Mvc2 EvoEast2k7 lost footages

I found this random tape of a couple of Evo East footages.

I have 3 matches plus a random moment by the Whole EC crew.

1st up:

Yipes vs Bill Money Match best of 7


Next will be two random players…I forgot the name I think 1 of them was pigadoken…???

Tomorrow night i’ll upload everything im going to bed now. Gotta make money in the morning.



IFC RAPE the shit out of that fucker!!NICE

is that deus or chunksta??

young pipes

edit: that’s not deus on that video. Deus won 5-0. must be someone else.

anyone kno who santhrax guy is?

Thats not me in that video…

When I played Yipes first to 5 for $50, he beat me 5-2…

He did beat “not gonna say any names” 5-0 though.

match is 4/7…

Well, I dont remember anyone else accept/request a money match against Yipes at Evo East except me and Bill.


They need to put this shit on myspace so i can watch it.

whoever yipes was playing simply just got rape…

sheesh msp >=O yipes is crazy i wanna see bill vs sanford

Aye yo. The rest will be uploaded tomorrow night.,

I was too busy all weekend.


it was the smartsta in that vid

and density

suck my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

who was yipes playing yo?can u clear that up for us.thanks

told you guys it wasn’t bill in the vid. Not very cool to say bill lost, when it wasn’t him in the vid.

fuck you


Randomness with empire arcadia


Sanford vs Justin Wong Winners finals qualifiers


Pigadoken vs Mike Infinite Loser Bracket Qualifiers

Next up:

Matrix vs Demon Hyo

It is not Bill in the first vid. I was there. I won’t say who’s in the vid. I know. I know for a fact that it is not Bill in that vid, because someone asked me if I wanted to bet on Bill against Yipes, and I said not if Yipes was playing like that.

I do know who is in that vid, but I won’t name names. All I’ll vouch for is that it is not Bill.

Thanks for the info Blazn…



Matrix vs Hyo.

That’s about it.

Hope ya Enjoy :tup: