MvC2 FFA Ranbat 4.1 Video is up. Commentary by Dogface & MegamanDS

go for it, hope you enjoy this one as well. This is all just for fun and games, there is nothing serious about anything we say.

4.2 was skipped due to 3s existing

4.3 will be released in about 1 more week with dogface & MDS.


vic is back and commentating w/ mmds assist for a whole round of ranbats. omg now i know what multiple orgasms feel like.

dude lmfao, im 3 minutes in the video and in tears already

Like the commentary.

For me, Dogface makes marvel watchable.

no disrespect… but the next time dan says the words “this is interesting”… he should be banned from the mic forever.

edit: and why the fuck does the quality difference between 3s and mvc2 video feeds look like comparing the godfather to a preteen snuff film recorded in the early 50’s?

Probably has to do with the fact that the capture card has to get a lot of crap on screen going hella faster and crazier than 3s. I mean, the graphics usually fuck up on Geneijin a little bit.

:pray: that new format RAPES. The quality is much better than before.

ya, sorry. i noticed that myself and wanted me to shutup. its just i have nothing to say sometimes and i don’t know how else to describe it. I barely talked on 4.3 so its all good.


Vic - Message me on AIM!:wgrin:


“my mom once caught me lucky baiting into a kleenex”

jesus H christ, i almost suffocated myself with a pillow

it’s better than hearing illan say “here we go”

He is the marvel Rockefeller, too funny!!!

4.3 is now up

~~ nice commentary!

sure does!!

watching MVC2 before was not as fun but with his commentary it makes we wanna watch!

thanks for the shout outs, vic

good to see that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

er i can only download 4.3 now?

where’d 4.1 go?

vids section is empty…

-.- doesn’t like new site

doesnt matter if its true or not, its still funny.

bring back the ranbats