MvC2 FFA Money Match Extravaganza and Tournament Results 9/4/10

Alright, first the money matches

Money Matches

Neo vs Khaos: 15-11

Ruin vs Khaos (set 1): 3-5
Ruin vs Khaos (set 2: 5-3

ABS vs Roundhouse: 10-4

CSUN JR vs Roundhouse: 10-8


1st - Reset
2nd - Khaos
3rd - Neo
4th - Infrit

First, let me say good job to both Neo and Khaos for putting on a show. The battle between you guys was going back and forth throughout the match and the hype factor was crazzzzy. I don’t think you 2 players saw, but there was at least 30-40 people watching the match around you AND the entire other side of the Jap cabs was filled with people watching and I don’t even think they play marvel. FFA almost ran out of sodas by the end of the night from all the commotion you guys brought.

Khaos then was hungry for more so he decided to do a ft5 with one of our special guests RuIn. Again, another show was put on between these two going back and forth. Khaos taking the first set made Ruin want to take on the refly king again so they ran it back and Ruin took the second set.

Next, I wanna thank MvC2 Roundhouse for steppin up to the plate for his money matches. First he played one of our secret up and comers, ABS. ABS picked thrax to try and stop Roundhouse and it worked pretty well. ABS took the set 10 to 3. Then another one of FFA’s semi-underground players, CSUN JR was up to play Roundhouse and this match was a lot closer. JR started out with thrax and switched between thrax and MSP during the match but ultimately winning with thrax.

I also want to want to thank are 3 very special guests for making the drive all the way out here.

  1. Hevad
  2. Ruin
  3. Finesse
    Glad you guys made it out, it was cool seeing you guys again outside of Evo.

There were talks and rumors about maybe having a rematch between Demon Hyo and Finesse… we will leave that an open option. Finesse showing that he is rusty, people should call him out now for money matches while he is weak. I know you’re reading this Finesse so you better post up whats goin on with your marvel career.

Last, I wanna say awesome job to the strider Zero production team for an awesome setup. For the people who stayed home, strider zero set up the dreamcast to display on two TVs so more people can watch and the players can have more room to sit and play. He also got direct feed of all the matches and a POV cam to record the audience and players. FFA should hire you to do all their video projects for real. Awesome job on that.
So don’t bother strider zero and don’t bother posting “Any vids” because yes, there is vids to all the matches but just give him some time to do his work.

Neo vs Clockw0rk…?

who is ABS? is he on srk/ffa thread?

I figured out that 1 special guest real quick but did not expect the other 2. sounds like a great time (I need to move to cali for a marvel scene lol). Can’t wait to see the vids

Any vids?

1st - Reset
2nd - Khaos
3rd - Neo
4th - Infrit

UGHHHHHH! reset with the comeback?

fyi not that it matters, but Abs over RH 10-4 and CSUN over RH 10-8…
The CSUN match I was up 8-6, then there was a system reset, changing of sticks, and a little practice/dash training before we continued, that really did fuck up the momentum I had…all good though

Congratz to my boy Neo. I guess they still haven’t figured out how to stop the Neo train.

errr my bad, but first time using both sticks and I wasn’t comfortable on the first one.

If Neo vs Clock goes down, I got my money on clock hands down.

$200 at least



Yo Arthur it looks like u missed the singles results. Neo = 3rd

ill cover that

neo vs clockw0rk…at seasons beatings!?