MvC2 Fastest Moves


So I took the data from Joo’s frame list and ran a program against it to generate the following columns:

Character, Fastest ground, Fastest g.L, Fastest g.M, Fastest g.H, Fast j.L, Fastest j.M, Fastest j.H

So with this data, you can figure out your fastest opening, fastest ground chain, and fastest air string. Check it out:

MvC2 Fastest Moves

p.s. Isn’t it funny how Hulk has a heavy move that’s faster than his medium moves?


another victim of the mvc2 analyses syndrome :slight_smile:


Hehe the program did all of the work :slight_smile: Granted, it did take a while to make the prog…


I love the title of the file.

May as well post some frame data thing I’m working on. i’ve been doing a few different types lately. one is dhc times, another one is the amount of forward momentum frames every character has for their dashes and air dashes and the last type is the # of upward and downward momentum everyone has in their sj.

they’re not really useful to non-ppad people so shrug.

i haven’t finished any of them but iv’e put the most work into the dhc one


^explain the flash unblockables if you would plz



  1. Do the one of the supers that dont cause you to block when you activate them.
  2. If you dhc in time (4 frame window) into certain supers that folow the “If you’re not blocking the flash, you won’t be able to block rule” they’ll never have a chance to block in the first place and get hit by it.
    2a) I dont have a list of supers that follow that rule but there are certain ones that work full screen and there are other ones that work at certain ranges.

You should really read:

[*] try to translate that stuff for yourself.

[] notably & and
your hw: try unblockable dhcs with various characters upclose and a far to see which combinations work.


Very nice Magnetro!! I was always wondering about DHC frames…Someone should do special move frames as well…with all of that data, we could diagram a combo…

So Magnetro, do either of those numbers apply to canceling a special into a super?

#8 : what in particular? I’m sure you don’t refer to the entire site. : cvs2 and innovative combos? : already read it and there is nothing on flash unblockables

Good stuff, but thanks anyway.

Another question for you though. Character 1 activates their HC that does not promote their opponent to block. Then, they DHC into Character 2’s HC which does promote the opponent to block. Is the opponent unable to block AT ALL because of Character 1’s HC activation, or does Character 2’s HC have to connect FAST ENOUGH to catch the opponent BEFORE they have the opportunity to block? Let me know if you don’t understand. I would appreciate it if you would just answer and not refer me somewhere else.


I really can’t stand answering stupid questions. So look:

Yes, I was referring to the whole site.

The articles discuss ways combo video people think and other useful ways of looking at something before attempting to extract information out of it. Understanding all those things is really helpful in becoming resourceful. Ask shoultzilla or mixup how many times I would refer them to other places for information. The great thing about that is they would make the most of it and come back asking much more profound questions. That’s showing you have more than half a brain and more than an ounce of determination when it comes to asking questions. Everyone is different so when someone can start thinking deeper and finding information out for themselves, they’ll have a greater understanding of things that will give you the ability to create more profound and great material. Spoon feeding really simple questions gets no one anywhere.

As for your question: Has visuals. Hint: Try it with assists instead of DHCs


Truthfully, it appears you think every question is a stupid question, so I will just remember that from now on and refrain from asking you.

I told you to ask if you didn’t understand, but it appears you just felt free to assume you understood my question. Sure, I understand you have 4frames to activate the DHC before they are allowed to block Character1’s HC, but my question was: after Character 2’s HC begins, does this timer reset to attempt to allow them 4s to block Character 2’s HC; or is it simply a default timer for blocking attacks in general; or is this block time attack-specific?

If, indeed, one is allowed 4 fresh seconds to connect Character 2’s HC, then it is a question that may lead to connect of some other HCs. If not, then that theory is tossed. Regardless, you presented some crucial info with respect to testing unblockables. Hint: This question hasn’t been asked in any of the stuff you gave me and it had nothing to do with making a combo video…


lol noob.

dander wuz hur.

edit* Magnetro: Someone that doesn’t cause guard on flash --> Quick DHC --> Instant DHC is the only way it works. will update this post later. and not everything is stupid, just that is more prevalent on srk and youtube.



so i finished my dhc table + other updates


lol noob

dander wuz hur



I finished another table. had been doing 3 at once, i might finish the other one tomorrow or by monday. it’s about momentum and physics while sj and normal jumping. the other thing i’m doing is a page with tables/regular text/videos explaining flight. i might add a “system” page that doesn’t just how Data/Frame Tables, but actual explanations for stuff…like joo’s site.[URL=“”]


I would like to sadly point out that the DHC Times page and the move times page are now lost/404’d. Are they around? I’d be interested in rehosting them. <3


I still have the fastest moves. Pm me and I’ll email them to ya.