc version is actually faster than the arcade version. i’ll see if i can get my xbox back from a friend and i’ll play it a bit more. i still need to unlock more artwork, lol.

dreamcast version is the best.

I didn’t have anything better to do this afternoon:

logo and sprite comparison.


What I really want to know is, what are the differences between a Rev. A cart, and Rev. B cart!? I thought I read one time that they added a Turbo 2 option to the Rev. B cart, and that some infinites from infinites from Rev. A won’t work in Rev. B.

Not sure which ones exactly, does anybody know?

DC to arcade similarities - Arcade feels slower if you’re playing DC on a not so big screen. Big screens feel slower IMO. I play on a 34 inch screen for both and they seem the same. Every single combo and play is possible on both, so they probably have the same exact 60 fps, and 1 frame moves on DC are still one frame moves on arcade. I’m sure Magnetro knows more about it. Anakaris + Cyclops inf also works and it is actually very easy. I don’t know why that urban legend got so popular.

Differences - The order of the charaters on the select screen is different. There are a couple very specific gltches that are different from japanese arcade to US arcade, from japanese DC to US DC, and from arcade do DC in general. I’m not sure which works on what though.

XBox - You can kill the character that is getting out on a VC.

PS2 - Same as Xbox. Some hitboxes are slightly different, although it is very hard to notice (I think Wong noticed that first). Sound is awful. Any time you get a lot of stuff going on the game will have slowdown. Game seems uglier to me.

One thing I would like to see is the PS2 version running on a PS3, if possible. Maybe the hardware can get rid of all the slowdown problems?

tron bonne’s lunch super on the ps2 sometimes doesn’t hit entirely (i think it’s supposed to be 41 hits, but i’ve seen it hit around 30 instead).

Hit boxes are off on the PS2 version, frame rate is pretty sluggish at times, and sprites are less detailed than the DC version.

PS3 doesn’t do anything for MVC2, other than upscale it, which makes the sprites look worse. Same problems are still there.

@Vega_O: Wow, I always noticed there was some kind of difference in the ps2/xbox super and life bars, but i just assumed they redid em like the title menu. So the DC adds some kind of filtering or is that just the capture method?

Yeah I think I remember Preppy mentioning this.

Dreamcast version is supposed to have a bit less slowdown than the Arcade release as well. Least that’s what I’ve heard.

maybe it has to do with the anti aliasing of the ps2?? hmm.

Did not notice the logo differences, thats sick.

There’s one glitch in all versions that causes a hit from a move to read twice if a super flash animation goes off as it hits. The window of opportunity for this is A LOT bigger in the Xbox version.

I read somewhere that Sentinel and Ironman’s fly/unfly mode doesn’t work on PS2/Xbox is this true?