MVC2 Evo 08 Results

Justin Wong upsets The Chunksta in the finals

Fanatiq Loses to Smoothviper

MegamanDS Loses to Crizzle.

Toan Loses To Chunksta and Crizzle

Blockable Laser loses to Justin Wong and Smoothviper

only thing that lost was the english language


  • Rolling on floor scatching. . .


Justin Wong upsets The Chunksta in the finals

so can you tell me when justin became the underdog? rofl, wong upsets chunksta.:rofl:

Well Chunk was in winners while Wong was in Losers. UPSET= coming back from Losers to win

That was way too sick Final
Round where Justin’s Sentinel Flew through Chunksta’s Shockwave… IMO

Anyone got that vid?

Spittin So Freely

This is also made particularly notable because Chunksta is who put Wong into the Losers in the first place.

Yeah forgot to mention that too.

The upset was Chunksta winning in the first place. If you think that Justin winning was an upset you’re retarded, your parents never taught you better, or your English teacher failed. Pick one. By denotation, Justin winning was not an upset. Call it a comeback if you want, but for it to be an upset it means you personally think Chunksta is better than Justin. If you do, again, you are retarded.

It was a crazy ass fight in the final, I was going for Chunksta, but I think he let his nerves get the best of him. Oh well, theres always '09

Yo can someone break it down, What happened to Yipes?? Sanford?? Potter?? Demon Hyo?? All the people who dominated last year.

They didn’t go to Evo and Crizzle beat Potter for a spot on the top 8.

Yea…Justin is very calm under pressure.

ok im no expert but he does this every tournament…its not hard to see

he’ll sandbag against a player he thinks is prospective to win, so that he can learn their play style, then he uses it against them.

chunksta’s one of my all time favorite players, so im not talking shit or anything.

good shit chunksta good shit smoothviper!!.


i love how everyone posts shit like justin ADAPTED or he LEARNED chunk’s style

do you people realize that most top players ALREADY KNOW how most OTHER TOP PLAYERS play?

chunk has stayed with justin in NY before and they’ve played a ton of matches together

justin didn’t sandbag, chunk (like most other top players) is just catching up and it’s harder for justin to win, especially short sets

Yeah, seriously. How the fuck do you misspell ‘lose’ FOUR TIMES???

im the only one who posted shit like that
and i said im no expert

and i said i like chunk


Yeah i hate hearing Justin adapted, so if he didnt land a DHC or something he didnt adapt?
2/3 = random = anyone can win…