MvC2: differences in console versions

That’s weird that they changed the logo… I wonder why.

Random difference that I seem to remember is that on the PS2 version, you can make Ryu float above the ground if you super jump and then throw jab Hadoukens one after another with good timing. At some point Ryu will be hovering just above the ground. The PS2 version will let you stay in the air to throw another midair Hadouken, but the DC version won’t let you do that, you’ll just land. Not useful or anything, just oddly different that he floats. I have no idea if this works with any other moves though, and I seem to remember it not working with fierce Hadoukens, though it’s been years since I played it.

Presumably they did it because the new logo is the ACTUAL Marvel logo (for legal purposes).

I actually really don’t know. I used the same EXACT settings to capture for both the PS2 and DC versions. There might be some kind of filtering, but it might also just be something hardware related.

i’ve played all version, but i can’t remember what hte DC version is like.

the xbox seems faster than arcade and WAY faster than ps2

and i am talking about in terms of animations and stuff

i dont know about glitches or invincibility frames or anyhting.

This thread will be pretty cool. There have been plenty of similar ones before it but I have a feeling this one will grow into something wonderful.

Here is a very old PS2 to arcade comparison thread that may or may not help.

Also admins please rename NKI to “Beta Location Play Report.”

I think in the PS2/XBOX versions, one of the stages has a missing shadow when the airship flew above the characters. I can’t remember the name of that stage, but it’s not the ship stage.

Unfly works fine on PS2. I haven’t tried it on Xbox.

Ps2 version has a freeze bug if it hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Have Magneto or Iceman do their freeze grab on a armored Colossus then do a Shockwave or Arctic Attack.

The frame that surrounds the life gauges are different styles.


VEGA_OMEGA - Thanks for the screen caps! I had a feeling the sprites were different sizes…

deadfrog - Thanks for the link!

Can you give any more specific details? This is the kind of stuff that should get documented.

Any specific examples?

the alpha counter glitch ruins both the ps2 and xbox versions

i’m not sure what this threads purpose is but that alone is a dealbreaker.

no reason to give either of those versions a chance.

Everything is about the ps2 version.

The last time I was testing against hvb(unmashed since I was by myself), I was able to get hit every time, or not get hit every time while VCing out. It’s easy to time once you figure it out. I haven’t verified this is always true, but every time I’ve seen it the person getting hit gets hit once and then gets out, never getting comboed. It’s rare that it happens, and isn’t something that is going to change the outcome of many games. I’ve never seen someone get hit on the way out of strider/doom, which seems like the most likely thing to get hit out by.

There is some slowdown when a point character dies. I’m not sure how different this is on other versions though. It isn’t hard to adjust to for killing a stray assist, and I can’t think of anything else that it might affect gameplay wise. As far as random slowdown, I don’t have specific examples, but I only notice it when theres a lot going on(like 2 supers and assists). I don’t know how different it is but I’ve seen arcade slowdown like this too.

Can people start getting posts deleted/banned/kicked down stairs for stating things as true without any examples or evidence?

Re Viscant and curse missing on DC
also a mention on page 4

“I did some research and here’s what someone told me on AIM last night about why Anak doesn’t work on DC. Supposedly while they’re in the “being hit” animation, it’s no longer possible to combo in the doll. So Anakaris goes in and takes his place alongside Hayato and Zangief on DC, whereas on arcade I feel he’s very competitive and incredibly dangerous.”

I think I vaguely recall (on DC) the curse occassionally missing when cykes bullet hits them.
Something to test.

I think this only works in the Jap DC version:

The Xbox version will run at half-speed (or possibly even slower), with corrupted graphics, when played on a 360. It’s still barely playable.

Another audio difference I noticed is that the XBOX/PS2 version’s “VERSUS” sound effect after the character select screen is muffled and sound like crap.

DC version is free.

Ps2 and Xbox cant Fk with that

rat lag.

I really don’t know which glitch works on what. There is or was a japanese website listing all glicthes and infinites. In 200 or 2001, a british guy by the nick warganic made a website on geocities that translated most of that stuff and allowed video downloads as well. I can’t find that site anymore, but there it was written which glitch works on which version. Magnetro or his japanese friends probably knows the specifics. PMing him could be a good idea, and it holds way more weight coming from you.

About the different hitboxes on PS2, all I know is what I heard on A-Ism radio. According to Bunkei, Wong complained that for some resets or in some hard to block situations the game read the hitboxes wrong. In the same position where in the DC some reset should be blocked forward, in the PS2 you should block back, and stuff like that. Wong can probably pinpoint specifics. What I do know is that the characters are slightly smaller in comparison to the whole screen. Since they had less pixels to draw the same hitboxes, it is very likely that they couldn’t get the exact same percentages of height vs width for everything, and thus the hitboxes would be different.

I can’t really help you with any specifics, but I hope the people I mentioned can.

Maybe that specific combo doesn’t work then. What I do on DC its incredibly easy and anybody can do it in a minute. Just hit the opp with Cyclops, sj doll, dash, repeat everything. I’m gonna try the combo Viscant posted and see if that is really unreliable on DC.

BTW, IMO PS2 version is very very wrong in many aspects, but it is not unplayable. Some day DCs will run out, and MvC2 players will have a tough decision to make. I say its better to play on a worse version of the game than not play at all.