MvC2: Double-Jump Characters

Yes, this might be considered a novice question, but any help would be appreciated.

This pertains to Cyclops, Cammy, Strider, Psylocke, et. al

In air-combos, when is the proper time to execute said double-jump ? For example, I’ve seen some cool Cyclops stuff and I’ve tried to do it but can’t seem to. Is it at the apex of the initial jump, before, or after ?

u have usually have to set it up with a pause or some kinda of delay within the combo. usually after u launch with those characters a delay sets in after sj.lp sj.lp… theres a delay there long enough to put in your double jump or airdash.

Yea, dj combos can be hard if you don’t know the timing on them. Most of them consist of a brief pause like Th3 said. Some are more easily excuted than others, while others are harder and are only for show.

heres a few examples

Cap America-launch, sj.lp, sj.lp, sj. lp, dj ^, dj.lp,,,, dj.fp (if in corner, you can land a dj.rk after the fp)-this combo is probably the easiest dj combo among any character. The timing is ridiculously easy and it looks cool:cool:

Strider-launch, sj.lp,,, pause,, dj ^, dj.lp,,,, dj.rk-This combo is also not very hard once u get the timing of the hits after the dj. It looks nice as well (wut dj combos don’t!)

Cyclops-launch, sj.lp,,, pause, sj.lp,, dj^, dj.lp,,,, dj.fp (if hits r slown down, can add a dj. rk after the fp
(in corner)-launch, sj.lp,,, pause, sj.lp,, dj ^, slowly dj.lp,,, pause, dj.lp,, pause, dj.lp,, dj.fp, dj.rk, as opponent hits ground sj.rk,,, s.rk x 2-These combos are more for show IMO. The timing can be hard on smaller characters and won’t even work on the smallest of characters. Remember not to pause for TOO long during the pauses.

More later…

A thousand thank yous. I’m gonna print this out right now.

SRK: You gotta feel the love.

thats some tight shit dark strider,good stuff

This helps a great deal. Does the counter still read it as one single combo, though? Once you go for the second set of (sj.lp, is the counter reset? Thanks for the info, regardless.

no it doesn’t reset… if it does u don’t connect to another set because they start to fall… although some people can continue, usually peeps with air dash…

Cammy-launch (either c.fp or s.rk), sj.lp,,, pause, sj.lp,, dj ^, sj.lp,,,, cannon drill (make sure it’s the rk version) XX KBA, dash- Now from here you can do a number of things- (1), launch, repeat combo above. (2), cannon drill XX KBA. (3), launch, sj.lp,,,, pause, fp throw,, launch, repeat 1st combo or simply so magic series into cannon drill XX KBA, or any AC finisher-Cammy’s dj combos r VERY easy once u get the hang of them. Doing throws in the middle of combos to resest can add to very long damaging combos. Including multiple dj ones.

Psylocke-launch, sj.lp,,,, up+rk, dj ^, sj.lp,,,, up+rk, psywave (rk version) XX gouchu (wutever it’s called) (2) launch, up+rk, dj ^, up +rk, tj ^, up+rk, psywave-I’m sure that Psy has slightly more elaborate air combos than this, but we r focusing on the dj ones after all:p

Hi there,first time posting…:confused:
So any dj for bbhood,chunli and marrow?it would be nice to see some cool combos here…thanks…

just try experimenting first… dj even tri jumping combos can only go so far…

Chun Li’s is wierd. I think it’s like sj lp, sj lk, dj straight up, sj lp, sj lk, dj straight up, then air combo. I’m not that sure. I tried experimenting and it works every now and then for me (DJ combos are weird for me, one time they work, other times they don’t).

Marrow’s is like sj lp, sj lk, sj mp, dj, sj lp, sj lk, sj mp, bone super. It has worked for me a few times, but Marrow is an odd character, IMO.

One question with Strider… I know that he can double jump, then jump off the wall, then double jump again. So can this be used in an air combo? I doubt it, but it’d look crazy-cool (weird word, but it fits) if somebody were to do it.

Oh, and keep in mind that DJ combos are just for show. They don’t do that much damage and might even hamper the damage of the overall combo. An example would but Psylocke. Her regular AC with Psywave xx Butterfly Super (don’t know the real name) is better than her DJ comboes into it. Same thing with Strider and his lp ame no karume thingy (I think).

To FOBio,thanx alot,i guss i can print a copy on this one…

  1. I normally do dj, not for damage, but super bar, real effective for someone as say Strider who is in almost permanent build mode.
  2. I had so much trouble with pyslocke’s launch, basic chain, u/f roudhouse, dj, u/f roundhouse, u/f roundhouse, pysblade, butterflies super but getting the timing was worth it
  3. Chun-li’s is the collest when going against Dr. Doom or Sentinel clang clang, hesitate, clang clang, hesitate clang clang clang clang cl-cl-cl-cl-clang
  4. Storm’s is kinda hard for me to do, the easiest way to set it up IMO is nail psylocke assist and chain into roundhouse launcher. Sj to air combo, but they will be higher up than usual, so the timing isn’t anywhere near as hard, wp,wk,mp,mk, air dash, basic repeat and end with lightening strike, lightinng storm

i swear, for some reason when i read that. i felt before like i had it just a minute ago…

For storm’s d u/f ac
you need to do the magic series slowly~
cause or else they will be too low~
and yes…i heard it from MVC too
strider can have a double jump ac with boucing off the wall

I know in MvC1 Venom could do some stuff off the wall, but it wasn’t really a combo extention. Yeah, I know about slowing it down with storm, but I still am too inconsistent nailing that ne with slowe4r timing, so I just cheat using pylocke to start lower.

I still have yet to nail BB Hood’s double jump, I can tag one extra hit on and stuff like that, but it really feels mute, then the computer puts me to shame and does it :frowning:
Then I just HSF the bitch :evil:
Me and my roommate would just laugh when I played as Chun li and he was made of metal, because in the hall at the dorm you just heard clang clang echo through the halls. Doom seemed the loudest for some reason…I still don’t know why. I think I am going to go build a clang clang team…Chun li, Cammy, and Storm? Hmm…will see…

Really now? And how would this be done? With the help of an assist?

thanks for the strider combo dark strider, i always thought that dj combos were easy for everyone cept me, glad you made this thread snk fan

What I think an easier way to do strider’s is c. lk, c. mk, c. fp, superjump up/towards, sj. lp, sj. lk, brief pause, sj. lk (make sure it’s a long enough pause to make it a lk and not a mk), dj up, the rest of the air combo.

And I don’t know about you guys, but Cyclops seems to be the hardest to do a dj air combo. For some reason, I just can’t connect it. The guy falls to fast and if I slow it a wee bit down, I fall too fast.

um…about the strider combo at the wall~
i never know how to do it…but i heard it from the Japanese~
um…here’s 3 kinds of dj ac for strider~
launch,magic series,pause,lk,dj,magic series
launch,sj.lp,,,,dj,magic series~
(this one is the easliest) launch,sj.lp,sj,lk,pause,,pause,,dj,and do whatever you like~this one is like CapAmerica