MvC2 download for Xbox Live. 13$ Save 2$ ! :p *sold*

Ill be getting a code to download MvC 2 for xbox live soon. For those who can wait it out ill sell it cheaper than the 15$ on the marketplace.

Those who want to wait and save a few bucks, hit me up with a pm and ill get you the code when it heads my way.

Edit : Paypal only !


Damnit! zeetes, you beat me to a deal again! (the first time was when you beat me to a deal to a PlayStation 2 Saturn Pad) :grrr:

Oh well. Dios <-X->, lemme know if zeetes happens to drop the deal. :tup:

And zeetes, well played to you if you got this. :lol:

I wanted this as well, saw zeetes’s name and just laughed. I can’t hate since we also buy the same stuff. I have to run an ethernet cable anyhow.

sorry gentlemen =)

sold. please close