MVC2 Evo 2k5 DVD?

Where the hell is it?

Yeah, are the MvC2 and T5 videos coming out soon? Also, is there an alternate way to pay/donate for the DVDs other than PayPal?

Yeah. What’s with the cock blockage?

It’s already June… 2 months away from Evo2k6.

I’ll PayPal $7.50 to whoever provides me with the list of files that’s on the Marvel DVD. I don’t need the “DVD” (although I paid 2x and will be happy to download it), I’d just like to know what’s on there so I know what I can share and what I can’t. :smile:

I’m hoping the Rawbzilla via JWong match is on there, of course. :tup:

To be totally honest, you might as well share everything. This DVD is not going to be released because of the tiny percentage of people who actually paid for the first two DVDs. So you’re better off just releasing it, the Cannons aren’t going to punish you for it, and if they do the entire community will just shit in their face anyway.

Nah, I worked alongside the Cannons for two+ years when MS/my team bought their company. I like them, and was pretty much stunned by the goodness they’ve put together for this year’s Evo, which gets claps in my book. If they or appropriate SRK member wants to PM and tell me that hosting “everything” is cool, that’s fine and I’ll do that, but … a) I never want to be in the position of being told not to film stuff (I’ve gotten footage from a variety of tournaments where nobody else was allowed to bring cameras…) and b) I’d never fuck with the Cannons - they’ve always got a place at my table. :smile:

Is that the real story? I have no idea how DVDs actually sell nor how many people “bought” the DVDs. I was seeding (got to 2.0 ratio on my slow-ass connection…) for a month or so(?), but the Torrent client I was using was leaking memory and it got really annoying. I can’t imagine they would just “freeze” the footage - I’d imagine that no matter what they have plans for releasing it. Like Tony(?) said down at Evo, “Wow! I don’t even like Marvel and this was just awesome!” :smile:

Still no Disk 4 :frowning:

It beats mr as to why mvc2 didn’t get released first

there would have been a much larger number of donations since it’s the most popular game in north america

i was waiting for it to be released to make a donation but guess that’s not gonna happen

Preppy… I’ll hook you up. Check your pm box

One things is that Bit Torrent is pretty annoying. I would probably buy a full set DVD (well, 6 months ago), and i Would surely donate to download some MPGs, but BT is too unreliable, IMO.

I hope they at least let Nagata or Preppy release some footage. The only match I am interested is also how Rawbzilla took Wong out. Almost any ECC top 32 match is better and newer than the rest of it (except for Spiral fans, of course)

huggles for the prepster <3<3<3<3<3

Bring On Mvc2!!!

this is some weak shit. I am very disappointed, especially since I have already donated. I hate 3S and can barely stand CvS2. MvC2 was the only reason for me to donate. Somebody else deserves my money more; Preppy?

The only reason i haven’t donated yet is because i’m waiting for marvel

I don’t want to ruin the dvd for you guys but here are some spoilers: Duc wins. =O

oh shit
that’s all i needed to know

Inkblot/Ponder - What do you guys think of Preppy’s proposal? It doesn’t seem like SRK is going to be releasing the MvC2 dvd because of the low amount of donations, so is it okay if Preppy releases his footage?

You gotta be kidding me. So disc 4 and 5 will NEVER be released?!

The Tekken DVD has already been released by Tekken Zaibatsu rather than SRK. However, it’s not in ISO form but rather split into seperate video files. And to download it you have to be a Tekken Zaibatsu Supporter, which requires a minimum $20 donation.

I have no idea about Marvel vs. Capcom 2 though :confused:

This has been discussed before as there are other footage for the final 8. I have footage, I don’t think Preppy has footage, and I also have a full uncut footage shot by someone else. I never released them because I knew that SRK wanted no one to do so, or at least until they release their footage. Word has not came back as to what is going to take place and I know everyone is dying for the MvC2 DVD to be released.