MvC2 Fight Stick?


It is really hard for me to play MvC2 on PS3 with a dualshock.
I’m so used to the arcades that when I first played online I couldnt pull off any of the good combos.

I need a good american arcade fight stick(I never like the japanese ball top joystick, I liked the teardrop american joystick).
Can someone recommend one specifically for this game?


Happ competition or IL Eurojoystick for joystick, and Happ or IL Competition pushbottons, go to tech talk and do some research there, theres a lot of topics where you can find places to buy this parts.

This topic is all about Happ and IL:

I prefer a custom made joystick, with full Happ/IL parts, look at tech talk foruns and you see what Im talking abou.